i have found meaning

J.W. Anderson's SS11 collection lifechangingly came to my attention via Maddie and I think I have finally found everything I ever want to be, that is to say, compiled of and exuding perfect hippie/Weetzie Bat/teen angst/murky/good ugly/bittersweet/ladies of the canyon/witch vibes. The thrown togetheredness of various references suggest that every piece was picked up at a different stop on a road trip or were homemade and have been happily lived in. Matching up such different textures and prints seems random but each layer serves a purpose, preventing the styling from getting sloppy, and details like the skirt pleats keep the pieces from teetering into easily-found-in-thrift-stores territory.

It reminds me a lot of this hippie goddess girl I saw in the hall the other day wearing a long black velvet dress and clogs and a woven backpack and I really wanted to know what she was doing in school because it was obvious that she should've been traveling in a painted van or something, but at least this way I'll probably see her again and will have the opportunity to ask if she'll carry me around in her backpack and let me smell her hair, whose scent I imagine is probably a cross between jasmine and hibiscus with a dash of mint. I think the odds of her letting me be in her painted van club are even more in my favor if I tell her that last part!

joel sternfeld

of the holy blood

1976 crochet

still from proenza schouler's the patent ps1

gabriel orozco and a page from my journal with the lyrics to "old age" by hole glittered on it

grace miceli

frida kahlo's sun and life