so's your face

The other day I drew on creepy puppet lashes with eyeliner and wore a doilie thing on my head (the outfit was a snoozefest, not worth posting). Everyone at school was so rude and confused! It was wonderful, exhilarating, nice for things to be back to normal. One of my teachers even asked did I get surgery and is that why I was absent for 2 days because I guess the lines looked like stitches or something behind my glasses (which were a total pain to have to wear at the same time, it made me look even more douchey). So whenever someone acted disgusted I would put on a creepy mime/dead doll/puppet face and stare at them really strangely to freak them out even more. God it's fun being malicious.

To those who want to know, I answered your photo editing questions in my most previous post. The answers correspond to these pictures, too.

Also, here's the link to the editorial I got my header from. Ellen+Red Ballon movie thang=holyshnike i think ima die.