miu meow mew

I'm really overwhelmed by the response to Rookie so far! When you work hard on something it's easy to suddenly wonder if you've been inside your own head for too long and second guess how it'll translate to people who don't live in your brain, so thanks to everyone who's been reading and thinking and talking and whatnot, seriously. This blog will go on too, and these are some photos I took in Miu Miu's Fall 2011 collection for an event I am hosting with them for Fashion's Night Out. I neglected to write about many collections this season (I will forever have a list of things to write that I will never finish) and now it feels too late, but these pictures probably best describe all the nostalgic vibes I felt for Miu Miu.

Critically I can tell you it was 1940's-y, but that's not what made it nostalgic for me. This kind of nostalgia is much more personal than a general vintage feel. Or maybe EVERYTHING seems like that because I'm a growing gal, as they say. Bleh. Whatever. Pictures.

This last one doesn't fit in with the others as well, just because I'm obsessed with the red sunglasses but thought they needed a girl gang-y back-to-school-vibes picture instead of a soft sigh-y one. One of these days I will work on making my face look less like it hates everything. Last week I was told at school that I look "eternally unimpressed." I swear I'm actually totally freaked out and confused and happy by most things around me. Except mayonnaise when it gets in the corner of people's mouths when they're eating, aguuuuughhhhghgh.
The patch on my jacket is for the band Girls, which has actually elicited the question, "Oh! Cause you're a feminist?" So I just want you all to know that this patch is a political statement because I'm...reminding people...that...girls exist.

Here's the FNO invite. There will be a fun contest as explained below. Isn't this photo great? That whole ad campaign!! Seriously. (Also on my list of stuff to write about: Yay, talented people of our generation/LOVE issue 6 covers!)
To celebrate the third edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th, 2011, Miu Miu will be holding its “Miu Miu Muses Night”. This special competition will reflect the Miu Miu girl’s inner Muse by inviting her to channel her own interpretation of the 1940’s infused Autumn/Winter fashion show, and will be held simultaneously in both its Milan and New York stores.

The attendees of the night will be photographed d
uring the evening and the most inspiring one will be rewarded with an amazing surprise.

Hosts Shala Monroque and bloggers, Tavi Gevinson, Jane and Judy Aldridge and young socialites Harry and Peter Brant will welcome guests to the 57th Street store in New York.

In the occasion of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, a preview of the new capsule collection will be presented and will be available exclusively in select Miu Miu boutiques in Milan, New York, Los Angeles and London.
So come stop by! It'll be a lot of fun. I will even make a special effort for my bone structure to lean on the "smiling" side.


Victor said...

I love the Miu Miu collection!! You're so luck to be wearing that heavenly fabric.

Unknown said...

Smile BIG! Your life is awesome. You are an awesome little creature, girl.

Ella said...

these photos are beautiful! i always love when everything is in focus but one thing is slightly blurred.

Claudia said...

Tavi you have done it again! I love this post so much, specially those photos. Anyway, miu miu collection is so adorable ;)


brodie said...

Last picture is so http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l84nb4OGbh1qcxzxjo1_500.jpg

Anonymous said...

Love the 1940s fancy dress party concept! Miu Miu's been killing it lately. Would love to be in NYC for FNO. -Colleen


Yay go tavi!!! Xo Dana


lizz said...

ugh. those shoeeees.

Celia Bow said...

Omg I'm so jealous! I dream about the miumiu fall 2011 collection especially the glitter dipped shoes they are like a modern day pastel coloured Dorothy slipper

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the eternally unimpressed statement.

Anonymous said...

Totally digging the 1940s vibes that designers are pushing for this season. I love a modest skirt as much as the next girl loves a mini.

Also...love Rookie. You deserve extra credit, for real, Tavi.

Lovely Wednesday said...

I have chronic bitchface, too. I think I've been smiling more, though, since I started to realize that when I smile it makes the people around me happier, nicer, friendlier, smilier... it really is contagious, and I love it when other people are happy, so I started smiling more. But you also look pretty damn gorgeous with your red-lipsticked-chronic bitchface. :)
And I wish I could take as good photos of myself as you do of yourself. I will keep trying. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring to us somewhat lost older people, and for making people happy.
And I didn't comment on your other post, but peanut butter is awesome, and that may be one of my favorite pics of you. I'm debating putting it as my background (BWARHARHAR).

EmK said...

i really do love rookie, so nicely done & for some reason I really like the header. I do have to say you very lucky to gain this excellent praise for rookie too! And once again, I am sad of my location when such events arise like this.

Maddie said...

I'll be there :3 too bad I don't have any 1940s inspired clothes

My Name Is Fenny said...

wish I could be there! lovely photos.

SO. said...

wow i cant believe youre going to be hosting!!!! congrats!

Taj said...

looooooooooooove the last pic!! you look like you just heard somebody talking shit and youre about to go kick some ass!!!

NESHA said...

your heels are too incredible to be true. and i've just realized who you remind me of- the character of Briony from the book Atonement. not sure if most would take it as a compliment or not but i'm giving it as that.

RA said...

ou look extremely beautiful in hese sunglasses <3

Foxy hippo said...

Just another tip... Cry-babe (John Waters) the movie.. Has some of that style that you are into now...

Joy said...

So much fun! Loved Hailee Seinfeld in this.

davidikus said...

Nice pictures with an amusing David Hamilton like blurry effect!


Unknown said...

Love the photos of you, you look so cute :)

well done for having an amazing inspiring blog! :)

























Anonymous said...

Heading over to check out Rookie now--such an amazing project and accomplishment. Wish I could be in NY for FNO--that even looks fun!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Those lipstick red shades are totally rad, and adore that your jacket is a reminder that...girls exist! Have a fantastic time hosting the Miu Miu FNO party, dear!

♥, Jamie

Demilade said...

Tavi, who won't love RookieMag? It's so interesting and creative. I love it!

zoomslow said...

So much goodness here, Tavi, but please allow me to focus on two of my particular favourites…

4th photo from the top: How can I not like this picture :-) You’ve got an amazing ‘Whistler’s Mother’ vibe going on, your hair is in what for me would be quite a Sylvia Plathish style*, and the top you’re wearing has, once again, to me at least, a ‘Bloomsbury Group’ (who I’m really into at the moment) - style design on it. Just an awesome photo, Tavi!

*But then your hair ‘always’ looks really lovely.

And now the last, but by no means least of your outfit photos: Super pretty and very cool and yeah, I just wanna be in your gang, and that’s it!

P.S You’ve been very busy! Please make sure you get enough rest & relaxation! Haha – I remember once saying that I’m concerned for your health & future! Must be very true :-))

Insomnia said...

I haven't visited ur blog in a while. You've grown, it shows. I'm glad u look less like a little granny and more like a youthful girl.
The picture with the red glasses is classic and I die for the shoes!

RA said...

these shoes are amazing ;)

MeOhMy! said...

Have I mentioned lately that you are rather devine? Diggin' it! xx

Hanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hanna said...

Embarrassing typo so I had to delete - didn't know it would inform everyone that I've deleted a comment.
Anyway, I'm not particularly a teenage girl anymore but I do love Rookie.

Anonymous said...

The 1940s-vibe pictures are great, and I can't wait to see you at Miu Miu.

Unknown said...

What's it like being you? it seems so surreal, not least because you're HOSTING A FASHION NIGHT EVENT.
hennyway I know I'm like the 50th person to say this but I will be there this time because miu miu is great c:

Anonymous said...

These charming shoes intrigue, and I already want to look at that will be in one collection with them.
It seems to me that 40-s' always should leave some nostalgia. Infringement of balance of the world and war and attempt is connected with them to restore this balance by means of everyday pleasures of type пятерок on the physicist or casually found money so forgotten that you are surprised how they are still valid.

thwany said...

"eternally unimpressed" = mother f'n genius. and i love all the content on your new project.

Anonymous said...

ur such an inspiration for everybody here in the blog zine. love you tavi

Anonymous said...

i wish I could go but I live in England. Which is a tiny bit rubbish mainly cos you don't live there. And because It isn't the home of Sassy. And you don't get jars of apple sauce that big.


I absolutely love the new website, it's something I've wanted to find in a site for a long time. Thanks for constantly sharing/informing!!!

Julia said...



Lydia Armstrong said...

God I love those shoes.

Jisu Jung said...

wow photoes are cool!! i like that highheels that in second photoes

Jisu Jung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel said...

If I lived nearby I would definitely say HI !

The Other Sister of Death said...

Yeah, welcome to my world. I can never go out to clubs or concerts on the weekend without having at least one person walking up to me asking what's wrong or telling me to smile. Because obviously my face looks like it wants to commit suicide the very next minute..

My usual respond is "WTF man, this is my normal facial expression!!" .. and my opposites usual respond to that is "Oh.."



Anonymous said...

Great pictures, miumiu is so cute!
And congrats on rookie, it looks great!!


Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


Kaiami said...

Tavi, this is a silly question, but. Can we get pictures with you?

Eline said...

Amazing photos!
I would love to meet you, such a pity i'm living in holland. ;)
Luckily you won't give up your blog, cause it's just great. And the things you wright (how do you call that? ;) make me smile. :D

lolololololololololololololshutupxxxxxxxxx said...

love your posts (:
could you check out my blog? i only started today :D

Anonymous said...

You always take beautiful pictures and these are no exeption! I wish I could go to the Miu miu event but I won't be in new York! :(


moony said...

The one photo which just "doesn't go" is obviously my favourite. Love those shades.


Anne said...

wow! I love your look with miu miu sunglasses and ''girl'' jacket! stunning ^-^

brightlightsbigcity said...

see you there tavi! that jacket is rad


Anonymous said...

Hey Tavi can anyone come??? And wat time does it start???

Mana said...

You're so lucky! I love the girls(the band) SO much! I wish I had that jacket!!!!

Ps: I'm loving the zines!

SamanthaKristina' said...

love your blog! your probably wayy too busy to read this one comment out of like 100 haha, but if anyone knows what camera or editing programme tavi uses in her pictures? greatly appreciated(:



will def be there, cuz I have to meet you

Unknown said...

Ugh, I adore Miu Miu to pieces, especially this collection. (The ad campaign was marvelous!) Tavi, Rookie is so amazing. Thank you so much! xoxo

Sofia Ajram said...

I wish I could stop by. Can I channel my inner miu miu girl by sending in a pic? haha.

Anonymous said...

You know rookiemag is a success when my mother printed out one of the articles for me and I informed that it was already taped to my wall.
Seriously, Rookie Mag got me through today, my first day of sophomore year, and will hopefully get me through September. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

i hate mayo and love you.

Maddie said...

Ah i've got one of those Girls patches too, just saw them this past weekend at FYF. I've got to actually put it on something for once! Have fun at Miu Miu, wish they were doing this in Los Angeles! xo



lovely photos tavi, I adore your entire blog! and I'll steal those gorgeous shoes, so jealous! xx


Barnicles said...

congrats! i've been following ur blog for ages and today i saw an article bout you in the daily mail! WOWEEE. i recognise that girl! :)

you've prob already seen it, but check it out


batman said...

those shoes are amazinggg!
i wish i could go!

Sam said...

Great photos, love their shoes!


Chic Stylista said...

I am a semifinalist for a Vogue Competition... Please please can you take a couple of minutes to go here http://www.vogue.com/vogue-daily/article/fno-style-setter-grand-prize-voting/ all the way down to discussion box - just register - log in- and then leave a comment and write something about nice about "Set Six". Please please please...make my dreams come true!!

Sohyeon said...

Photos of the atmosphere is so cool!Tavy's style has always respected and interest^^.

bohemian&Co said...

You would be welcome to my vintage european site.

tula said...

The pictures are so cute!

x. Tula

Anonymous said...

How could the 1940s be nostalgic for you? You're only 15.

Andrea said...

i LOVE miu miu <3

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I totally dig that sunglasses and jacket shot. A whole lot.

Emma said...

Tavi, the job you and your contributors have done on Rookie blows me away. It is actually everything I hoped for in a teen magazine and more, because it's so much more than that. Kudos! I would possibly die for those sparkly miu miu heels. :)

Anonymous said...

dear, your blog inspires!
love this post so much, the second picture with the old school glittery shoes is amazing. so it is the last one, gorgeous shades


Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

In response to your note about always looking 'unimpressed', I thought you would really enjoy this illustration about "chronic bitchface".


I have that affliction and have been told by many strangers on the street that I should just "smile", because of course my role as a woman is to be pleasant and aesthetically pleasing at all times. For the record, I'm usually quite happy, it's just how my FACE WAS MADE.

Bella S said...

'EllO mAtE!
Lovely gorgeous pictures! And I love the picket fence in the background of your gang-y girl picture. The new website is absolutely superb. I await the new posts arriving at the designated times with as much patience as I can muster! My friends and I have been obsessing over the articles at school. It is quite the buzz among us.
Very good. I hope your day is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Two words. So WOWED.
You look absolutely stunning in the Miu Miu dress. The balck leather jacket and those rouge lips are beautiful and style du punk. Love the nostalgic vibe of yours, you're always up to something hip and cool. I Love Ya!

Elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lia Prosh said...

great blog, and I like Miu Miu too. Stay the way you are ☺

Our Youth said...

I love Rookiemag! Well done.

Charlotte said...

Heels are anti-feminist. They are on the same level as foot-binding. Putting women in uncomfortable and unhealthy footwear in order to achieve a sexy walk which causes the butt to poke out. They were obviously made by the manocentric-male-ocracy!

I believe there is nothing inelegant about the woman's flat foot. Carla Bruni pulls it off all the time!!


Ana Ferrandis said...

You have a really nice blog (and magazine) and you only have 15 like me , luck with all .
Thanks to you I know that the dreams could come true!



Anonymous said...

Love the sparkly MiuMiu's - mentioned you in yesterday's post :)

Sasha Arabadji said...

Nice, nice!

toast-of-camden said...

this is amazing, you're such a good stylist and photographer!
guys, please check out my blog i made it recently (:

Unknown said...

Love, love, love the shoes!



Unknown said...

You have very special style girl! And i like it , it's interesting. keep up the great work!
Btw on the second photo next to the shoes there is a white parfume bottle, i have the same at home :D Kind a wierd, or what?

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to be the coolest girl in the world?

pills.heart said...

i am in love with this blog and everything from you..


Sabina said...

Those are all beautiful pictures--especially that last one. Love the jacket patch and the hair.

And big congrats on making Rookie happen!

Vanessa said...

tavi i am so glad your created rookiemag! i love its unpredictability. you're a bit of a genius :)

Poor Lola said...

I have the same issue with my face. People always tell me I look sad, or uninterested... I on the other hand don't see it. Sometimes I swear I try to extend my eyebrow muscles up as much as I can in hopes it helps me look less like bitch.

hannah said...

I love the red sunglasses!

Jeanne.Arthes said...

Yo are amazing i love your style ; )

. said...

My heart sunk a bit when you said it's too late to publish about the collections. Can you just email them to me? I love your thoughts/interpretations! You are so rad.

Camille said...

I like these photos pretty girl :) !


DSTONE Magazine said...

I love the MIU MIU shoes!!! AMAZING!!!


Angel said...

Girls - I love the idea of empowering girls and women, we don't do that enough in our society. It seems like the media loves to pin us against each other and plenty of women fall for it, so sad really. I personally don't really like to use the label "feminist" to show I'm proud to be a woman. Mostly it's because the word has negative connotations for a lot of people and also because I don't feel the need to label myself in the same way men don't label themselves for being proud of who they are. They don't feel the need to and neither do I. :)

Great pic, great jacket!

D.R.P. said...

I wanna borrow that GIRLS jacket! You look fresh :)
Come visit me at www.thingsshemade.com

Fashion Hype / Graphic Content / Pretty Things

Headless in the Desert said...

i also have the same problem with my face its been labled as chronic bitch face.

Unknown said...

This is so cute, beautiful pics.
Thanks for being inspiration !

Eco-friendly French fashion + food

cancercowboy said...

i love the contrast between the second last and the last of your pics. one minute you're in a japanese garden, the next second you're on the road with Brando and Dean ^____^

ΣҜØSSΣ said...

wooow miu miu shoes are amazing :) my blog ekkosse.blogspot.com please visit :))

MariaK said...

these women are awesome!

please check out my blog:

photo-em said...

I love your red sunglasses! You look cool.


Anne-Celine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne-Celine said...

I especially LOVE the Miu Miu clutch on the last pic


@lea said...

Reeeeaaaally nice! Aber irgentwie auch beängstigend manche deiner Pics....


Mehr von mir auf meinem Blog stil.werk

lola said...

Style Rookie rules the world)*,


Anonymous said...

love your jacket and the whole last picture of you x

Minnie Clipper said...

Love the colour of these pictures.

Congratulation for the blog.
You rock them all. That's undoubtely one of my favourite blogs.


mi-codayoo1030 said...

Soooooo nice!!
i love u pics.

Violet_Madness said...

Hey, just wanted to say how much I love your blog it has given me tons of inspiration and I can't get enough of your style :)
The pics are so beautiful and creative and just damn different. I'm a new blogger (started yesterday) but if you ever wanted to check out my blog feel free its http://handknittedhippos.blogspot.com/ and its basicially the ramblings of me as a teen :) hopefully with a bit of style n fashion too

MJ Hargis said...

Sugar, you say feminist like it's a bad thing. We're not ALL man-hating crazies, promise.

Simone Marques said...

Tevi you are the best!!!

ania said...

Hi, Tavi.

I heard you on the "That's Not My Job" segment of "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" this weekend. So....in case you didn't know it, you're cool. But...public radio cool which is the best kind of cool. I mean, Jane Goodall was on the week before you. That's some good company, right there.

Anyway, that was a fun collision of my worlds.

Keep enjoying all that you have a chance to do!

Maialuna said...

These pictures are so ethereal and gorgeous!

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