the 50 year old man with the folder on his head

Some people have been asking me about comments and readers and et cetera (hey now, spelled it out!). I've sort of been putting this off for fear of sounding too patronizing, but to those who asked: The best way to get your blog out there is to comment when you see something you like on another blog. Interaction and communication, the wonders of the Internet, next to pointless videos of animals sniffing each others butts and illegal music downloads. Yes, it's very nice getting comments (good and bad, either way they're fun to read), but what I love most most most about blogging is just being able to speak my thoughts, take pictures, experiment with clothes, make fun of Belle in my charming and charismatic way, and express my Margiela love. With or without response, blogging is fun! And isn't having fun the point? I hope my sucky advice helps, or at least entertains. It doesn't? Well, pretend there's a vaudeville act Yes, right there. ENJOY.
dark side:Now get to sleep. I'M WATCHING YOU.Yes that is my eye (supa freakay, ow) and yes I still have interesting news to tell you so just hold your horses. *irritating granny voice* Put that dial down, Everybody Loves Rei will be right back!

EDIT: Thanks for the comments! To answer some questions...
-I usually use a self-timer, but my friend took these (mooching and nagging are key).
-We didn't use a tripod, just slimy hands
-Taken digitally with my Canon Powershot A590 IS. Very good camera, easy to use, but advanced.
-I used Picnik to edit the first 3, using the Cross Process tool in the Create section. For the last 3, I used a program called Photo Filtre that you can download for free here.

I used PhotoFiltre to blend the picture of the tree with me sitting on a stump, so I will give steps on how to do it using that. I won't get too detailed since you're all pretty tech savvy and smart, but here you are:

1. "Copy" one of your pictures
2. "Paste" on to the photo you would like to blend it with
3. Right click on the photo with your mouse and go to "Paste options..."
4. A box will pop up that has different paste settings. The first one is "Opacity", and there's a bar thingy. Drag the cursor thingy to find the right amount of opacity you would like and hit Ok. For mine I did something between 25-35.
5. It should blend now, and you're done! To get rid of the marching ants just right click and hit "Validate paste".
6. If you want to blend a bunch, just repeat the steps until your eyes bleed.

I'm not the best with instructions, but I hope this helps! Have fun!