heart n soul

(I guess it's this fascination with a romanticized idea of America that doesn't exist anymore...)

Prada Spring 2012
Rose McGowan
These amazing photos Chrissie White took for us at Rookie
Retrospace (the dress [waitress uniform?] in the car!)
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, unknown, Irma la Douce
Two unknowns, beauty school dropout in Grease
Rollerskates, Mystery Train
Via whoresatmydoor, Grease poster, unknown
Colette Saint Yves, Comme des Garcons PLAY ad
Eve and the Handyman, Dream Diary's You Are the Beat
Shannon and the Clams' I Wanna Go Home, Leeta Harding
Unknown via, Nina Leen, unknown
Canel's candy, county fair by Jerry de Wilde, Sleigh Bells' Treats, hearts

This was my beehive attempt. Normally I do half-up-half-down but I tried doing ALL of it, and without a hair rat and just by twisting and coiling and stuff, so it wasn't big enough and I kind of just looked like a semi-conehead. Also, having a big lump of hair on your head somehow changes your ATTITUDE. Also also, this skirt, gift from Miu Miu, is the perfect seafoamy mint color for everything I'm talking about here. I got the sweater at a Salvation Army that was not unlike the fourth flour of Pawnee's Parks and Recreation department in its atmosphere. Nurse scrubs with blood stains and the sounds of things breaking in the background. It was great and chock-full of gems and kind of sensory overload.
The left below is in Tokyo, on the right is in LA. Vaselines tee, vintage pants (you can't tell in the photo but they're lace and good and girl-gangy, and one of the only times I think I'll ever wear pants), and loafers gift from Rachel Antonoff for Bass.
More coming when I get more film developed. Having a disposable camera at all times has proved to be very useful. I feel like a jerk when I am already dressed in like, a peacoat, and I take it out to take a picture of like, a wall, but I guess it goes back to what I was saying about my handwriting above. I think at this point most creative things are pretentious or ambitious so it's just a waste of time to apologize for trying to develop your skills or eye or whatever. Everyone is so worried about seeming hipster but I dunno, I think caring about what kind of clothes other people wear or what kind of music they like is the most hipster. I would much rather be taking pictures and writing and be way in over my head and none of it even be that good than not do anything. Otherwise, I would probably be one of those people who puts all their self-perception in what their tastes say about them since they don't have anything they themselves make or do because they're afraid they won't be good at it because they believe you can't be creative just for yourself and that someone will say they are bad at it. Which just makes you think about what your tastes say about you all the more, which is that stupid mentality of people who are annoyed by hipsters. I just wanna like what I like! Where in this world is there any passion anymore! Any commitment! Once I didn't leave the couch for 25 hours except to go to Ihop. That took commitment.

Oh, and sorry for all the unknown sources here. They got lost in my hard drive and not even the new Google Images thing could help me. Please email me if you have any! Thanks.