a project for school. we're learning about belt placement and the history of red coats.

It's fall.
It is! Today leaves were falling, and I got to wear my red Mary-esque coat, and it was windy...I love it. Love it.

This is what I wore today, except for Rosh Hashanah services in which I didn't wear anything worth posting. High holidays, gotta wear something presentable. Falling asleep during the rabbi's sermon would've looked a LOT worse had I been wearing lame leggings. Not that there's really any way to cover up from falling asleep during the rabbi's sermon, but...ahem. My outfit for cyberstalking the Margiela line (still recovering) and walking the dog.dress, calvin klein scarf, belt: thrifted. socks: american apparel. coat: hand-me-down. shoes: old character shoes
When I was walking my dog a TOTAL Arthur episode took place. My poor baby (I am not totally heartless and tactless when it comes to animals) started choking on someone's trash. Litterbugs suck.
Luckily, I realized that we've owned about 3 tripods for about 10 years now, so pictures are about to get way better. Taking these pictures was ridiculously awkward though. Oh suburbians, why can't you be like New Yorkers and pay no attention when someone isn't being a completely semi-normal human being? Is it really that weird to set up camera equipment on a street corner and take pictures of yourself?

soccer dad: Look son, that girl is taking pictures with a tripod and everything!
little boy: Whoa! What are you taking pictures of?
girl about to hijack the next car she sees and drive to new york: Um...cars that go by. It's for school.

I really need cue cards for these types of situations.