kids of the cage

When Angie, designer/sewer/everything for I Heart Norwegian Wood, emailed me about a tee-for-item-from-her-store exchange I excitedly agreed and started thinking about ideas. If you are obsessed with British style blogs like me you might've seen some of her stuff on Susie Bubble or Queen Michelle. Hell, you MIGHT'VE even SAVED their outfit pictures in a folder entitled "WHY AM I NOT THESE PEOPLE" but, yknow, that's a rare case most common in people like...seventh graders, blonde, obsessed with layering and prints mixing and structural clothes...while we're at it, we can throw out BEAUTIFUL and GENIUS and PERFECT IN EVERY WAY~ too, but this is all just general, really *flicks hair*
Uh anyway, I chose the cage skirt and was squeeling like some type of suffocating wombat when I saw pictures in my inbox this morning!
So excited for it to come and Angie's been really great to work with. She lets you choose from the fabrics she has up on the item's page, or just give her an idea of what kind you'd like and she'll do her best to find it. I chose black ruffled ribbon because it seems extremely versatile. Can be worn with girly stuff thanks to the ruffles but the black and metal buttons and zippers make it a little tough too. It's fun being part of the design process and feeling like it's an actual collaboration rather than just placing an order.
Oh the layering opportunities! I'm SO excited to wear this (omg, picture it with the Comme top) and see how she styles the spacegirl tee as well.

Angie's pics, duh. My camera is NOT that good.