to be stuck inside a margiela boot with the superficial blues again (insert slashes where needed)

Today was a great day, the kind where your juice matches your skirt!taken by ella
Karoline printed a tee in a metallic copper and I love it (as evidenced by my awkward expression, obvz). This hairbow was cut off an old dress...skirt is my mom's sweater with lots of pins in it...vintage Docs from eBay. Yep.
Went to a consignment shop and got this haul for $8 (honestly not that much of a deal but I am used to thrift/mooching techniques). I do love me some shoes that both fit AND are attractive so no complaints there. Seriously, how many stores make epic shoes for 9 year old feet?
Also if your eyes sting easily I advise you do not picture the pants I got with the tank top I wore yesterday. Try not to run into me on the street the day I wear that combination, either.
obesity and speed tee and striped tank. leather skirt from jen. american apparel tights. yokoo scarf.
The print on this tee is BEYOND, GUYS. IT IS BEYOND.
Random notes.
This brown hat is vintage and reminds me of chocolate. I've had it for forever but haven't worn it for fear I would start seeing everything as chocolate if I did.
O i c u thar, plasteec skul. Seriously, easiest DIY EVER. I mean, unless you don't have a vacuum molding machine lying around. That's a bit rough. But if you do, just add metal fastener.
When I get tired of this veil I tie teeny ribbons in it.
I don't know why I've been chopping all these huge bows off nice dresses? Anyway, they make good necklaces as well as hair...enhancers? OH, accesories. Oopsydoops, recovering from the weekend.
Best 6.50 I've ever spent. Batman sunglasses bought locally...there wasn't a brand on the glasses but my wife Belle somehow has the same ones. We are on the same brainwaves, swearz.