paperbag princess

Usually I dress with different characters in mind, but today's outfit felt like one that was more ~me~~. I didn't think about it that way when I put it together, but I just felt very comfortable throughout the day. Then when I was walking home two of the boys from the private school were just sitting in their car like some creeps in their parking lot and I walked past and they couldn't stop grinning so I grinned back and just tried to channel Fairuza Balk in The Craft when she goes to the party (minus the whole pretending-to-be-Robin-Tunney-and-killing-them part) and I think it worked because they were confused. Fairuza as well as this video are good references for dealing with people like that. I'm also starting to think I know an outfit is my favorite when I get made fun of by high schoolers in cars.

For this outfit I was thinking of J.W. Anderson Spring 2011 and the pictures I put with it, the last three seasons of Meadham Kirchhoff, and various pictures from FRUiTS. I pinned this doily from my grandparents' house onto this lace slip wedding dress thing from the Salvation Army, the tee was sent to me by Blood Is The New Black, and the skirt underneath was a gift.

All of the brooches are some variation of thrift/family's old things/gifts except for the beetle brooch on the far right which was sent to me by Mandy Coon. The skeleton fairy charm is from a voodoo shop in New Orleans and I made the MISS WORLD necklace.

Goody tiara (I need a legitimate prom queen one that isn't just a clip, though) and iconography bracelet from a joke shop. sent me these shoe clips that I plan on attaching to everything, but look especially great with these boots I found in our basement. They are the best ugly shoes that I own, despite the fact that they are probably moldy and unsanitary.

As far as Ugly Shoe names go, you really can't beat that. I think I'm gonna start a band just so we can be The Lugz. I also think I have the name for my future child.

The ultimate accessory, however, is a cold man who will walk by while your self-timer is going.

But those boys in their car aren't the only creeps -- It also seems appropriate after my tiara and Miss World necklace, and last week's outfit, that I finally admit to you all how much of a lurk I really am.
(Avid Courtney Love haters, I advise that you exit this page now. I have warned you, so don't come crying back to me/my comment section if the following photos bring you discontent.)

BEHOLD: my beloved Hole shrine. To make it a little less obsessive and weird, here is something I wrote about Courtney in the summer. This is a tribute to what Hole/Courtney have meant for me personally and for a general kinderwhore-but-not-totally vibe that I categorize on my tumblr as Vomit Pink (C) My Neverending Procrastinating Tumblr. These things have been acquired from all kindsa places.
Doll Parts and a doll my friend brought me from England when we were little.

Live Through This, tiny glow in the dark angel, and my bracelet. I used to have a reflective postcard of the Virgin Mary here too, but I think it got lost on the floor of my room..

I [crappily] drew the logo on an "Avon Valentine Favorites" record from the SA

Courtney on the cover of Dazed & Confused January 2010 and Celebrity Skin

Miss World, Violet, and Courtney on the cover of Bazaar in 1998 when she got all fancy

Retard Girl

The floor (I've only just now realized that this photo says "assy"...)

The ceiling, from one of those flashback pages in Interview

Necklace Marisa lent me and necklace I made.

And now you know my secret!
Maybe one day I will post pictures of my Bob Dylan shrine.
But it's a little creepier.
And includes candles.