how raven am i? like, would you say SO raven? or a little raven? or not very raven at all?

Today I dressed with Christopher Kane FW11 and the moodboard in that post in mind, that is to say, I sacrificed the opportunity to wear something relatively nontacky for the sake of embodying what was never meant to be worn as clothing on someone's body, that is to say, a hideous teen bedroom in 2000. (I say "hideous" with love. I obviously love this kind of hideousness!) At school I wore it with black boots and pig tails that I got tired of when I got home.
It seemed to require a pose that would be in the promo for a tv show called JUST BEIN' A TEEN or something. TOTALLY JESSIE. DIARY OF A MIDDLE SCHOOL WEIRDO. There are so many ideas running through my mind right now! Hire me, Disney Channel! After you've gone back in time 10 years! Maybe Phil of the Future can take care of that!

The girl scout patch is from TroopMoore on ebay and Brodie sent me this rad shirt which has this weird smooshy bubbles/marble paint print that I really really love.

She also sent some lovely zines! I always feel like I have to be very careful with publishing pages from zines or tangible stuff I make online, because there's something sort of sacred about, you know, not having EVERYTHING EVER ON THE INTERNET, but this is more a print-and-distribute-among-friends kinda zine that needed to be shared. It says Anti-Copyright! I couldn't find a site for it but scanned the rest here.
My mom made this shirt (which I pulled down to adjust every two minutes today to keep it looking like a skirt) in the 60s when she was around my age.