Things inspiring me at the moment in all aspects of the word. Not just fashion.
Clockwise from top left:
A dude with awesome lashes and a knack for the color blue.
♦The same wonderfully attractive dude.
♦A rubber band ball. This is inspiring my in-school activities and maybe I'll try to incorporate it into an outfit somehow.
♦The cast of Red, White, and Blaine.
Arvida, whose shirt is epic and photography is amazing and hair is fantastic. She is one of my favorite redheads.
♦My new bff, btdubs. Hel-Looks scopes out the best skull shirts ever. You know, of the very many there are.
♦Found this guy on Arvida's blog. I want to wear everything he's wearing like now.
Yokoo. I am hoping there is some creepy secret admirer at my school that reads my blog and buys me this along with lots of Toblerones for Valentines Day. Or an evil friend that reads my blog that would like to play an awful prank by buying them and signing the card as another guy. Preferably the second.
Gareth Pugh by Matt Irwin. Now that I think back I'm pretty sure this was in another inspiration board a few months back.
Hel-Looks lady, does zippers better than A.Wang himself.
♦I would like to try to construct a Mrs. Potts-esque ensemble.
♦I just love this photo.


you know it's a good day when you get to listen to andrew bird during first period

Today's outfit. Blah blah subversion blah blah breaking up patterns blah blah color scheme....yeah.The skirt is a sweater Belle gave me. I tied it around my waist and tucked the sleeves into themselves so it looked like I had pockets and it created a funky triangular shape. Yeah, I said funky. What, I'm not groovy enough?
The lace jacket has a neat story though. Yeah, I said neat. What, I'm not swell enough?
It's from Devery, and came with a plain ivory dress. She said she'd seen it on eBay a few years ago and the seller had worn it to her Vegas wedding. She thought the story was so funny she told a coworker who then bought it and gave it to her to ask her out. Quite a chain, eh? The history of lace dresses and Vegas weddings is what we should be learning in social studies, really.
I might tie a bunch of little ribbons in all the holes in the jacket. I'm thinking red. Or black. Or both! You?

thrifted pullover. gifted jacket and sweater. pamela mann tights, mytights.com. slow & steady wins the race shoes.


In case you are not fluent in the language of Jumping Up and Down on Keyboard In Utter Excitement, I will kindly translate:
OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODWhen Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte emailed me some time ago offering to knit a pair of tights to send my way I happily accepted. Clearly I am deliriously enthused!It was kind of (really) crazy receiving these considering how much I'd admired the Rodarte designs even prior to getting their email. I was speaking with Karl yesterday about how the most interesting and artistic designs have actual thought behind them. Having a natural eye for design is impressive but it's not the only thing that can be relied on for a collection. When there's more thought behind the concept and balance in a "look" it shows. Rodarte has for a long time been one of my favorite labels because so much thought is put into the collections. Some past inspirations include Japanese horror films, Star Wars, anime, nature and watercolors-seriously, how many other designers have such fascinating reference points?!It's like some of my favorite bloggers. There seems to be this idea that fashion bloggers are huge airheads, but the most well-respected ones have interests in a wide range of other things-photography, books, film, politics, art...and translate their diverse pool of interests into fantastic outfits.So so so excited to try these with more outfits. They have these shimmery strands here and there that you can't really see in pictures but it's like magic. They're very delicate so I probably won't wear them out as much as I would like to, but tons of dress-up sessions are in line.
Thank you so much, Laura and Kate!
(Hey now, bold lettering!)
Don't know why I felt like mixing pink in, since though the tweed pencil skirt is quite different from the cobweb tights it's not so much the witch-princess contrast as it is the...conservative 60's business woman-witch contrast. Oh well! My pasty kneecaps are pink too so that works out nicely.
Skirt draped since it's big on me, DIY'd pink shirt worn backwards. Black belt to break up the pink-pink...yeah.
The scarf my aunt knitted, it's magical too. I might try to find similar yarn to the tights at a crafts store and attempt to sew a matching cardigan.
Happy vibes today. I feel excited to get dressed again!

thrifted shirt and belt. slow & steady wins the race shoes. cdg for h&m jacket. rodarte tights. gifted scarf.


laia: holy.shit.
belle: oh my goddddddd
me: OMFG THIS IS WHAT I NEEDALL HAIL BEARDMAN. King of menswear, thief of my soul (sold it so I could get me one a them fuzzy face sweaters)

found this kerazy dude via elizabeth, photos from nymag

today i am sick. today i am a

Still no inspiration. We'll see where this takes me.

it only took me like an hour to narrow the amount of photos down to what still is a large amount, no BIGZ

Back in November I got a lovely flickr message from "lenaah" about my blog. She mentioned she's a 15 year old photographer, so I took a look at her pictures and only like HAD A HERNIA. Eleanor's pictures are wistfully childish yet mature; in an email exchange she spoke about how being younger gives you a different perception on most things and how sometimes she'll take expressions literally and incorporate them into a shoot. They are similar to Tim Walker's, and she once said in a lexposure.net interview that sometimes she'll see a picture of his and it will be vastly similar to one she was planning on shooting. Eleanor has also been featured on other websites and had a few of her pictures in the recent Dazed & Confused Teenage Takeover issue. And it's no wonder why-Elle's photos have a hint of nostalgia with hope, and though magical and almost fairy tale-like, completely relatable. They are witty and inspiring, like Elle herself, and the fields where she takes them in Oxford, England mixed with clever concepts take you to another world and make you want to explore. Contrary to my complaints about school and adolescense (heh), Elle embraces youth with components of sentiment and innocence in her photos, if she isn't giving an important message about self image or eating disorders. I was honored when Elle agreed to do an interview for the blog, and, like her photos, her answers are fascinating and intriguing.What did you do today?
Apart from taking photos of myself lying in frosty grass in an immensely sparkley circus leotard, and getting myself rather cold, muddy and wet in the process, I ate some soup which tasted weird, threw it away and made some more which tasted okay, watched Marie Antoinette, did some art homework, and put my new website layout up.What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Really posh brands of vanilla icecream are delicious.. also, I can never resist some Ben & Jerry's fudge brownie icecream.
Are the concepts behind your photos intentional? Do you think about a message you'd like to incorporate into a picture and then execute the idea? Or is it more natural how ideas come up, and the message just appears accidentally once you look at a photograph in the end?
It varies.. generally I have an image in my head when I go to take photos; sometimes the final photograph after the shoot comes out nothing like it (which can be good or bad I guess) but other times it comes out exactly as I imagine which makes me happy. Both photography and drawing is like tracing an image from your head into reality, and so you can imagine how wonderful it is when an image is copied perfectly between the two, as sometimes that can prove tricky.
Lots of my photos have concepts too, however again, it varies: sometimes I think of clear concepts in an image, but other times I take a somewhat "impulsive" photo with little concept behind, yet viewers have their own ideas of what the photo shows that I perhaps didn't think of before.
Where did you get those amazing animal masks?!?!
I have three rubber masks which go over your entire head. Two (cat and horse) are from ebay, the other (gorilla) is from Carnival Stores in my town. I also have some high quality plastic masks (rabbit, pig and dinosaur) from a costume shop in my town, however sadly it shut down. Finally, I own some plastic masks that were about £1 from the same shop the gorilla mask is from.. unfortunately, they worth the few pennies I paid for them, as they're quite small since intended for children. I also own a bunch of masks from unknown stores; eye masks, vampire masks.. old lady masks..
Is it difficult for you to lug doors to fields, mattresses to beaches, and baths to flowerbeds? You must be very strong.
I'm weak.. I've only attempted to give piggy backs a couple of times in my life. One of the times I dropped the poor child on the floor. My parents and friends are incredibly lovely and help me carry these large items.. though I try my best to help out. Hopefully I'll get stronger in the future so I can do it myself, but I doubt that'll happen so maybe I'll get a special furniture carrier to help me on all my shoots in the future!
What is your favorite book? Is there any book character you think you identify with?
My favourite book is Noughts & Crosses (and the various sequels) by Malorie Blackman. It's a Romeo & Juliet inspired story about prejudice, romance and tragedy and it's incredible.
My other favourite book (and movie) has to be the Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides.. it is just beautiful. In the book the words are handpicked so carefully, the description is incredible, and in the movie version by Sophia Coppola, the beautiful descriptions whcih are diminished by turning a book into a film are made up for with the way the film is done photographically and musically.. the whole story is indescribable, so don't even ask me to explain my love for it, just read and watch it and fall in love.
Another book I discovered when I won a contest at the open day for my school and received it as a prize; it is called River Boy by Tim Bowler.. it's really sweet. It's not the style of book I normally read but this one is really heart touching.
I also love the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon, The Diary of Anne Frank, To Kill a Mockingbird, and the Series of Unfortunate Events.. I guess I read a lot.
Book character wise, I'm not sure. I love Scout from to kill a mockingbird, Violet from the series of unfortunate events, and all the Lisbon sisters from Virgin Suicides.. another thing I love about Virgin Suicides is the lack of identification with the characters. They are so mysterious about why they kill themselves and what they feel like, it adds to the charm of the book.
What is your favorite series of yours and why?
I don't really have a favourite series, however some single images of mine which I am most proud of are:
You have a great deal of photos of Blythe dolls..."great" meaning both big and fantastic...what is it about these dolls that makes you want to photograph them? Do the stories you create with their photos come from your imagination or things that happened to people you know you?
I became interested in Blythe when I was about nine, however it wasn't until I was twelve, in early 2006, that I bought one. It was photographing thesen dolls that kicked off my interest in photography, and although I don't take as many photos of them now as I used to, they have a lot of sentimental value to me because without them I never would have begun and kept up taking photos. The photos I took of blythe remind me of a time when my photography was somewhat naive and carefree, and looking back on them, although all the images are pretty bad technically, they make me feel nostaligic and happy when I see them.
Do you think photography is a natural talent or gift, something you need to have a born eye for; or something you need to be very smart and educated about?
I've certainly never had any formal lessons or education on photography.. a creative eye is only part of it.. a lot of photography is will power to put effort into images, to look at the world as if looking through a lens, and just to enjoy yourself. Everything I've learnt about photography has been because of my own interest, and it's only practice and support that has got me where I am now.
Thank you so much Eleanor! To see more of her photos and what inspires her, you can check out her flickr, website, or blog.


Never does one post 3 times on an uninspired day but I kinda dig the Alexander McQueen and Yohji Yamamoto menswear lines. Normally I don't pay much attention to menswear that isn't Nozomi Ishiguro since after seeing 3248923749823 black suits with nothing to offer but...being a black suit...you kind of give up. Yohji and McQueen were epic though (let's just not talk about McQ's Target line...diffusion of a diffusion=bad decision...I am trying to forget about how he let me down, thanks.)
1. What is this? A half-blazer? A half-cape? A mirage? I LIKE IT.
2. Boxing gloves. That's all that needs to be said.
3. This guy looks like he should be running towards a bull or something, whom he will strangle with his leather cape and choke with the intensity of his ~eyes.
4. Moulin Rouge sequined corsets are only okay if you are a man.1. This dude looks like the creeper in Pretty in Pink that thinks bugging the shit out of a girl and stalking her with gorgeous blue eyes and a questionable semi-mullet is the way to get a date. Also boxers over pants is just fun.
2. So much sweater and knit and grandpa-ness. I love it mostly for the model alone. He looks so mysterious, and like he should be sitting on a bench in the rain reciting Poe or playing a cello on the roof of a train. This entire look actually reminds me of a stuffed bear my friend has. His name is Gabby, because when my friend was little and named him she was gender-confused (probably because for the first 2 years of our friendship I had an unfortunate buzz cut and wore many dresses.)
3. That beard is like Mary Poppins' purse and I would like to meet this man just to see if he pulls a paper pad and pencil out from it whenever he needs to add something to his shopping list. What will come out next? Another awesome colorblock blazer? A stick of dynamite, like some cartoon? Oh, the mystery.
5. How Yohji manages to make fedoras look epic I will never know. The only other people that can do that are Frank Sinatra and a cartoon cat that plays piano and wears sunglasses which exists only in my mind and is technically not even fit for the 'people' category.
6. Pajamas and Buddy Holly glasses somehow make a great combo. Again, Yohji=only person that can make knitted Ugg-like things look epic.

photos, men.style.com

would it be illegal if i married this kid?

[21:15] me: OMG
[21:15] me: http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/fashionshows/F2009MEN/JPGMEN/RUNWAY/00010m.jpg
[21:15] me: hes MINE
[21:15] belle: whaksdjldsf
[21:15] belle: WHY SO CUTE
[21:15] belle: he killed a thousand babies to attain the cuteness he has
[21:15] belle: HE IS A DEMON CHILD
[21:15] me: yes but with a fro
[21:15] me: instead of horns
[21:16] belle: they're hidden in the fro


I feel very uninspired lately.
Or, I'm just lazy.
After yesterday's inspiration post too...yeesh.
So, two things I love that are completely unrelated....

you're the reason i'm a travelin on

Saturday inspiration, because I haven't posted any in a while and will be gone today. Also considering these DIYs I found on Susie's page.
  • Sadly I'm tiring a little of my floral docs as the print makes them much less a pair of shoes you can simply just throw on and more the kind you have to build an outfit around (and I don't have too many clothes that look good with them). To buy: lots of ribbon and tulle and glue
  • Because I need a shirt of Vern in my life like nao.
P.S. Apparently we reached 200 posts with the Inauguration post and I forgot. Here's to 200 more posts of procrastination!

one, ?. two. three. four (i believe the entry was deleted, but i saved a few more and can post those if ye want.) five and six.

he looks like a cucumber slash overly windexed waiting room

Devery of the band La Laque recently sent me an assortment of things she wanted to get rid of..."liberating" her of her clothing she called it, and since I am such a good-doer I happily did my part in this world by accepting a bunch of awesome clothing. Completely selflessly!Not exactly, but the package had some neat clothes you'll surely be seeing in more posts. Two of my favorite things were this old Terry Reno autobiography and Barbie catalogue. The Barbie one must be especially old, as indicated by the hyphen in "teen-age." See, this is how the professional historians figure these thingymajigs out.I've been updating my lacy black witch outfit every time another suitable item pops up, and with this veil (more navy blue, but whatevs), dress, and skirt (underneath the dress) coming from Devery I had to redo it once more.
The dress has layers and layers of pretty black lace and the skirt has diamond shapes everywhere. I put the dress over my longsleeve lace top and a vest over that. And of course the cape, because I have been wearing it almost every day and it always adds that quality that is totally me to an outfit.
Quality that is totally me=kind of doesn't want to make eye contact with certain people and has strength to fight bulls.
On an unrelated note, planning a Bat Mitzvah party is hard work, yo. Idealistically I'd have a few close friends over and we'd chomp on gummi worms and play guitar and watch Christopher Guest movies and paint my walls and the rest of the money that would be spent on catering and whatnot we would get to spend on CDG and candles.
BUT that is not very Bat Mitzvah-y and I will have to get normal stuff like a DJ to play YMCA and The Electric Slide and chicken from Le Food Place or something. Man I wish Bob Dylan was forgotten and doing stuff like high school reunions and Bat Mitzvahs. Zimmerman should be wiling to step up and perform for a fellow Jew, right? I'll just keep telling myself that.So...Judy Blume...it's me Margaret...stop...now...oy vey.

dress/skirt/veil, devery. necklace from laia. thrifted longsleeve top. childhood closet vest. secondhand cape. h&m tights.