the Q&A post, finally!

You asked em!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
That's something I'll just let myself figure out as time goes by. As of now I think I'd like to be in a band, act, or be an elementary school teacher when I grow up, but we'll see...

Why/how did you start blogging? Read this post!

Are you really 12? Does an adult help you with this blog? Yes, I am, and no, no one does. My parents don't even read it, though they have seen it a few times. I actually started my blog without asking my parents, which I'll admit was irresponsible. No one in my family helps me with my writing, outfits, videos, or pictures (they have offered now and then for the pictures but I guess it's kind of embarrassing for me so I refused they help). I have made 3 videos (you really can't script that much ranting) and have met with various journalists like Elizabeth and website founders like Rich, all of which are great people and would probably want people to know if my mom/sister/neighbor/dad was the real one behind this blog.

Who is your favorite designer? *proof I am a label whore* I will always be faithful to Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, Tao Kurihara of Tao, Alexander McQueen, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of Viktor & Rolf, Nozomi Ishiguro, Yohji Yamamoto, Maison Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe, Luella Bartley of Luella, and Gareth Pugh, to name a few *ahem*, but I am always discovering new ones which I adore as well. Right now I'm very into Sandra Backlund, especially after happily receiving my Yokoo scarf. And of course, the fake Karl Lagerfield.

What inspires you? Blogs, magazines, photography (whether it's fashion or not), movies, fine art, books, plays, street style, runway, music, hobos, changes a lot. Though I don't think I will ever tire of Japanese street style, the 70's, or evil fairy tale creatures.

How would you describe your style? I can't, really. It's still developing and evolving, and phrases and labels like "hippie chic" bother me. I think giving it a description would tie me down too much, I'm still experimenting after all. Can we say "ADD, bipolar, and hormonal" for now?

What makeup are you wearing? I don't wear any, but when I draw on my face, I use NYC liquid eyeliner in black.

What shampoo/conditioner do you use? I actually don't use conditioner very often because it's bad for your hair (or mine, at least), but for shampoo I switch on and off between Dove's anti-frizz and this weird organic one my mom bought.

What are your favorite stores? If I could afford it I would probably shop a lot at or the Comme des Garcons boutique, but the places I actually shop at and like are thrift stores, H&M, Forever 21, and American Apparel. I also can't wait for Topshop and am trying to save up.

Where do you get your clothes?
Most of my clothes are thrifted, came from the dress-up box my sisters and I used when we were little, hand-me-downs, or something I wore when I was younger (you've heard me say "childhood closet" before.) As more people have found out about my, erm, fashion interest, some family friends have passed down their vintage clothing, as well.
I live very close to a Salvation Army, and kind of spoil myself there. I have to go into the city for the stores I put under my favorites, but I think that's a good thing. If I lived as close to Forever 21 as I do to the Salvation Army I would be spending a lot more money!

Do you visit blogs written by non-American bloggers, either in English or in other languages? Also, do you check the blogger's nationality? Does it make any difference to you? I definitely visit blogs written by non-Americans, some of my favorites are written overseas! I sometimes notice if a blogger isn't American because of how they write (i.e., Brits say "fringe" and Americans say "bangs") or they mention it, but I don't check. It doesn't make any difference to me really, I think it's pretty neat to read blogs in other languages because it lets the photos speak for themselves. It's pretty cool how global the fashion blogging community is, yeah?

What camera do you use? What do you use to edit your photos? I use a Canon Powershot A590IS. It takes good pictures but is still easy to use (I didn't even read the manual, fine print is hard on me little old lady eyes. Also I'm lazy). It has a self-timer (a plus for any blogger) and I use my dad's old Bogen tripod. I use for most editing, and PhotoFiltre for collages and a couple effects that I use now and then.

Was there a moment at some point in your life that you knew you loved fashion, or was it kind of a gradual love affair? Gradual love affair-lame, I know! Unfortunately there wasn't any type of epiphany in the middle of a grocery store where I started grabbing cereal boxes off the shelves and constructing dresses out of them or something cool like that.

What are your favorite magazines? My favorite is probably Rolling Stone, but if you're looking for fashion I recommend: Lula, Vogue UK, Vogue IT, Vogue FR, New York Times' T Style Magazine, Elle girl Korea, Numero, i-D, Dazed and Confused...there are many more, along with some online ones such as FRUiTS, N.E.E.T., and Prim. I also love foto decadent, where people scan in editorials from various fashion magazines. It kills my hard drive.

What are your favorite blogs? Look in my sidebar!

What did you eat for lunch? I actually haven't eaten lunch yet today but I had bagels for breakfast.

What's your favorite breakfast cereal? Cheerios and Special K for breakfast. Otherwise I like Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes, but the old woman in me feels gross eating sugar for breakfast.

Chocolate or vanilla pudding? Gee, all these food questions are SO INTENSE, I don't know if I'm comfortable ANSWERING THIS ONE YOU GUYZ. Chocolate, hands down.

Who do you most look up to style wise? I don't really have a "style icon." I try to take inspiration from various people but I think since I'm so ADD I can only be obsessed with Marie Antoinette for so long until I move on to Courtney Love.

Do you find it difficult to find clothes that fit you properly? Do you often have to get your clothes taken in? Most of the time, yes, it is rather hard. I don't take in any of my clothes because I have zero patience for sewing and figure a belt will be able to do the trick most of the time, but being small helps in that I get many hand-me-downs! When I find a thrift gem that is too big for me but I just don't have the heart to let go of, I have a sisterhood of fashion bloggers to pass it on to. Traveling pants? More like traveling vintage EPICNESS. Huzzah.

What are your favorite pair of shoes and why? My floral Dr. Martens I scored on eBay. They're comfortable, as shoes should be, and durable.

What do kids at your school think of how you dress? I think they're used to me by now, or at least they're aware of what a sneaky mouth I have. Normally people like to ask "why," as if I'm trying to protest retail or wearing a grandma dress for the sake of global warming. You learn how to ignore it though. I just think I'm too much of a spiteful narcissist to let it bother me?

What do your teachers think of how you dress? I think it scared them in the beginning of the year, but I talk a lot in class so I think it makes me seem less insane.

Have you always been interested in style? My interest began in March of 2008, before then I just dressed for comfort. I've never been an Aberzombie because the price just never seemed practical to me and I didn't like what the label respresented, but I was more into just a t-shirt and jeans or pajama pants. Practicality and comfort.

What's playing on your iTunes lately? Favorite band? Etc, etc... Right now I have been indulging myself in endless Christmas music (though I don't celebrate Christmas...) but my favorite artist is Bob Dylan and favorite band is Wilco. My other favorites are probably Neutral Milk Hotel, Cat Power, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell, Frank Sinatra, Joan Baez, and Feist.

What's your favorite thing in your wardrobe? Oy, do I have to name just one? Probably my lace crinoline, cape, Comme des Garcons for H&M deconstructed jacket, two-tone tights, Yokoo chain scarf, cage skirt, pink bloomers, and silver metallic jacket...

If you could only have three designer items what would they be? You're killin me, smalls! Probably one of the Gareth Pugh armor suits (you really can't thrift or DIY such a contraption), THAT Alexander McQueen dress with all the rainbow butterflies, and anything from this Comme des Garcons collection. Seriously, I'll take ANYTHING. If you gave me another spot to fill it would be a dress from Balenciaga Spring 2008, yes plz.

If you came to my hometown (or vice versa) would you, please, go shopping with me with lamp shades on our heads? Of COURSE I would, Elisa. Do you even have to ask?

Worst story of buyers regret? Nothing too intense, but I once went to a theater that was selling all of their old costumes back in May when I wasn't as confident in my style and it was more low-key. Therefore I picked up some more boring items, and I now wish I had gotten more interesting, costumey pieces-everything was only 50 cents!

Goal for the blog? I've never been here to start a career, as while I love fashion I don't think I'm cut out for the industry. I guess I'll be pretty happy with my time as a blogger if when I end (and who knows when that will be) I can say that I didn't compromise myself for the sake of readers. Bloggers do tend to have a certain style, and it's easy to get caught up in that-to feel like an outfit isn't good enough, or worry that readers will get mad or disagree over something you write. I'm here to develop my style and be able to converse with other bloggers that share my love for fashion, and I think that I'll be happiest ending on a good note. Not necessarily a high one, I don't want to go out with a bang. Just knowing that it wasn't a waste of time and that I got a lot out of blogging-which I can say that as of now, I have.

What keeps you blogging? Just that it's fun, really, as crappy an answer that is. I like getting dressed and taking pictures and rambling on about fantastic editorials and runway collections. Like I said, I don't feel like I need to accomplish anything else with blogging. I've just become quite accustomed to it and like having a place to share my thoughts and post my outfits. It'll be neat to look back on when I'm older.

How does it feel to be one of the youngest recognized bloggers in the fashion blogosphere? Haha, oh jeez. I wouldn't call it that :P It's strange, because it has prompted quite a few people (journalists, specifically...) to be snarky and critical about my age. All in all I feel really lucky though. It has helped me grow a thicker skin, and the experiences it has led to have taught me so many valuable lessons that I otherwise probably wouldn't have learned until I'm way older. It was another "young" blogger that inspired me to start my blog-if I can inspire one more "young" person to start their own, I'll be so glad that I started.

If you could have 5 people alive/dead come to your dinner party, who would they be? What would you serve? This is hard, the kind of question I don't know how to answer when asked but could easily answer in the middle of the night by sitting up and saying "I would definitely like to have _______ over for dinner" in a tone of realization...Bob Dylan, Vivienne Westwood, Barack Obama, Yohji Yamamoto, and Ethel Merman. I would serve pizza, croissants, raspberries, chocolate, and coke. You guys thought I would say Rei, didn't you? I thought about it but I think her mysteriousness is what keeps the label so endearing, yeah? Obama actually has eaten dinner at my friend's house-crazy!

The more I think about it, the more I think my answer to this question will change later...

What are you doing at this very moment? Writing this post, playing with bath salts I made with my friend yesterday, and contemplating where on my bedroom wall to put my Diane von Furstenberg poster.

What is your favorite book? Or do you have more than one? Right now I'm reading And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie which I really like so far. I definitely have more than one favorite book, as nerdy as that may be...The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, Arthur and the True Francine by Marc Brown, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. I also really enjoy the Shopaholic series, The Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Sammy Keyes series. I am somewhat ashamed to say I order screenplays off of Amazon and really enjoy Thank You For Smoking, though I have never seen the movie...

What holidays do you celebrate in December? You said you're Jewish and your mom is Norwegian but you are obsessed with Christmas music...My mom is from Norway and grew up celebrating Jul. Even though she is now converted to Judaism we still celebrate it for the sake of tradition but don't do the religious aspect of it (growing up she wasn't very religious anyways). We also celebrate Hanukkah, and Christmas music/movies are a guilty pleasure of mine so I kind of spoil myself with Home Alone and A Rat Pack Christmas...

Do you make any of your clothes? I would love to learn but don't know if I have the patience. I once tried sewing a hem on one of my dresses and gave up 10 minutes later. Right now I actually am working on a zipper cage skirt that I'm kind of excited about. I can sew buttons and the like but sewing machines hate me.

What else do you spend money on? Honestly, I don't spend much money on anything except clothes T_T If there is a book I want to read I'll borrow it from the library or a friend and if there's a CD I want, Pando it is...

Does fashion run in your family? Nope. My mom does thrift though, mainly because she loves a good bargain and does like strange things, like painted harem pants and purple tie-dye leggings. She likes dressing up but isn't into fashion like a blogger is, and still doesn't understand some of my outfits. My dad dresses like dads dress.

Whats your favourite fashion hot spot and why? I don't really know what a fashion hot spot is-am I supposed to? Oops...

Out of curiosity, in what productions have you performed? My favorites to be in were probably Thoroughly Modern Millie (costumes were epic too, duh), Beauty & The Beast, Urinetown, Seussical, and Once on This Island.

Do you buy all your stuff (esp. ebay stuff) with your own money and if not, your parents don't mind ebay? Yes. Since I don't live by many retail stores and am very frugal about spending more than $20 for an item of clothing (I made an exception for Rei, of course) a lot of my clothes are from thrift stores and cost very little. My dad is the only one with a Paypal account for eBay, so he pays but I pay him back.

How do you get the money for your clothes? Allowance and babysitting, though I haven't had a job for that in a while. The last time I babysat the baby woke up crying and I consoled him (was about to type 'it' there, whoops total mother potential) by holding him up a la The Lion King and singing Circle of Life. The mom came home early and saw me and never called me again...

What do you do when not blogging?
Breathe, eat, sleep, on occasion have a social life. Read, write about things other than fashion, play guitar, bike...I also have weird habits and rituals but those don't need to be said...

How tall are you? An embarrassing 4'6" *clears throat*

How do you get so many readers to your blog? I'm copying this from a post I wrote a long time ago, FYI...
The best way to get your blog out there is to comment when you see something you like on another blog. Interaction and communication, the wonders of the Internet, next to pointless videos of animals sniffing each others butts and illegal music downloads. Yes, it's very nice getting comments (good and bad, either way they're fun to read), but what I love most most most about blogging is just being able to speak my thoughts, take pictures, experiment with clothes, make fun of Belle in my charming and charismatic way, and express my Margiela love. With or without response, blogging is fun! That's the point.

And a very similar question...
I just started a blog, what advice do you have? It sounds like an after school special-but seriously, just be you. You can't make everyone happy unless you are a jesus with hypnotic powers which you are not unless you are a jesus with hypnotic powers which you are not...wear what you want, write about things that you care about, and just have fun with it. It's easy to tell when someone is trying too hard to impress readers and get more comments, and it's kind of a turnoff.

What's your favorite subject in school? Creative writing.

What are your favorite fashion sites, not blogs? for great runway coverage. Fashionista for excellent fashion news, they update it like every 2 seconds. Foto decadent, where people scan in magazine editorials and inspiration is epic. Weardrobe because it shows the outfits of normal people and all the different ways to wear one article of clothing. Dropsnap, Kera Street Snap, and FRUiTS are my favorites for street style. Polyvore is fun for styling. Independent Fashion Bloggers is a great community with great tips and news.

Do you speak Norwegian? Have you already been in Norway? I have been a few wonderful times, but haven't gone for a few years since it's becoming more expensive. I do not speak as fluently as I used to, but enough to get by and travel. I was surprisingly fluent in the language when I was little because I was kind of growing up around it. My mom used to speak it to my sisters and I a lot and being surrounded by it on trips obviously helped. I could speak Norwegian more fluently at the age of 4 than I can now. Huh.

Where in Norway is your mom from? Oslo, I love it there.

What do your close friends think of your dress preferences? Apparently they think it's "pretty cool," or at least admire my courage to wear what I do (aka, spite).

Do you wear all the outfits on here? Of course! Who would buy clothes and waste time taking pictures of them for a blog?

If you have more questions just leave a comment-I'll keep adding them!