miss world

Oops! Fashion Week posting is a bit spotty since free time has to be spent on homework, and I need more time to let all the fancy clothes I've been seeing ~marinate, so an outfit for now. I've been paying some homage to Hole/Courtney, as one with a tiara should.

Goody tiara, thrifted top and shoes, skirt was a gift from Miu Miu. Thank you Angie for taking this picture!

This is me at my first strip joint! The West Gentleman's Club, to be precise. The complexgeometries presentation was held there, and I was bummed to see there were no strippers. But I will still always remember that night as the night I Became A Man. Speaking of rites of passage into male adulthood, I saw Justin Bieber's documentary Bar Mitzvah montage last night. It was enjoyable! And in 3D. So when he pointed and sang "you make me smile," it was like I make him smile. I am pro-JB because someone has to be a tween dreamboat pop boy and he's not going away, but what started out for me as "I'm just gonna embrace him" has become a bit of an obsession. Plus he started out playing on steps outside a theater. Though that might've led the most annoying part of the movie:

A girl, about 12, is playing violin outside theater steps in Canada. JUSTIN BIEBER approaches, entourage and camera crew in tow, and stands before her with his arms crossed, grinning.
GIRL: (After a few moments) Are you Justin Bieber?
GIRL'S EYES: why are you here i don't care about your jeans let me play my classical violin god

Marisa let me borrow this way important necklace.
Self portrait, blah blah blah.


Sophie Frances said...

WOw tavi you look awesome! I saw another pic of you on belle's blog, that almost made me pee my pants. Wait, not to act like an idiot but with were you in a strip club? Your outfit reminds me of a mermaid!

Anonymous said...

i dig the lighting in the picture of you. different but cool.
nice stuff gurl.


Anonymous said...

i dig the lighting in the picture of you. different but cool.
nice stuff gurl.


BECKY MAY said...

Looks like you're having a great time :)

Still in freakin love with your hair

The Flower Girl


Unknown said...

Love the Justin B. story..(hair flip) haha..awesome!


favio said...

you gotta' love courtney xD
your self portrait reminds me aesthetically of julia margaret cameron.
like you're alice liddell in the 21st century!

have fun tavi, im studying for a midterm tommorow :/ on "practices of looking" i suppose i could say that i am engaging in a multisensory form of studying by looking at this lovely photo.

g'bye xD

Estera said...

Wow loveing the hair and that little tiara.

neon genesis said...

oh my god, tavi, the justin bieber bit. AHAHAHA.

Jennifer said...

Love the combo of that shirt & skirt.
P.s. I smiled over your whole Justin Bieber bit :3

Ellie said...

That Hole necklace is super brilliant! I wish I could wear a tiara everyday.

Jack Flash! said...

That Hole necklace is GOD. So true about the JB movie. Miss World is a brill toon :)


Giulia said...

i love this photo and you!!
This is my blog: www.thesinuouselegance.com
What do you think about??

Hannah said...

love the top/skirt combinationxxx


jessielovesthis said...

Tavi can I steal your skirt?Some would say it's pretty cool.


♡Shayla♡ said...

Gosh you're adorable.

Mihaela said...

Thank God you're alive! xD

I like the outfit.

Réka said...

I'm in love with your skirt!! It's awesome you get that kind of gifts from Miu Miu :)

And your blog is great, I love it!


m.corbett said...

i have a top just like this for like £3.00. gotta love ebay :) xxx

Anonymous said...

I like the "trash" look of your photos!
You little rock princesse!


Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

i love your skirt
it has an amazing colour

. said...

Hahah, the JB vision got me on my knees:-)

Oh and about the looks - I so like the ironic Miss of the (fill in) look with the tiara.

Brittney said...

Hole and Bieber in one post. Haha. ;)

Maria Galvão de Sousa said...

love it!

WeruniaB said...

Amazing outfit!


Yajaira said...

i like your outfit!

Kayla said...

Your skirt is beautiful, quite the adventure you went on (;


Anonymous said...

Girl, posture! Tall women cry when they see those slumped shoulders, however nicely encased they happen to be. Which they are, of course. But do your hair and humanity justice, and stand up straight! Physicians agree with me :)

sarah said...

this did in fact, make me laugh out loud, so i feel justified in saying: lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey. You rock.

I won't disclose said...

love the hair! x


Anonymous said...

Your writing and reflections, are classic. I always look forward to your posts. Excellent writing, excellent insights, excellent, excellent, excellent!!!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

i just wanna say

i was born this way!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun at all the shows!!

Charlotte said...

Coolio! I'm lovin' the skirt :) I love your blog!

Phoebelou said...

I hope your having an awesome time in the city, the first picture is so cool!

Unknown said...

Great outfit. I love the mini-tiara. I can definitely see the Hole inspiration here. The only thing that would have made this even more epic is if you had cotton candy pink hair.

Fashion Nerd said...

Cute outfit. Tavi love your clothes and you inspired me to become a blogger myself.

Cygnet said...

Hahahahaha that's funny. Luv the tiara-so very kewl.


zoomslow said...

Hi Tavi,

Through my involvement in fashion (however tenuous and remote that may be), I’ve managed to create a number of important contacts. One of those happens to be Justin Bieber’s white jeans. After reading your recent blog post, they have composed a reply, and asked me to pass it on…

Dear Tavi,

Although appreciative of the mention, I can’t help but note the slightly sarcastic tone in your voice. $200 is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for a jean of my quality. Certainly I was not happy about finding myself in such unbecoming surroundings, but I have no doubt that the purity of my pristine, crisp whiteness was able to shine through! And as for your mention of Justin’s hair, well may I say that there has not been as powerful a combination of hair and white jeans, since my heroes and lasting inspiration, the Bee Gees hit the wireless with their remarkably high-pitched smash hit, “Stayin’ Alive” in the 70s.

And just to conclude, Tavi Gevinson… Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with white jeans like me!


Justin's White Jeans.

lookwhoswearing said...

Love the Tiara! It looks absolutely stunning with the whole look! :)

x G


Unknown said...

You and JB have this steps performance thing in common. It was meant to be...although, I think you've beaten him to the Rite of Passage formerly known as a Strip Club.

Likey the borrowed Hole neckpiece.

Anastasija said...

So cute tiara! Love the post!:)

By Alcione said...

Amei sua coroa!!!

Kirsten said...

That is the coolest mugshot I have ever seen.

Hanna said...

I wish i could wear a tiara and not look completely self involved.

Malia Malo said...

The dry humour in this post is palpable.
There's nothing better.

Riot Nrrd said...

The self-portrait made me laugh--- it looks like an awkward school photo. I was going to deliberately do a mid-sneeze/anxious face for my school portrait, but the YEARBOOK NAZIS thwarted my attempt. >:(

Anonymous said...

OMG! where can I gat that necklace?
it's awesome!!!


Alex said...

Oh man I'm a little disappointed that you are JBiebs fan. S'all good though. At least you don't wear white jeans.


Anonymous said...

reminds me of material girl a little bit :)

My Heart Blogged said...

I'm digging your grunge look.
My Heart Blogged

Miss Tami Lee said...

I would be equally disappointed that there were no bitches to throw some ones at.

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

So lovely your outfit!! And...HOW did you get into a strip club?! I'm in my 20's and still haven't been. LOL


Kacrates said...

haha i love your movie commentary. I agree on the whole fan girl thing. when nsync lived , I lived and breathe. lol

Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

Tavi..love the tiara, hole or not..you own it! love your blog.

XO Lisa from sweeties!

Anonymous said...

I love the Hole inspired look! The Justin Bieber part made me laugh.

Megan said...

Congratulations on becoming a real boy! One of my instructors went to fashion week! I can't wait to hear about it (from both sources)!


Anonymous said...

Something that bugs me is homework, although I know I can always sneak to your blog. Sometimes. Alot. Heaps. So thanks you candy coloured girl.

By the way, If any of U's like teen blogs? (me 13) i got one. :D

Alexi Frest said...

To tell the truth, I am not into teen boys. By now, at the age of 25, I feel old enough to be their grandma, but I was not fond of them when I was in my teens and girls at my age suddenly became VERY interested in them. Actually I never fancied anyone younger than 30.
True that Justin Bieber is still so much better than Rob Pattinson whom I truly hate for his part in Tweelight.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Wonderful post, i love it .

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Unknown said...

Wonderful post, i love it .

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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

hey girl, the tiara good be a little bit bigger since you are miss world, don’t be shy. Again a total paradox: the top, the skirt and the location. The top gives your outfit a little bit of a strip club outfit (especially because of the fabric, although they normally wear it as tights in a strip club). The skirt looks so flirty and girly. So very nice look, but remember: bigger tiara next time.

Ali Duart-Hall said...

Yay I have a top just like that....and I think the world would be better if we all wore more tiaras lol :)



Megan. said...

Great post. Love Hole... :) x



this post indeed inspires!))

misia said...

I love ur sets :D <3


thwany said...

awesome necklace

Michelle Lee said...

awesome outfit :)

-Michelle (female solo artist in Korea)

Fat Aus said...

love the tiara. i used to post on the hole.com/now kittyradio.com message boards a few years ago and there used to be a competition called 'fancy like a princess' where courtney would choose the winner and give them stuff like one of her dresses or a guitar. you would have fit right in with this outfit :)

Beni said...

Blogger queen!

Anonymous said...

I like the skirt!


Noumia's papers said...

You look great ! I love the video xD



FASHIONN said...


Pippi said...

I love your hair soo much!
And your look. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I love yourb outfit here especially the tiara and necklace. I wish I could dress like you everyday. Stupid school uniform.


Alys said...

A strip club?

OK then.

Natalie said...

Well.. girls just wanna have fun!

Aura + Vera said...

Simply Gorgeous! :D


Polly said...

I really like you Tavi, you reminds me of myself when I was at your age. And I like the mix between feminism and fashion that you make. Because so many people see feminism as the opposite of fashion, and ofcourse their is some really nonfeminism part of fashion (like the models who are not allowed to have body as real women). But their also a lot of fashion that just ART.

(I'm sorry for my bad english, but I'm not american)


Clarice said...

You're SO cute it kills me! I used to LOVE Hole when I was your age. Yes yes yes although I am 15 years older than you I still read your blog 'cause I LOVE IT! Cheers my dear ;)

Agnieszka said...

wow, tavi! haven't been here for a while and missed you! xx

da said...




You're so creative, talented and I simply admire your writing style and the way you dress. The tiara is fabulous.

Amelie said...

You're channeling Kanye with your Bieber interpretation! And I very much like your "Self portrait, blah blah blah." :)

Hope you're staying warm!


Claire said...

Love the tiara! So wonderful.
Huh, the self-portrait is LOVELY.

Leah said...

I LOVE your taste in music! Definitely shows in your fashion.

nicole said...

I love the pink lighting in the first picture! It looks really pretty on the outfit. :)

NorwegianWood said...

I think it needs to be added that the tiara was ALSO worn to dinner...now THAT'S commitment! Anyone can wear a tiara in a strip club, but in a fine dining establishment...that's another story!

D E V O N said...

"Justin Bieber's (documentary) Bar Mitzvah montage"

You're my favourite.

Fun fact: I read recently that the Beibs kid pays $750 per haircut. And he gets two haircuts a month. That's one PRICEY hair flip you be mocking.

The tiara is fantastic. As is the contrast with the goth-ish top. All over fantastic.

Monica said...

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Unknown said...

Hi!! Wow ur blog is amazing!! I folllow u..do u want follow me?My blog is in italian language..but I'll write a post in English.. ok? So... see you later! :)

Unknown said...

Hilarious. Love it. Totally what was going on in the scene with JB. Ugh!! Love it!!

chelsey. said...

love the first picture, and that necklace is so great.

Mira said...

(hair flip.)

great, really ;D

clotheshunger said...

I gotta love on your hole obsession because this was exactly me at 14 as well. also, I wanted to comment because I have some hole barettes that I got on ebay many years ago. I would love to pass them onto another hole fanatic if you'd like them.


Unknown said...

I encourage you to participate in the competition ........

To win the fashion award.



Unknown said...

haha love the JB story!! also love the ui Mui skirt lucky girl!!


Anonymous said...

Zomg The Biebs is the most ridiculous person ever... it makes me happy and sad that a person like him exists in this world. I've always wanted to meet him and then we would fall in love like one of those Disney Channel movies. And then he'd be my hubby and buy me all the awkward Chloe shoes that I want. That would be TOO FUNNY.

cancercowboy said...

it's ok, the plastic people need affection too. as long as you're not buying what they sell everything will be fine ^______^

anna said...

ahhh you hung out with angie finally!! is she not just the coolest? I miss both you ladies (and Marisa too, for that matter). ok, reading the rest of this entry.

anna said...

wait, read the next sentence. ahhh you went to the complexgeometries presentation!! did you meet clayton as well?

anna said...

and ten points for realising it's spelled 1 word, all lowercase. ok end of my comment stream now

JIM Designs said...

I'd be coughing with all of that powder.

The Emerald Closet said...

We totally agree with you on the Justin Beiber obsession. It has gone into overdrive since the documentary/Bar Mitzvah :-)

Unknown said...

Perfect fashion week outfit! I'm wearing a necklace with c-love's face on it right now. TW!NZ
Also, I found a pair of Miu Miu heels at a thrift store last weekend that were kind of 90s/first season of SATC fugly, but they fit my huge (42) feet and were $13. Am I braindead for not buying them?
I know the answer already.

PS- totz unrelated and semi-creepy, but I am digging your pit situation (situation?) in Arabelle's video! Am I allowed to say that to a minor?

Unknown said...


shopgirl said...

Hi Tavi, I submitted to your magazine project with Jane Pratt early on but haven't heard back. Are you still emailing people? Really liked your i-D article btw, esp the acknowledgement that Andie's dress is a heinous, scene ruining misjudgement in an otherwise fashionable film. xoxo

Icebat said...

hello, i saw you at thakoon sunday night, why don't you post it? its a cool show. the best music ever!

Anonymous said...

very kute ensemble!!


Charlie said...

I would've never taken you for a JB fan....you learn something new every day

Charlie said...

I would've never taken you for a JB fan....you learn something new every day

Anonymous said...

LOL Love It!

Visit the Inspiration Board!!

rainbowtexture said...

oh I remember those days when I gave that boy quarters outside the Avon theater ...so basically I AM those white pants.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmn. Strppers. is that a hint?
Love the necklace. And you hair.

Angel said...

You're such a writer, Tavi. I enjoyed every single word in this post. It was hilarious!

I always wished I had a tiara.

Valerie said...

ah yess! i love tiaras!!! i did a photoshoot with my collection..check it out her: http://iqvintage.blogspot.com/2011/02/queen-of-kitsch-couture.html

i think u mite like = )

nomisho said...

I'm all for tween stardom, I guess, but did you see Justin Bieber's quotes about rape in Rolling Stone??? Eeeepppp...

the outfit diaries said...

whahaha love that little JB story of yours. you sure know how to make us laugh

Kristina said...

I really ought to get myself a meshy type shirt, such as you've got there. Are your glasses prescription?
Plus I know what you mean about Justin Bieber, as a person who currently resides near where he grew up. The fans here are just insane.

style meerkat said...

Mmm... awesome outfit! This blouse is amazing. I love your style :D



Anna said...

you look adorable!
check out my blog...

Tam said...

It's absolutely amazing how you can wear these clothes, and make them your own.I wish I could do the same, but I'm hopeless when it comes to putting clothes together to suit my personality, aka, fashion maths *sigh* if only I had the creativity of you.

Anonymous said...

Tanya Dempsey said...




Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Love the self-portrait, cute girl!

Eline said...

The girl that played the violin rocks! ;)

Alyssa said...

Your Hole-homage outfit is perfect... I've had a tiara stashed away in embarrassment for years and I think you may have just given me the courage to whip it out.


Charlotte said...

Bahaha the bieber section made me laugh. Love the outfits and the blog in general, please check my blog out :
Anyone else who checks it out please comment on my posts with feedback nd leave yoyr blogs so i can check it out to :)

da said...

hey tavi



da said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
da said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Poulet said...

just to tell you: you were spotted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bctAswdAT0&feature=feedu


LadyNoir said...





Jude-y Rooney said...

I just started reading your blog after I read your interview it Katie Couric. You are incredible. I know it's been said before, but I love that you are so genuinely passionate about fashion, unlike the many "fashionista's" who are shoved down our throats and are little more than the creations of clever marketing(ala Lauren Conrad). Instead you are talented extremely intelligent, down-to-earth and are not in the least bit over-sexed (ala Taylor Momsen). Even from the beginning you were brave enough to wear your own creations in middle school (that's pretty freaking brave!)I love that you are just a regular kid--(although there's hardly anything 'regular' about you) who happens to be extremely funny, intelligent and articulate, and now you are in this crazy dream life where you hop off to Paris for fashion week. Enjoy it kid--you earned it.
My only hope is that you (or girls like you) are around some day when I have a little girl so you can continue to be a positive role model for young (and old 29 year-olds-like-me) women to express themselves. Please tell me what your parents did to encourage you to be so open and comfortable in your own BEAUTIFUL skin??
I am in med school and work with lots of young women who do drugs or get pregnant to fit in. They could learn a lot from you! So, please,PLEASE keep being you, you are great at it! (Heck even if you want to start wearing black eye-liner, bare mid-drift tees and smoking salvia--we'll still love you!
Additionally, I love anyone who is 1/2 Norwegian and 1/2 Jewish.(There are like 4 or 5 of us in the world) I am too! It's uncanny how much I looked like you when we were both 12. Except I incredibly tall..and my hearts desire was mathematics and not fashion, but Jewish-Norwegian Girls RoCK!
Keep doing what you are doing!
p.s.s. This is the longest ever post, but I read a long time ago that someone brought you back gourmet lollipops from San Fran and u loved them. I live in San Fran and the lollipops you are referring to our See's. I will HAPPILY send you some--if you tell me how!

Emanuelsson said...

When I went to school, in olympiaaaa. And everyones' the same.

CLIFFLEE said...

If you love cool lighting, check out this presetation


Twenty.Something said...

Love this post! That top you're wearing is fantastic! You look spectacular.

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog... it actually means the WORLD to me since I always read your blog and follow your posts! I'll be back soon.

Come check my blog out again when you can: http://artfashiontwentysomething.blogspot.com

Amber said...

I do really like the self portrait.

Hvit said...

Hahah, how fantastic. As Always!

L. said...

Good pictures! Your blog is great!
This comment is from Paris! hehe
Like your self portrait ! :)

natt rodriguez said...

I just wanted to say that you are amazing.I love your self portrait
please check out my blog when you can- http://hopetoinspire.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I wish I could take self-portraits like this one.
And, yes, someone does need to be a tween heartthrob.. why not the Biebs, I say.


Emily said...

OK , your kind of my - idol . Oh god your cringing already i can tell i am to . i read your article in teen vogue (L.A.M.B) and so i started my own blog i have no followers and no comments but i'm trying my hardest to make it good - please follow me and then comment or something because i look like such a Larry :L ps :
who's that singing in the video and i love your outfit , whn your in that red lighting next to mirrors x ) xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Legend! :)

Unknown said...

Love this outfit!

PS: Pretty sure this is my favourite review of Never Say Never. Well done.

Anonymous said...

whne you said you were in a strip joint i was like waaaa!! but then I felt dissapointed that you didnt get to see any strippers. YOur outfit is so cool and the necklace of the guitar knob thing is awesome.man I laughed at the justin beiber -voilin girl thing x

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