Theatrical Thriftage (I gotta lay off the illiterations and puns)

Behold, the pictorials of my wondrous journey to the theater thrift sale. The entire (clothing) cost was only six bucks, and I got a crapload of stuff. So, yeah, I guess you could say I'm set on clothes for the next few months (even though we all know that in a couple weeks I'll probably go out "just to window shop", find something I need/want, find some excuse to get it, and buy it. Alas, the cycle of my growing, mutated dresser).

Anyways, lets get to the loot! For the sake of my tired, callused, jello-y fingers, I'm gonna just say TT for theater thrift. Yup, I'm that lazy. Click to enlarge.
So, look! Enjoy! Comment! Fix yourself a turkey sandwich!

Hat, TT; Dress, TT; Necklace, Wet Seal; Tights, childhood closet

Dress, TT; Purse, used to be grandma's; Hair clip, homemade

White tank top (not shown), Aeropostale; Blue thingy ding ding, TT; Belt, Claire's Accesories; Tights, childhood closet

Shirt, NYC street seller; Vest, TT; Skinny jeans, H&M; Necklace, Wet Seal

Tee, Target; Shorts, TT; Sunglasses,

Polo, childhood closet; Shorts, TT; Sunglasses, used to be mom's