you're the reason i'm a travelin on

Saturday inspiration, because I haven't posted any in a while and will be gone today. Also considering these DIYs I found on Susie's page.
  • Sadly I'm tiring a little of my floral docs as the print makes them much less a pair of shoes you can simply just throw on and more the kind you have to build an outfit around (and I don't have too many clothes that look good with them). To buy: lots of ribbon and tulle and glue
  • Because I need a shirt of Vern in my life like nao.
P.S. Apparently we reached 200 posts with the Inauguration post and I forgot. Here's to 200 more posts of procrastination!

one, ?. two. three. four (i believe the entry was deleted, but i saved a few more and can post those if ye want.) five and six.