you know it's a good day when you get to listen to andrew bird during first period

Today's outfit. Blah blah subversion blah blah breaking up patterns blah blah color scheme....yeah.The skirt is a sweater Belle gave me. I tied it around my waist and tucked the sleeves into themselves so it looked like I had pockets and it created a funky triangular shape. Yeah, I said funky. What, I'm not groovy enough?
The lace jacket has a neat story though. Yeah, I said neat. What, I'm not swell enough?
It's from Devery, and came with a plain ivory dress. She said she'd seen it on eBay a few years ago and the seller had worn it to her Vegas wedding. She thought the story was so funny she told a coworker who then bought it and gave it to her to ask her out. Quite a chain, eh? The history of lace dresses and Vegas weddings is what we should be learning in social studies, really.
I might tie a bunch of little ribbons in all the holes in the jacket. I'm thinking red. Or black. Or both! You?

thrifted pullover. gifted jacket and sweater. pamela mann tights, slow & steady wins the race shoes.