In case you are not fluent in the language of Jumping Up and Down on Keyboard In Utter Excitement, I will kindly translate:
OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODWhen Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte emailed me some time ago offering to knit a pair of tights to send my way I happily accepted. Clearly I am deliriously enthused!It was kind of (really) crazy receiving these considering how much I'd admired the Rodarte designs even prior to getting their email. I was speaking with Karl yesterday about how the most interesting and artistic designs have actual thought behind them. Having a natural eye for design is impressive but it's not the only thing that can be relied on for a collection. When there's more thought behind the concept and balance in a "look" it shows. Rodarte has for a long time been one of my favorite labels because so much thought is put into the collections. Some past inspirations include Japanese horror films, Star Wars, anime, nature and watercolors-seriously, how many other designers have such fascinating reference points?!It's like some of my favorite bloggers. There seems to be this idea that fashion bloggers are huge airheads, but the most well-respected ones have interests in a wide range of other things-photography, books, film, politics, art...and translate their diverse pool of interests into fantastic outfits.So so so excited to try these with more outfits. They have these shimmery strands here and there that you can't really see in pictures but it's like magic. They're very delicate so I probably won't wear them out as much as I would like to, but tons of dress-up sessions are in line.
Thank you so much, Laura and Kate!
(Hey now, bold lettering!)
Don't know why I felt like mixing pink in, since though the tweed pencil skirt is quite different from the cobweb tights it's not so much the witch-princess contrast as it is the...conservative 60's business woman-witch contrast. Oh well! My pasty kneecaps are pink too so that works out nicely.
Skirt draped since it's big on me, DIY'd pink shirt worn backwards. Black belt to break up the pink-pink...yeah.
The scarf my aunt knitted, it's magical too. I might try to find similar yarn to the tights at a crafts store and attempt to sew a matching cardigan.
Happy vibes today. I feel excited to get dressed again!

thrifted shirt and belt. slow & steady wins the race shoes. cdg for h&m jacket. rodarte tights. gifted scarf.