he looks like a cucumber slash overly windexed waiting room

Devery of the band La Laque recently sent me an assortment of things she wanted to get rid of..."liberating" her of her clothing she called it, and since I am such a good-doer I happily did my part in this world by accepting a bunch of awesome clothing. Completely selflessly!Not exactly, but the package had some neat clothes you'll surely be seeing in more posts. Two of my favorite things were this old Terry Reno autobiography and Barbie catalogue. The Barbie one must be especially old, as indicated by the hyphen in "teen-age." See, this is how the professional historians figure these thingymajigs out.I've been updating my lacy black witch outfit every time another suitable item pops up, and with this veil (more navy blue, but whatevs), dress, and skirt (underneath the dress) coming from Devery I had to redo it once more.
The dress has layers and layers of pretty black lace and the skirt has diamond shapes everywhere. I put the dress over my longsleeve lace top and a vest over that. And of course the cape, because I have been wearing it almost every day and it always adds that quality that is totally me to an outfit.
Quality that is totally me=kind of doesn't want to make eye contact with certain people and has strength to fight bulls.
On an unrelated note, planning a Bat Mitzvah party is hard work, yo. Idealistically I'd have a few close friends over and we'd chomp on gummi worms and play guitar and watch Christopher Guest movies and paint my walls and the rest of the money that would be spent on catering and whatnot we would get to spend on CDG and candles.
BUT that is not very Bat Mitzvah-y and I will have to get normal stuff like a DJ to play YMCA and The Electric Slide and chicken from Le Food Place or something. Man I wish Bob Dylan was forgotten and doing stuff like high school reunions and Bat Mitzvahs. Zimmerman should be wiling to step up and perform for a fellow Jew, right? I'll just keep telling myself that.So...Judy Blume...it's me Margaret...stop...now...oy vey.

dress/skirt/veil, devery. necklace from laia. thrifted longsleeve top. childhood closet vest. secondhand cape. h&m tights.