i could totes picture, like, a legit musical taking place right now. everyone stand on the desks and point at ramon.

I wore my Yokoo scarf today.
And I am in serious LOVE, people. Soft, warm, colorful chain love. It came only yesterday and has already gotten tons of compliments! The conversations usually go something like this:
Person: Ohmygod, I love your scarf!
Me: Haha, thanks! I mean, I didn't make it, but-
Person: *snorts* well duh, yeah, obviously. I got that.

...I am not known for being crafty, okay?
I first became addicted to Yokoo's flickr photostream when Elizabeth wrote about her way back in July, and Susie Bubble's more recent post about her Etsy store only justified the epicness. This witty picture has been my wallpaper for about a week now, not gonna lie...holiday cheer, right?
And now Elizabeth and I have a mutual obsession. You don't get much more bonkerz (WL slang) than a Minnie headband and multi-colored chain scarf, ladies and germs.
Some punk at school came up to me and tried to obnoxiously stick his head through Da Chain. By impulse/reflex I kicked him. If injury doesn't express my love for it, I don't know what does.
I've been having lots of fun playing with the versatility, too.
i need a haircut...and non-static spray...
Yokoo was sneaky and put a couple thrifted thangs in my package as well. The flannel I'm wearing above and the quilted dress I wore today, along with a couple other epic items you'll be seeing soon. It's all so unbearably epic. All of it.


outfit: dress & scarf, yokoo. hue socks, laia. shoes & shirt, secondhand.
versatile love (left to right): gray pullover, slow and steady wins the race. flannel shirt, yokoo. skirt, thrifted. gray printed pullover, belle.