a project for school. we're learning about belt placement and the history of red coats.

It's fall.
It is! Today leaves were falling, and I got to wear my red Mary-esque coat, and it was windy...I love it. Love it.

This is what I wore today, except for Rosh Hashanah services in which I didn't wear anything worth posting. High holidays, gotta wear something presentable. Falling asleep during the rabbi's sermon would've looked a LOT worse had I been wearing lame leggings. Not that there's really any way to cover up from falling asleep during the rabbi's sermon, but...ahem. My outfit for cyberstalking the Margiela line (still recovering) and walking the dog.dress, calvin klein scarf, belt: thrifted. socks: american apparel. coat: hand-me-down. shoes: old character shoes
When I was walking my dog a TOTAL Arthur episode took place. My poor baby (I am not totally heartless and tactless when it comes to animals) started choking on someone's trash. Litterbugs suck.
Luckily, I realized that we've owned about 3 tripods for about 10 years now, so pictures are about to get way better. Taking these pictures was ridiculously awkward though. Oh suburbians, why can't you be like New Yorkers and pay no attention when someone isn't being a completely semi-normal human being? Is it really that weird to set up camera equipment on a street corner and take pictures of yourself?

soccer dad: Look son, that girl is taking pictures with a tripod and everything!
little boy: Whoa! What are you taking pictures of?
girl about to hijack the next car she sees and drive to new york: Um...cars that go by. It's for school.

I really need cue cards for these types of situations.

no need for words:

Well, maybe a few:
backwards hair
bathroom sink
messed up jean jacket
3 heads
blue tape
is that their front or back?
is that a dude or girl?
is that even human?
x-ray dress

Heyzeus christmas, Maison Martin Margiela. Favorite line of his ever, and favorite line in all of fashion week so far. That includes Luella, Topshop, Balmain, Gareth Pugh, London, Milan, New York, Japan-evvvvvverrrrryyyythhhhingggg.

I will not be able to fall asleep tonight.

marry me.

Blind me with your shiny coat. Go on, I don't mind.
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once a rhino, ALWAYS a rhino

Hello children, more fashion week. Sick of it yet? This is what I thought about the Fashion Fringe contest winning designs.Your thoughts? Preach it, sister (I definitely watched some Whoopi Goldberg last night in case you can't tell). I think my favorite is Sarah Easom's because it's the most interesting, but William Tempest's was the most well balanced. Sarah Easom's really reminded me of my mom's friend's artwork:specifically this one:Fashion and art really is the best combination, don't you think? Speaking of, Danny's prints are finally up for sale. If I wasn't on the budget of a 12 year old I would snatch up the Dior one in a second. In fact, maybe I will. Food isn't really THAT essential to living, right?

dontcha be all grumpy

My mom's friend heard about my, erm, interest in fashion and gave me a bunch of her old vintage clothes. Some she thrifted in London (London!) in the 70's, and some of the clothes used to be her mom's, like this top from the fifties.top and skirt, thrifted. belt, childhood closet. headband, h&m.

God I love sunlight. It seriously makes me feel optimistic, something lots of junk food and Shirley Temple classics could never do.

one zero zero

The one hundredth post! Can you believe I've kept this up? I can't. I'm normally terrible at keeping promises I make with myself (or anyone else, for that matter. Erm...), but I guess if something you love is really addicting it's tough to shy away from it. Besides, if I was a consistent poster we'd be well over one hundred by now, wouldn't we? Anyways, I've been taking a long time to get this post out here so I thought I'd address something I've always thought about but never quite knew how to put down in words.

I know it sounds corny, but to me, fashion is a form of art. I've said that on here before, but that's strictly what I find it: it's not necessarily about simply looking "good" or "chic". The designers that inspire me don't focus on designing clothes just to be clothes; the looks they design are art! WEARABLE art, which is more fun than pretty paintings in a museum that you can't touch. My ignorance aside, it really bothers me when silly ideas like "Fashion Do's and Don't's" and "Fashion Police" are established, because that takes all the fun out of putting together an outfit. In my opinion, the most interesting fashion is the Anti-Fashion. No rules, no restrictions, no normalcy, no pleasing anyone. I really aim to try to come up with some type of character behind what I wear, be it an 80's prom queen or disturbed man elf, and I think I like how Belle put it best: Dissecting a story without having to say a word. You knew I couldn't go a post without mentioning her, the woman is a genius. It's not how cute an outfit is, it's what it seems to reflect: a personality, a story.
When I posted the pictures in which I'm wearing a doilie hat and doll lashes, a few people thought it was a little strange, as did some when I posted my inspiration collage of dead-looking people and scary faces. These pictures are interesting, they make me want to know more about the person wearing it and they draw me in.
I might only be less attracted to the entire "chic" deal because, as a younger person, I do gravitate more towards tackier clothes. That being said, I'm twelve! I have no one to impress and I'm not concerned about wearing something flattering to my body. I will dress as ugly and crazy as I want as long as I'm still young enough to get away with it. Suckerssss.
So my sister generously let me and Claire use two of her bee-yootiful dresses (the ones Claire wears) to do one of our little amateur photo sessions outside. The dresses are gorgeous, but let's face it: everything else is creepy. Odd contrast, but fun to experiment with.
Here's to 100 more!
You guys are the best :)

sometimes i worry about myself

Is it wrong that absolutely NO ONE in my inspiration collage is smiling? Or that all the pictures are black and white? Or that half of these people look dead?WARNING TO ALL PEOPLE WHO USE PHOTOFILTRE: When using lasso tool, be sure to change into rectangle-making mode before clicking out of the program. If you do not, the program freezes and you have to exit out before saving anything and have to make a WHOLE new collage ALL over again.

But if you do, that's okay as well. It's comforting to my stupidity.

no i will not read you 5 pages of psychology and 50 cents is not sweetening the deal

I cut the sleeves off my denim jacket. Perfect for 90's inspired-outfits, all I need now is a pair of docs.Also-doesn't this look like it would be on the cover of some teen crush book written in the nineties? Or a poster for Boy Meets World? I always loved Ben Savage. HI CORY.I've been dressing so boring lately. I spend forever making an outfit, and when I start running late for school I just throw something plain on. Good thing there's fashion week...

she moved the transparency and got yelled at, +10 points for the pathetic losers

Sorry for the lack of posts lately (gosh, really can't say that enough). You can thank my social studies teacher for that. And, HEY, if any of you feel like throwing on a disguise and coming to class to take my 200 point Revolutionary War test for me too, you are more than welcome!

Anyways, I'm finally doing Fashion Week coverage. I liked the obvious ones, like Christopher Kane and Luella, but when I came across these designers I'd never heard of I thought I'd post. As for the editing skills, bear with me, I am still trying to figure out photoshop.I'm not totally obsessed with any of these like I was with other collections I saw (more posts later), in all of them there are a few looks I love and the rest are sort of "eh", as indicated by my captions. What do you think?

Also, I know you are all as tired of me babbling on about Belle as you are of the lace trend, but she entered a contest over at Queen Gilda and seriously deserves to win. Best dance moves and MC Hammer impression ever, hands down. So as you're getting on your Groucho Marx glasses and brushing up on the Battle of Bunker Hill for me, please head on over and leave a comment for Belle!

[photos via style.com]

can't touch this

Now for the highly anticipated newz. You all thought I was interviewed by Vogue or something, but this is much better by 20 billion times to the max times 300. And by "you all" I mean Stylish Wanderer. Have you lost your mind, crazy lady?

Anyways, you know me. I love presents. I love clothes. I love my wife. The other night when I had a sleepover with Stephanie's sister, Steph gave me some stuff Belle gave her to give me when they met up in New York. It feels like Christmas! I don't exactly know what Christmas feels like since I'm Jewish, but everyone says it's supposed to be real fun and you get presents, so I guess this works. Plus Belle is somewhat similar to this fat old man with a beard everyone talks about so....gosh, where are all these insults towards Belle coming from? I've been IM-ing with Ben wayyyy too much. Ben, you are a bad influence. And you stole Hot Lookbook Guy.Ignore my slightly black eye in the above picture, you'll see what that's about later (no injuries, I promise!) You're supposed to be reading my beautiful sign anyways. Unless you are an OUTCAST. In which case, I SHUN YOU.

Gray grunge-ish sweatshirt thingy, green and white striped sweater, and floral jeans. I am the happiest man in the world right now.Today and Saturday I wore the floral jeans, can't get enough. They're surprisingly versatile, and very fun to experiment with. I love having a piece like that, one that is very unique and striking but you have many opportunities to wear it and can still match it with other crazy one-of-a-kind stuff. ENDLESS possibilities. I chose to wear the Mozart shirt because it somehow reminded me of her Three Stooges one. Because, you know, musical prodigy just SCREAMS fat balding guys doing slapstick. Don't ask, I was tired.shirt and braided belt, sister's. cardigan, target. pants, jesus.
<3 thank you Belle!

how wonderful life is when you're in the world

So I accidentally set my blog on private. Whoops! See, I made another blog supposed to be just a private diary for me, and I accidentally made Style Rookie private instead of that one. Garsh, I really need to get better at this technical stuffers. But keep reading, you are absolutely welcome to!

Also-WHY can't I stop listening to this song? Oh right, it's amazing, got it. I love Elton's version, but behind his big glasses, his eyes are not nearly as hypnotizing as Ewan McGregor's. STOP IT YOU HANDSOME FRENCHMAN.

Lucky me, I get this sign in my new room! My sister was in the play Can Can, which takes place in 1890's France as Moulin Rouge does, and took this home with her. She couldn't take it to college, so the garden gnome (thanks Ben) gets it.
There have been some really great editorials up on foto decadent lately. I myself highly recommend this one. Gosh, wouldn't it be CRAZY if someone like, say, ME, tried to actually paint their face like that?!? Haha, and ended up going to school looking like she had blood on her face? Oh, oh, you'll love this-and then tried telling people her dog clawed her face out, as well as ate her homework? Haha, it's fun using your imagination....Note: that was for comedy. Kinda. Contrary to popular belief, I am not that idiotic. Kinda.

P.S. just thought you'd like to know...

"The people with the best style, for me, are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to like Venice Beach and I see the homeless, I'm like, oh my god, you're pulling out like crazy looks. They pulled shit out of like garbage bags." - Erin Wasson

See, my friends tell me I should go on the show Yo Mamma because I do GREAT insults. I would totally put one right here along the lines of dressing like trash, or something about Zoolander, but there are just too many good ones. I just wouldn't be able to choose. That's like asking Belle what her favorite CDG line is, or a mother who her favorite child is. It just doesn't work.

I'll let you decide for yourself what you think of this, but when I read about it on Elizabeth's blog and Fashionista all I could think was "...wtf." Pardon my French (hey now, foreshadowing!) but...seriously....wtf.
Oh well, I'm off to find a great piece of jewelry, copy it completely, have it printed in magazines, put in an Alexander Wang runway show, and claim it to be my own...

so's your face

The other day I drew on creepy puppet lashes with eyeliner and wore a doilie thing on my head (the outfit was a snoozefest, not worth posting). Everyone at school was so rude and confused! It was wonderful, exhilarating, nice for things to be back to normal. One of my teachers even asked did I get surgery and is that why I was absent for 2 days because I guess the lines looked like stitches or something behind my glasses (which were a total pain to have to wear at the same time, it made me look even more douchey). So whenever someone acted disgusted I would put on a creepy mime/dead doll/puppet face and stare at them really strangely to freak them out even more. God it's fun being malicious.

To those who want to know, I answered your photo editing questions in my most previous post. The answers correspond to these pictures, too.

Also, here's the link to the editorial I got my header from. Ellen+Red Ballon movie thang=holyshnike i think ima die.

the 50 year old man with the folder on his head

Some people have been asking me about comments and readers and et cetera (hey now, spelled it out!). I've sort of been putting this off for fear of sounding too patronizing, but to those who asked: The best way to get your blog out there is to comment when you see something you like on another blog. Interaction and communication, the wonders of the Internet, next to pointless videos of animals sniffing each others butts and illegal music downloads. Yes, it's very nice getting comments (good and bad, either way they're fun to read), but what I love most most most about blogging is just being able to speak my thoughts, take pictures, experiment with clothes, make fun of Belle in my charming and charismatic way, and express my Margiela love. With or without response, blogging is fun! And isn't having fun the point? I hope my sucky advice helps, or at least entertains. It doesn't? Well, pretend there's a vaudeville act righttt....here. Yes, right there. ENJOY.
dark side:Now get to sleep. I'M WATCHING YOU.Yes that is my eye (supa freakay, ow) and yes I still have interesting news to tell you so just hold your horses. *irritating granny voice* Put that dial down, Everybody Loves Rei will be right back!

EDIT: Thanks for the comments! To answer some questions...
-I usually use a self-timer, but my friend took these (mooching and nagging are key).
-We didn't use a tripod, just slimy hands
-Taken digitally with my Canon Powershot A590 IS. Very good camera, easy to use, but advanced.
-I used Picnik to edit the first 3, using the Cross Process tool in the Create section. For the last 3, I used a program called Photo Filtre that you can download for free here.

I used PhotoFiltre to blend the picture of the tree with me sitting on a stump, so I will give steps on how to do it using that. I won't get too detailed since you're all pretty tech savvy and smart, but here you are:

1. "Copy" one of your pictures
2. "Paste" on to the photo you would like to blend it with
3. Right click on the photo with your mouse and go to "Paste options..."
4. A box will pop up that has different paste settings. The first one is "Opacity", and there's a bar thingy. Drag the cursor thingy to find the right amount of opacity you would like and hit Ok. For mine I did something between 25-35.
5. It should blend now, and you're done! To get rid of the marching ants just right click and hit "Validate paste".
6. If you want to blend a bunch, just repeat the steps until your eyes bleed.

I'm not the best with instructions, but I hope this helps! Have fun!

the nostalgia of polaroids

Dress up when I was more of a wee little gnome that I am now.

I have so much to tell you guys! Luckily I have photos to correspond with all the wonderful news, so you'll just have to wait...

You're quite a quiet domino

I promise I'll have an actual post tomorrow.
Or the next day?
Sighz. I've been feeling very blah, uninspired, and ill. I actually stayed home from school today with a puffy face and disgusting cough and just spent 2 hours on IM with Hanna talking about Tourettes and politics. Sighz. Againz.
Anyways, I found this video and thought I'd share. The guy's voice in the last line is hilarious. "MALE HUNTING!" Go get em, tiger! Hintidy hint, go watch it.
If I end up going to school tomorrow, I want to look creepy and weird.Say good night Gracie.