miu meow mew

I'm really overwhelmed by the response to Rookie so far! When you work hard on something it's easy to suddenly wonder if you've been inside your own head for too long and second guess how it'll translate to people who don't live in your brain, so thanks to everyone who's been reading and thinking and talking and whatnot, seriously. This blog will go on too, and these are some photos I took in Miu Miu's Fall 2011 collection for an event I am hosting with them for Fashion's Night Out. I neglected to write about many collections this season (I will forever have a list of things to write that I will never finish) and now it feels too late, but these pictures probably best describe all the nostalgic vibes I felt for Miu Miu.

Critically I can tell you it was 1940's-y, but that's not what made it nostalgic for me. This kind of nostalgia is much more personal than a general vintage feel. Or maybe EVERYTHING seems like that because I'm a growing gal, as they say. Bleh. Whatever. Pictures.

This last one doesn't fit in with the others as well, just because I'm obsessed with the red sunglasses but thought they needed a girl gang-y back-to-school-vibes picture instead of a soft sigh-y one. One of these days I will work on making my face look less like it hates everything. Last week I was told at school that I look "eternally unimpressed." I swear I'm actually totally freaked out and confused and happy by most things around me. Except mayonnaise when it gets in the corner of people's mouths when they're eating, aguuuuughhhhghgh.
The patch on my jacket is for the band Girls, which has actually elicited the question, "Oh! Cause you're a feminist?" So I just want you all to know that this patch is a political statement because I'm...reminding people...that...girls exist.

Here's the FNO invite. There will be a fun contest as explained below. Isn't this photo great? That whole ad campaign!! Seriously. (Also on my list of stuff to write about: Yay, talented people of our generation/LOVE issue 6 covers!)
To celebrate the third edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th, 2011, Miu Miu will be holding its “Miu Miu Muses Night”. This special competition will reflect the Miu Miu girl’s inner Muse by inviting her to channel her own interpretation of the 1940’s infused Autumn/Winter fashion show, and will be held simultaneously in both its Milan and New York stores.

The attendees of the night will be photographed d
uring the evening and the most inspiring one will be rewarded with an amazing surprise.

Hosts Shala Monroque and bloggers, Tavi Gevinson, Jane and Judy Aldridge and young socialites Harry and Peter Brant will welcome guests to the 57th Street store in New York.

In the occasion of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, a preview of the new capsule collection will be presented and will be available exclusively in select Miu Miu boutiques in Milan, New York, Los Angeles and London.
So come stop by! It'll be a lot of fun. I will even make a special effort for my bone structure to lean on the "smiling" side.