one zero zero

The one hundredth post! Can you believe I've kept this up? I can't. I'm normally terrible at keeping promises I make with myself (or anyone else, for that matter. Erm...), but I guess if something you love is really addicting it's tough to shy away from it. Besides, if I was a consistent poster we'd be well over one hundred by now, wouldn't we? Anyways, I've been taking a long time to get this post out here so I thought I'd address something I've always thought about but never quite knew how to put down in words.

I know it sounds corny, but to me, fashion is a form of art. I've said that on here before, but that's strictly what I find it: it's not necessarily about simply looking "good" or "chic". The designers that inspire me don't focus on designing clothes just to be clothes; the looks they design are art! WEARABLE art, which is more fun than pretty paintings in a museum that you can't touch. My ignorance aside, it really bothers me when silly ideas like "Fashion Do's and Don't's" and "Fashion Police" are established, because that takes all the fun out of putting together an outfit. In my opinion, the most interesting fashion is the Anti-Fashion. No rules, no restrictions, no normalcy, no pleasing anyone. I really aim to try to come up with some type of character behind what I wear, be it an 80's prom queen or disturbed man elf, and I think I like how Belle put it best: Dissecting a story without having to say a word. You knew I couldn't go a post without mentioning her, the woman is a genius. It's not how cute an outfit is, it's what it seems to reflect: a personality, a story.
When I posted the pictures in which I'm wearing a doilie hat and doll lashes, a few people thought it was a little strange, as did some when I posted my inspiration collage of dead-looking people and scary faces. These pictures are interesting, they make me want to know more about the person wearing it and they draw me in.
I might only be less attracted to the entire "chic" deal because, as a younger person, I do gravitate more towards tackier clothes. That being said, I'm twelve! I have no one to impress and I'm not concerned about wearing something flattering to my body. I will dress as ugly and crazy as I want as long as I'm still young enough to get away with it. Suckerssss.
So my sister generously let me and Claire use two of her bee-yootiful dresses (the ones Claire wears) to do one of our little amateur photo sessions outside. The dresses are gorgeous, but let's face it: everything else is creepy. Odd contrast, but fun to experiment with.
Here's to 100 more!
You guys are the best :)