Skunk Carcas

That's what my sister Rivkah (yes, we all have weird names) said I smelled like. Afterwards I told her she had the scent of "roses and lavender on a rainy morning." See what a good-hearted sister I am????

Anyways, the theater thrift sale made my life. Everything started out like $2, but after a while they decided what-the-heck-let's-make-everything-fifty-cents. Afterwards, Rivkah and I ended up jamming ourselves into the car with 4 life-size bags of clothing, a lamp, a director's chair, and a mirror.

However, I think the lavender remark helped a wee bit with RIVKAH DECIDING TO LET ME USE HER CAMERA TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE COSTUME FINDS. This is the sucking-up I had to do (in a nutshell): Hey sis! Like omg you are soooo nice and cool and perfect! Not that I'm sucking up to you, but you are very pretty too!

So expect an EXCELLENT post very VERY soon!

I don't have the heart to leave this post with just words. So I'd like to point out that in the Blumarine Spring 2008 collection I saw a lot of Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Comme des Garcons and Christopher Kane in there.

Eh, I know it's hard to read. But you get the main point right? Click to enlarge. The models' faces look very pixelly and distorted, but that's what you get from working with a crappy program like Paint.

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