i am too flustered to type something witty here

I have to be zippity pipsqueekity quick here and not write too much. The bloody perfectionist I am will probably type more about her day here later, because I can't stand to have a post that is hardly words (unless it's an inspiration post, I like the pictures to speak for themselves) but I am on a CLOCK HEREZ.

Basically I woke up this morning and decided to dress opposite my mood and usual disposition. It felt a little too girly in the end though, so I added my Docs.

EDIT: You knew I would write more here later, right? So my mom told me a neat-o story after seeing this outfit. She was born, grew up, and went to school in Norway, and when she was in her early twenties she made a dress that was bright pink and wore it everywhere, actually overwore it to a point where it became just rags. At that time in her neighborhood everyone was very uniform and wore all black, so she stood out like a sore thumb and became known as "the girl in the pink dress." Kind of like when Becky Bloomwood fantasizes about being "the girl in the Denny & George scarf", right? Sophie Kinsella, anyone....? Anyways, perhaps I get my love for pink and ability to block out rude stares from her.
And that was my story.

Vintage Dr. Martens. American Apparel kneesocks. Claire's belt. Everything else is some form of secondhand.