strange magic

It makes me sincerely sad that I can't post here as often as I used to! I miss when I recorded all the things I'm inspired by more consistently. With growing up in general there's more bad stuff, but also more good stuff, but also I better understand why the bad stuff is so bad which sucks, but I also better appreciate it when the good stuff is good which is nice, so really I just try to sleep whenever I can.

Rookie has been the biggest time sucker but I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. It feels like such a natural continuation of all the ideas and aesthetics I've explored here for a few years now, and it's nice to apply those and see how people whose writing/illustrating/photography I love (or, our staffers) interpret them. At the beginning of each month I email everyone the theme for next month (since we work a month in advance) along with a few topics it entails and a moodboard. Then all the articles and photos come in and a calendar goes up once that month starts, compiled of images from the way we've all explored the theme.

The inspiration moodboard I made for Girl Gang:
The moodboard-calendar on the site:

And for December/"Home," this:
Became this:

I've had this blog for a long time and now when I come back to it it's hard to avoid falling back into how I've always written and the kinds of things I used to write about, so it's nice having a change of scenery. Obviously it's my blog and I can say whatever I want on it (with the exception of certain plans I might hypothetically have to hurt the president, which I recently learned can get you in jail!) But as part of growing up and going through phases and whatnot, sometimes it's nice to come back here and be creative like I used to be, and sometimes it just feels like I'm in middle school again, which I despise.

Anyway, you can see a list of links to everything I've written and styled on Rookie here. Here's a hand-picking of some that I feel readers of this blog would especially appreciate:
And interviews I've conducted with:
And stuff I didn't write, but which I think readers of this blog with especially enjoy (this coming from someone who has just about every post MEMORIZED):
PHEW. And there you go, your reading list for staying home New Year's Eve because you have no friends, haha! I don't either and I can't figure out why :((

School is a big time suck, too. I'm less thrilled about that one, but I think most teenagers spend a lot of high school wishing they could get out, and since I am lucky enough to get out and have this other thing going on, I appreciate high school a little more and hate it a little less.

I feel the same way about the town where I live and the house I've been growing up in. I've been trying to figure out for a while why terrible music from the '70s makes me so sad, even with all the awful cheap organ robot sounds, and I think it's because it makes me think of The Virgin Suicides and Freaks and Geeks, and those kinds of characters, of teenagers who spend a lot of high school wishing they could get out, of the scenes where the Lisbon sisters are only able to talk to the boys across the street by playing records quietly into the phone in their bedrooms, and of how desperate Lindsay is to relate to something the whole series until the final episode when she dances to a Grateful Dead record alone in her room. Of that very adolescent-specific longing for some kind of world that's greater than the one at home, and of the world you create for yourself trying to satisfy that longing until you can pursue something greater.

A couple months ago, I went to see Daniel Clowes and Seth interview each other at a book store event where I live. When I met Clowes to get my books signed, I said that my school hasn't been redesigned since the '70s (he asked how school was, I wasn't just like LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THE ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY OF MY HIGH SCHOOL, in all caps), and I was about to say that made it more pleasing to be in, but as an adult who lived through the '70s, Clowes' reaction was of deep sympathy! I mean, when I think about it critically, my school and all the houses in my neighborhood I get obsessed with spying on, all the ones that also haven't changed since the '70s, they are really ugly! All the beige curtains and the wood paneling and tacky family photos. But they just make me think of Freaks and Geeks and The Virgin Suicides, and of the stories of the people inside. It comes back to this kind of feeling, which is from a post I wrote a month or so ago:
It makes me nostalgic for something I've never really experienced, which is, I guess, life without internet, when those characters' records were some of the only access they had to a world outside changing families and classmates they've known for years. I guess I actually have had more time to blog than I'm making it seem, but keeping some things to myself has become more special. I've been drawing and collaging as always, and while none of it is very revealing, it feels too personal to show others. And I keep notebooks, and the world around me is just as interesting to me as it's ever been, but the prospect of sharing it isn't as exciting as it used to be. Like, not everything that anyone could find at all entertaining/interesting/funny has to be tweeted, you know? And I kind of resent that mentality in this here SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD we now live in. KIDS THESE DAYS, etc.

"Strange Magic" by ELO has been the biggest culprit in the tear-jerking. I have not carefully examined the lyrics, but I'm pretty sure it's about a boner. And yet! I find it so unbearably melancholy! The simplest reason why is that it plays when Trip and Lux win king and queen at their school dance in The Virgin Suicides, but as I've been listening to it this fall, I've come to associate the "magic" part with the same kind of magic these characters I've been talking about create for themselves from their records or books or daydreams, or anything that could be a hopeful sign of life after high school, like the road trip the boys imagine in TVS, or Lindsay leaving home to follow the Dead once summer starts. Aesthetically I guess this means '70s with some element kind of sparkly or witchy or magical...

Unknown, Raquel Zimmerman by Juergen Teller
Pamela des Barres and someone I don't know, Grace Miceli
By Petra Collins for Rookie, Juergen Teller
John Divola, Akris Fall 2011
Richard Prince, Heart's Dreamboat Annie
Freaks and Geeks, which technically is set in 1980-81, but is also set in middle America, where it was still probably the '70s.
Jil Sander ad, Saturn's rings
Drew Barrymore by Inez and Vinoodh for AnOther Magazine, unknown
Both from Retrospace
Unknown, and a magazine called Sassy (no, not that one) that existed for 2 seconds in the '70s
From the set of the Virgin Suicides, probably by Corinne Day
Peter Lindbergh for W, 1997
The Virgin Suicides (around the moment "Strange Magic" starts playing) and Retrospace
The post that went up on Rookie today of Spencer's mom's photos/diaries/letters/notes from being a teenager in the '70s are a big part of this, too, as I've been insisting on looking at them every time I've gone to their house for months, until finally she let me borrow some of them. You really just have to look at it all for yourself, but just how she and her friends reported on every detail of everything that happened at school, how jealous her friend was when Susie got to go to California, the zillions of notes they wrote each other in class...sniffle.

This playlist is mostly the TVS soundtrack, plus a couple:
Strange Magic by ELO Subliminal Message by Happy Birthday Alone Again (Naturally) by Gilbert O'Sullivan Magic Man by Heart Cruel by St. Vincent I'm Not In Love by 10cc So Far Away by Carole King Old Age by Hole A Dream Goes On Forever by Todd Rundgren Come Sail Away by Styx (plays in the school dance scenes of both TVS and F&G)

Oh, and this post was kind of a part two to this post from about a year ago.
It is the longest post in the world and congratulations if you read all of that.


spencertweedy said...
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spencertweedy said...

boners are so melancholy.

Nicole said...

Hmm cool!

Love your blog!

-N :)

vivian said...

This post really spoke to me! As a junior in high school, I completely empathize with how growing up has both more good and bad stuff, and how it just gets to be busier and busier as the years of adolescence go by.

I especially liked the social media/kids these days part; the internet is both a great thing, in that it presents the opportunity to find other people out there who you can relate to and figure out what you really like, but it also can be overwhelming. Even though I'm part of this generation, I don't want the internet to define me and compel me to share everything and hope that more people relate. Thanks for the great post!

xoxo, vivian

P.S.I read Rookie three times a day, every week day without a fail, and I absolutely love it! :)

bobb said...

Very interesting and thoughtful post. I grew up in the days before the internet, and I'm not really nostalgic for them, but things did feel simpler. I think that growing up in the age of the internet is far better. I know what you mean about privacy and not sharing - I'm very selective in what I share.

Tavi said...


Victor said...

We've missed you Tavi, however I love everything about Rookie so I won't feel too sad about being neglected.

Dori the Giant said...

Lol, you belong in Tumblr!

gwen said...

Tavi... I miss your outfits so much... But rookie is the best thing in life right now so it's a fair trade :) Thank you for all your creativity and awesomeness.

Love, Gwen

Victor said...

So funny story. I rebookmarked your blog today, and I accidentally bookmarked the April page. I was so excited that you had posted so many new outfit posts...then I realized they were all old. Took me a while though..

Anonymous said...

This post was rather bitter sweet. I wondered upon your blog two years ago and have read every single post since. You inspired me to start my own blog and reminded me why I love writing so much. I dearly miss your mass amounts of photos and posts that mean more to me than they should. But Rookie is amazing and I couldn't ask for a better trade off.

Sophie said...

I really like the way you paired images together!

Unknown said...

I love the calenders...thanks for the idea!

Danyell Rambings

Nebris said...

You are one of the few things I find hopeful these days.

Brittney said...

Tavi, you're such an inspiration, creatively and in many other ways! I love your honesty and integrity, as an artist, feminist and writer. :) Rookie is amazing and I sincerely believe you'll continue to do awesome work. Also, you inspired me to start a style blog a year ago now and it's been so much friggin' fun, so thank you for inspiring me to step into the style blog community! The visuals here are amazing, as always. ;)

- Brittney

Chippie said...

My dad has that picture of Saturn on the cover of his Gray's Anatomy book :)

Great pictures Tavi!

thwany said...

congrats on all your continued success---you definitely deserve it!

Joy said...

i sorely miss your presence here (the ore intimate stranger internal thoughts) but rookie is done SO WELL i can hardly blaming you for neglecting this space. and you have school to top it all off!! even though i am a few years older i'm still much less articulate than you are. thanks for a great wrap up for 2011 and i wish you all the best for 2011!

Julia said...

Cool blog!!!!!!:D
Visit me!!!:)

Alzbeta Hajkova said...

Oh Tavi. You are my super hero. I simply love you more with every new post!

Anonymous said...

About the not posting on your blog much thing, I don't mind because when you do post, even though it isn't too often, it is absolutely wonderful and detailed, and seems like you put so so much time and effort in it. I envy the way you can put all of your inspiration and feelings into one post.

I would kind of die if you visited my blog.
I started my blog because of you. I dress the way I do because of you.
So yeah you basically have really effected my life a lot.
Please visit, I'm not a creep like I just sounded there...

Dayzee x

Unknown said...

You have a really cool blog, it's no wonder I found you from the influential bloggers page.

Anna said...

i'm scared i'm going to grow up like the girl from mean girls who just wants to bake a cake of rainbows and smiles

except it will be decades i never lived through and not middle school i'm longing for

oh tavi i'm like four years older than you and you're still my idol. that sounds stupid written down but a 19-year-old wishing they could be like a 15-year-old when they grow up is a little weird right?

RAD. anna out x

zoomslow said...

It's getting late and my brain is starting to shut down. But this sudden pang of 'Style Rookie nostalgia' persists! So I've delved into the SR archives and have hit upon an arresting post title from 27th December 2009. It reads: 'i'm bright orange and i love lasagna'. I think that says it all really! Nigh-night.

Lydia Armstrong said...

I just wrote on my blog about how much I missed your posts here like, yesterday. I really miss your outfit posts, which you may not be into anymore really, but they were so inspirational. Now it seems like you post the inspiration behind what you're doing these days, but not so much what you're doing (on here anyway, I know you're doing a lot on Rookie). I guess I just want to see what you're wearing!!!

I've actually been rereading a lot of your old posts and garnering inspiration there. You seriously should publish a book of all your style rookie posts, or at least most of them. And not even for self-promotion purposes, because there are people (like me!) who would totally buy it and reference it for style inspiration the same way I reference the binders full of magazine pages that I have.

The collection of Spencer's mom's stuff is amazing, also.

Caitlin said...

Tavi, Rookie is practically keeping me alive through this horrible winter (even though it hasn't been that bad). Everything is so perfect and beautiful, you've inspired me to read more- watch more, make little presents for people. I adore everything you do.

Akosua said...

I feel like this is a post where we do something like ode to Tavi or something, soo..
Like many people you're an inspiration. In many ways, I may not be as cool as you are and pull of certain things, I'm totally inspired. My sister(2nd) is always going on about how I go on about Tavi and once she was calling you Tabi. My other sister(the 1st) loves you because she says you're exactly what a teenage girl is and she likes that I read your blog and Rookie. I personally think you're amazing to do all you do and still be able to relate to a teenager. reading your blog and everything is like having a friend, who though she may be an opposite of you, understands you more than cream cheese understands graham crackers. So I know this is a long comment but it's all really true, and no matter how often you blog, I hope you blog forever. so i expect a post in fifeteen years,about how it feels to be thirty. Thanks-Akosua

Tavi said...

zoomslow, i can't take credit for that, it's from SNL!

dayzee, it is actually extremely time consuming, this post i had to keep coming back to over the course of a few weeks! quality over quantity imo...

everyone else, thanks! it's not that i don't want to do outfit posts, it's just that those are the most time consuming, especially since i'm such a perfectionist, so they're pretty hard to feel satisfied with. actually petra from rookie and i are trying to put together a road trip this summer where i think we'd be able to perfectly apply all of this inspiration...

and a big thank you for the compliments on rookie. i'm so glad you all like it.


Mercedes Morales said...

Yeaah cool

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I´m from Argentina, so my English isn´t good, but I want to tell you I love your blog, it´s very interesting for me, I visit it every day to see your posts because I like the way you design them.
I also want to congratulations you for your sense for the fashion and how you choose the photograps for your posts.
Don´t be sad for growing up, it´s full of new experiences, not all be good, but don´t grieve for it, enjoy the experience and all the beatiful moments that this brings with it.
Love and kisses.

Anonymous said...

I spent hours reading and going through those articles from Rookie you posted links for, I absolutely love them, Rookie is so concise, artistic and enjoyable to read.

Laura. said...

so glad your enjoying doing Rookie.

but I still come back and read posts here from time to time.

Anonymous said...

OMG LOVED that Meadham Kirchhoff photo in the 'girl gang' moodboard so much I had to steal it to put on my blog (credited of course!) in a Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 post. That collection was AMAZING. Hope you buy/get sent something from it, so I can feel JEALOUS, otherwise pass on my name to Ben and Edward and I would be happy to receive anything they feel like sending my way!!

Anonymous said...

...having said that, I'm not sure if the SS12 collection was so much your style... we'll see :-)

skflrez said...

The school of freaks and geeks is called "McKinley"?! The school from Glee too and that picture reminded me of it.

Nice to read something here too, although I follow Rookie which great enthusiasm.


Mary jane watson said...

Tavi this is honestly my favorite post you have ever written. And that means a lot since I have been following your blog since the very beginning. As a sophomore in an tiny 50-people-per-grade high school, I am constantly dreaming of a normal high school experience and I imagine all the wonderful things they do and all the fun they have. But it's probably not as great as I think it would be, and I'm starting to realize that. I can completely relate to you, Tavi, even though I have never met you. And, to be honest, you restore some of my faith in humanity haha. This is a waay long comment.... sorri :) Also the fact that you have been posting less makes each post more special :)

Our Youth said...

i'm glad you still upload this blog! xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

just stopping by to wish you a very Happy new year, have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your awesome photos. All the best for 2012! x

Larissia said...

I felt this way in high school... melancholy and longing for a time of which I was never a part. I used to steal away to the library on my break just to look in the old yearbooks and wonder... 13 years later I'm different, but the melancholy and longing is ever present. Joni nailed it when she said "I see something of myself in everyone just at this moment of the world as snow gathers like bolts of lace, waltzing on a ballroom girl." Really enjoy your posts, Tavi. Xxx

Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

hi, Tavi. i just finished make Freaks and Geeks part of my upcoming issue of Spark. actually i wrote about you and Rookie at Spark first issue (Girl Power) you can read it here ( okay, i had mention you at twitter, but still, i just want to say it again. i don't wanna lie that i got inspirations from you and Rookie (and everything else on the internet) and somehow i met many people that similar to me at this internet-sphere. yeah, i think i should have 'real life' better than suck in the internet. but, sometimes internet is more great. it comfort me, that sometimes people at real life don't. and i just know why. that is because at internet i choose what i want to hear/read. so, here is it. me. in the internet. feel happier.

Lovefashion said...

Hey Tavi, your blog is the best! I love it. Continue like that. Best wishes. Laure.
Look this blog ( it's new and I don't know who has created it, but I think it's going to be very good) :

Sheilanda Fenancy said...

Like this post sooo much. <3 You're AWESOME!

Zoë said...

I still love your blog. Ha! Cant imagine you've no friends... You have friends do you?

Theresia Maria said...

I love this post so...much!

"beautiful doesn't mean anything without big heart." - Theresia Maria.

UnFashionable Girl said...

Crazy New Year! Tavi

Claire said...

This is quite a beautiful post, I really think I feel the same way about being nostalgic for a time period that you were never apart of ( which I'm sure most people can relate to), but then if we did experience it that time wouldn't have had the same magic we view it with.
And your mood boards are amazing!

Cordelia said...

every time i hear alone again, naturally by Gilbert O'Sullivan, i burst into these unstoppable tears and i know all the words and my parents have banned me from listening ( or singing it) well, i still do anyway. Really, the Virgin Suicides makes me cry. OHH the pain!!!!!! i love you tavi and i think your inspirational and i wish i could be your friend..xxxx

mike said...

you've done too much, much too young

Tianna said...

I really love your perspective.

Maxens M. Finch said...

That was somehow a melancholic post (obviously), and somehow I think a lot of us are reading your blog for the same reason you spy on your neighborhood's houses.
May I join everyone in this and say you helped/taught me to not be afraid of being... though it's sort of a cliché thing to say!

mike said...

all is quiet.....

1261 said...

I love the song Strange Magic for the exact same reasons :)

Anonymous said...

That was my favorite episode of Freaks and Geeks.I love how Lindsay could finally discover something she genuinely liked, not like how both her mathlete friends and the Freaks made her uncomfortable.She finally found her thing.
And yes, F&G is definitely 70s show secretly. Like the Weir house. It's all just 70s brown and green decorating as far as the eye can see.

In The Virgin Suicides romanticized the 1970s for me. Not that I want to be, like, have a close relative kill herself and then be confined to my house, but everything was so beautiful in the movie that I'd want to just go and sit and watch people and houses in the 70s. I don't know. I guess it's kind of like the eeriness of the neighborhood in Edward Scissorhands was beautiful in it's own weird and creepy way.

Nyssa Jayne said...

i totally get "nostalgic for something I never had." i'm obsessed with going through my mum and dad's old albums and using their cameras to take similar photos.

also, your mood board today reminded me of one of my favourite images, taken at a music festival in australia -- . we're all trying to re-live woodstock man :)

Bela Monstro said...

It is wonderful to watch you growing up with your blog and site. You're a great example of a creative person, inspiring all of us. Your youth is paradoxal, you seem to have no age now ;)

Keep the good work going and happy 2012!

Eline said...

I think you are a sufferer from sehnsucht, Tavi! :D

I enjoyed both pre and post internet teen years, and let me tell you life without the internet as a teen with specific, supposedly weird tastes mixed with some tragic family circumstance that separated me from my peers and a typical teen yearning for a world larger than oneself, like you said so beautifully, was fucking awful. Of course, the internet I got introduced to (2004) was different then and much more intimate than the current fast paced e-world but all the things I got introduced to so easily (books, music, people) made me feel like I had the right to live, it made me aware in full entrenched deep teen angst that I wasn't alone in this world, and I mean it when I say that I wouldn't be here today without it.

Of course you need to take breaks away from the internet to fully appreciate it, but the world could seriously suck as a teen before the internet if you were like you are, like I am, and so many people are. The internet can still bring an amazing sense of connectivity if you look for it. And so many mind opening opinions, music etc. etc.

Sehnsucht seems especially prevalent this day and age where we have such easy access to the (romanticised) past and the current fashions are all regurgitation of it. It's interesting to see this.

Anyway, I really enjoy your output on the internet too, especially Rookie (though if I can critique something: it seems very very white).

MayB said...

I love vintage so much so I really enjoy your blog- you post so many beautiful photos...<3
- Aleksandra from

Emerald said...

...And then there's the melancholy of relating to you so much but you don't feel like sharing as much anymore(?)! My friend Katy and I wish we could be your best friends! But we live in San Francisco... :(
Stay cool, girl!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I'd love to be a teenage kid in social media times. You're very much lovely!

Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
@cristianpavezd on Twitter

esmee. said...

I love all those old series! Remind me of being a child!! :) Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Well, if we can't have you on here all that much, thank goodness for Rookie!

janeybeth said...

such a unique perspective, love these photos.

Unknown said...

omg you are so talented! love you.

Bee said...

I'm new on blogger.Love your blog!

The Fashion Philosophy said...

I really like the posts, but yearh I do also miss the outfits a little bit. But it's okay. There is, of course, also Rookiemag.
Good work Tavi! Really!! <3

Ingrid V. said...

Savner outfit-innleggene dine! (Har forstått det sånn at du både forstår og snakker norsk)

Sophia said...

"Strange Magic" always makes me sad, too, but because I was listening to that ELO album on repeat when I was reading 1984 (not for class) in high school, and I always think of Winston and Julia and doom and totalitarian governments... oh, what could have been!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! You write such insightful things and I love the style tips. And Clara Bow. I'm really happy that you're as successful as you are.

Emma said...

I would have to say that Girl Gang was one of my favourite themes so far! Keep up the amazing work, it truly is appreciated!

Zany Style said...

i adore this post :)

Eva said...

i love this post!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It is so so so inspirational. I'm new to blogging and live in a small town in England and I don't know why but the thing that you post about, I always seem to agree with or love.

Aki said...

I can relate to your thoughts on longing to be a part of a world that you don't belong to. I certainly felt that way in high school, would go to the river and stare at the setting sun while attempting to smoke a cigarette, or creep out of house at night and take pictures of neon and fluorescent store signs on the street. It's as if the teen years are nostalgia itself, even though none of the teens have actually lived enough years to really BE in it.
One day, when I actually got to be in it, or dwell in it, it didn't feel as cool and beautiful as I expected it to be...

I think it is fine that you share less and keep some things private. As you grow up, your way of expression changes. And there are times when you simply need to charge up your creative batteries with more angst or frustration or sleep, or whatever it is, to fuel your next eruption.

I really admire your sincerity and straight-forwardness in your posts. Thank you, and wishing you the best.

Mercedes Morales said...

your blog is becoming borring

Unknown said...

I love the spirit that your blog gives me. You make me feel better. You're a good person Tavi.

Anonymous said...

rookie is a joy to read. really well thought out.

Trashy Student said...

This is exactly what any teenage nostalgia ever feels like (with the exception of certain plans I might hypothetically have to hurt the president, which I recently learned can get you in jail!) <- hilarious right??
but totally what I've needed to read on a blog recently. After feeling so displaced and lost for a while i can appreciate im still in my teenage angsty phase, because that's what your blog does so well :)

xx rhio

Anonymous said...

when I think of the 70's I think of that 70's show x

Anonymous said...

Bonjour a toi Tavi, j'aimerais te faire savoir que tu m'inspire beaucoup c'est toi qui ma donner l'envi de laisser vivre mon imagination mon ressentie a travers un blog Je suis jeune j'ai 12 ans e j'aimerais un jour être comme toi et inspirer les autres !

my mini bag said...

Love the post and all of the pictures. I admire your work and your creativity.

its nice that you are letting yourself write what you want and the way you want. Sometimes going back to old habits for just a day is nice.

Erika P. said...

This blog is truly amazing, i love the style of it.

Visit mine too, if you want:

Kisses, RErik

11 Letters said...

Gold star for liking ELO.

Keep doing what you're doing. I'm a 27 year old female and you inspire the pants off me. Or skirt, some days. Point is. Revolutions start as a whisper.

Quinn G. said...

I love this post so much! The way you use video in most of your posts make them so fun to read. The best way to procrastinate is to read one of your posts because I can't stop reading(: Keep going, your blog is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are getting longer and longer. But still love them nonetheless.

cancercowboy said...

hey, its not your duty to entertain half the internet ;) actually i wish more people would share your attitude about what to put online.
but Black Magic > Strange Magic, sorry ;)

chachamisu said...

it's long post but it inspires me. Pictures and the writing. I'm not writer anyway, i cannot write alot without feeling too much and mess, I'm always amazed with you, you are such talented.

Richard100 said...

Hi Tavi, you really go from strength to strength and your vision for the magazine is wonderful. wishing you everything you hope for personally and with the magazine, & your team are doing you proud!

Anonymous said...


have you seen the documentary "W.A.R! Women Art Revolution"? It was written by a woman artist involved in the second wave women's rights movement in the 1970's. She compiles a history of how the feminist art movement started, including footage from famous woman artists (carolee schneeman, judy chicago, ect).

Anyway, here's a link to the Stanford University website that compiles all of the interviews/footage the filmmaker took with the women artists.

-elizabeth b.

elaine said...

i love your blog! I really do i'm not just saying this just to impress you or what, anyway i just like to say that i was inspired by your blog. keep posting =)

Dean said...

Cool! This is really really cool! That's way it called strange magic. Because, if normal people see it from common side, it's strage. But i see it in other side, and it's really really a magic and cool! xo

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