December 12, 2011

girls fm

This one isn't really wintery, and doesn't really feel like any season to me, and isn't really for dressing, but is just general visual delight.
1, 2, 5, and 9-11 are from here. 3 is poppies from Wizard of Oz! 4 is by Autumn de Wilde, she shot it for her guest post on Rookie. 6 from it's better than bad on flickr. 7 is by Michael Pudelka. 8 is Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia.


Emmy the Eawesome said...

Love, love, love the picture of the "schoolgirls" wearing the Prada shoes... Even though you say this isn't for "really for dressing," Tavi, I definitely want to buy/make/draw a dress made out of roses now.

Emmy the Eawesome said...

I mean poppies... *embarrassed face because I didn't look at the credits until now*

Lightning Heart said...

such a dreamy post, every image is gorgeous

victor said...

This is really inspiring!!
-Victor x

Kaiami said...

Kind of has a graduation-summer vibe. Maybe it's just me

Lolita.♥ said...

lovely <3 n.n

Pashupati said...

It's lazy-cosy winter days inspiration!

Pashupati said...

Also the symbolic on the married/pompomgirl picture is obvious, but maybe there's another one not so obvious? Or it's just something else entirely...

EmK said...

guh, where do you get these awesome photos? ah well, love the post. the colours make me happy.

Nicole said...


I LOVE your blog! I've seen you on magazines and such and your such an inspiration! I'm about the same age as you...14. :) Love fashion too.

Come check otu my blog? I just started last month but it's going really good!

I've already read 20 of your older posts! Love them ALL!!!


Nicole said...


I LOVE your blog! I've seen you on magazines and such and your such an inspiration! I'm about the same age as you...14. :) Love fashion too.

Come check otu my blog? I just started last month but it's going really good!

I've already read 20 of your older posts! Love them ALL!!!


Nicole said...

Man I hoep you read my comments, that would mean the world to me and be soo cool!!! You like a celebrity!

-N :)

Dana said...

I love the way you put together, these mood board type of posts! It's very interesting to see what is inspiring you currently. I hope you don't mind if i do a similar post on my blog.

Bella said...

Almost all of these are very best friends vibes-y. 7 kind of reminds me of The Virgin Suicides if they lived in a warmer climate and wore what looks like Prada s/s11. The backrounds on 9 and 10 remind me of The Sound of Music for some reason.

Alison said...

I love the sky blue/light red color combination!

Blace said...

Love the colors. Good feel.

Claire said...

Absolutely beautiful. They're all such different pictures but somehow thy just manage to fit perfectly together. The flow of this is just perfect.

Mana said...

you always make me happy :) I don't know why but we have many things in common. Maybe it's that we're the same age and both live in chicago. ope to meet you someday.

Mana said...

you really like red and blue together, don't you :)

Mitchie said...

glad ur back!

Vishu said...

this is really inspiring, each photo complements the other :)
i have newly made a blog and it would be really nice if you could check it out! xx

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Yup, definitely a beautiful vibe.

Paloma Rose said...

I just understand this so much. Like...understanding on an instinctual level? Yes. I FEEL IT. I don't know what I'm talking about, but this collection of images comforts me because they make so much sense. All right then, COOL!

edie pop said...

'POPPIES FROM OZ' is D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y my favourite mood color..thank you so much !

Hypnotic Mushroom said...


Angie Bitchface said...

that first picture is absolutely stunning! I think that may be one of my favorite photos of all time.

Roberta Tonelli said...

Greeeeeeat photos! Loved this old fashionable vintage photos!

.:LOCA NINA:. said...

COOL BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Sóley said...

Love the fierce looking four girl gang. And this post.

- Sóley
we are purple

Our Youth said...

The fist picture is absolutely lovely!

Fee said...

I love this post! Beautiful pictures!
Floral Fascination

eve said...

you're like the most inspiring person in the world, did you know?

Arbitrary.Elements said...


My name is Angela and I'm a huge fan of your blof Style Rookie. Just wanted to say what a great post and I hope to read your next post.

Elizabeth's court said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joy said...

The photos are sweet!

jul said...

7. me on the right)

Joy Girls said...

love that!

Zoё said...

Visual delight indeed, such a great post to break up the winter.

Mana said...

Many of these remind me of twin peaks :)

libelium said...

The one in the desert with the car is wonderful. It makes me want to leave everything to go back living on the road!

libelium said...

The one in the desert with the car is wonderful. It makes me want to leave everything to go back living on the road!

Maria Silvia F said...

I like this post!
mary (giveaway on my blog!!)

yuyu holickova said...

interesting association :)

Lily said...

so vintage looking and wonder.ful


Lea said...

Gladys Fashioncancer said...

I've always loved the way you put together photos. :)

ModeKarussell said...

You've got a gorgeous blog! Keep on the good work!

Hope you'll may stumble over my blog too ;)

Duck said...

Are you really saying that hot pink V-neck jumpers aren't for wearing ?!

Un Duex Trois said...

You have such fabulous taste. I am constantly inspired to think outside of the box whenever I read your blog or watch your videos. Thank you for being a confident and fresh voice in the fashion world!


Un Deux Trois

Katie said...

i love the photo of the mother & daughter by their car/the rocks, probably taken by the father.. family holiday nostalgia :)

Katie x

María said...

So inspirational!!! I love the 60s!!

Aliza said...

I love the cheerleader/bride in front of mountain pictures. I used to have a teen bride obsession as a kid. Which I guess I still am... It's so strange to see a bride and a cheerleader in front of a mountain looking so pensive and sad.

Lisa said...

Amazing shots ! i love it !

DIVYA! said...

nice pictures!

JakobSitterMidttun said...

Nice! I'm so happy that i found your blog ! :D

Hørte at du kan norsk foressten, hihi ;)

Julia said...

I love vintage photos and vintage fashion. The photo with the two blond beauties is fabulous. I just can't take my eyes off them. I like the hair styles very much and I am thinking of trying this style for the Holidays.

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Holly and Emily said...

hey i just started my blog and i love your blog <3
it has this amazing stylish vintage feel too it <3
kind of inspirational if you a fashion addict like mee...

magdalenny said...

so inspiring, so retro! love it!

Check out my blog and my first outfit:)

If u wanna help me, please click on my ads, I'd appreciate that :)

Meg :)

Camille said...

enjoy all the picts!

Matthew Lima said...

i love your series of photos. i love the vintage look to it, very 1960s. :)

Retsy said...

Adorable pictures, great inspiration!

Desiderio Bianco said...

hah, great post.

Sassy Little Fashion Blog: The Blogger said...

Oh Tavi, your blog is AMAZING!! How on earth do you do it? Love this post and I loved the interview a few posts back. AMAZING!

Miss Sunny Annie said...

awesome, you're just awesome!, I would love you to visit my new blog :

Don't Think Twice said...

really lovely pics, I love the last one... so graceful! :3

Raquel Zorraquin xoxo

Samantha said...

Hey Tavi, I've been reading your blog for a while now but never actually commented before. I just wanted to tell you that I really like it and I think you're going big places in the world. Keep it up.

Brandon & Kate said...

love this!! such a unique viewpoint!

Tal said...

Really great pictures!

Adore the one of the four girls! Love your blog


Uta said...

Also Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2012 RTW collection contains that kind of blue and red mixture :)

blue roses said...

so bright and wonderful; i love how bewilderingly subdued the expressions of the models are in your selected editorials.

Samira Phoenix said...

love ur blog. It's just beautiful.

Samira from Germany.

Niki said...

LOVE EVERYTHING. This makes me miss warm summer days for some reason.

Happy Holidays!
x Niki from A Haute Mess

Julie said...

It`s so funny and interesting)So lovely pictures. I like it :)

Monika said...

why so rarely?

Jake de Asis said...

Merry Christmas to all! :)

sayaaah said...

I comment your blog at first time.
I'm Japanese high school student.
I've been reading your blog since I was a junior high school student.
I'm your big fan!!
I love your blog!!!!

xxx sayaaah

batman said...

this is very cool. the photos are so freaking nostalgic and amazing.

Kionon said...

I hope you had an excellent holiday, Tavi.

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, et al.

K&M said...

love it

hannahalehandra said...

I love the 'schoolgirls' photograph. What fantastic imagery.

Space Cadet Betti said...

I am LOVING Rookie. I wish I'd had something like it to read when I was a teenager - I probably wouldn't have felt like such a loon if I had. The bitchface tutorial was immense - you've got better writing skillz than half of the people on my journalism course!
Total eye candy post here too, love it :)

Kim and Kat's Kramazing Blog said...

All of your posts are very inspirational.

Kim and Kat's Kramazing Blog said...

P.S. Not to sound creepy, but I was in your sister's photo class and she told us about your blog. So, that's all. And now I read Rookie all the time!


Beautiful pictures!

masha_) said...

it's so beatiful <3

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