Never does one post 3 times on an uninspired day but I kinda dig the Alexander McQueen and Yohji Yamamoto menswear lines. Normally I don't pay much attention to menswear that isn't Nozomi Ishiguro since after seeing 3248923749823 black suits with nothing to offer but...being a black suit...you kind of give up. Yohji and McQueen were epic though (let's just not talk about McQ's Target line...diffusion of a diffusion=bad decision...I am trying to forget about how he let me down, thanks.)
1. What is this? A half-blazer? A half-cape? A mirage? I LIKE IT.
2. Boxing gloves. That's all that needs to be said.
3. This guy looks like he should be running towards a bull or something, whom he will strangle with his leather cape and choke with the intensity of his ~eyes.
4. Moulin Rouge sequined corsets are only okay if you are a man.1. This dude looks like the creeper in Pretty in Pink that thinks bugging the shit out of a girl and stalking her with gorgeous blue eyes and a questionable semi-mullet is the way to get a date. Also boxers over pants is just fun.
2. So much sweater and knit and grandpa-ness. I love it mostly for the model alone. He looks so mysterious, and like he should be sitting on a bench in the rain reciting Poe or playing a cello on the roof of a train. This entire look actually reminds me of a stuffed bear my friend has. His name is Gabby, because when my friend was little and named him she was gender-confused (probably because for the first 2 years of our friendship I had an unfortunate buzz cut and wore many dresses.)
3. That beard is like Mary Poppins' purse and I would like to meet this man just to see if he pulls a paper pad and pencil out from it whenever he needs to add something to his shopping list. What will come out next? Another awesome colorblock blazer? A stick of dynamite, like some cartoon? Oh, the mystery.
5. How Yohji manages to make fedoras look epic I will never know. The only other people that can do that are Frank Sinatra and a cartoon cat that plays piano and wears sunglasses which exists only in my mind and is technically not even fit for the 'people' category.
6. Pajamas and Buddy Holly glasses somehow make a great combo. Again, Yohji=only person that can make knitted Ugg-like things look epic.

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