Kid in History: You look like you're a fairy godmother.
Me: How do you know I'm not?
Kid in History: (Looks skeptical. Slowly relaxes face. Squints eyes. Smiles. Eyes widen.) Whoa!

The power of $5 fabric store tutus, my friends.

Today's outfit was inspired by this tumblr and trying to channel fall witch vibes in a more neon/cheesy/tacky way, hence the necklace, vomit rainbow tutu, t-shirt, and hair ribbon. The cream skirt, rope in my hair, and desert boots are supposed to bring the more earthy/creepy side, and the yellow slip and fact that the shoes are blue are supposed to compromise the tacky and earthy to even it out. How's that for math! Does this mean I still have to do my homework tonight?

Random hair things.

I crafted this beautiful necklace myself, slaving away day and night to sculpt the beads, grow the elastic, and churn the paint to fill in the letters. The t-shirt was sent to me by Blood is the New Black and the cat is wearing a pentacle necklace, more visible here.

I got the tutu from the fabric store, the cream skirt was a gift, and the yellow slip is from the Salvation Army.

Also from a thrift store.

Now, if this outfit was in its proper setting (on a technicolor broomstick in a lollipop forest with Hello Kitty) and not school, I would be wearing this:

My Comme des Garcons ghost coat is a gift from Rei Kawakubo and one of my favorite things I own. Adds to the tulle pile and makes it all so floaty and magical in a less obnoxious color.
The Miu Miu shoes I bought at Bergdorf Goodman and have a bit of both the tacky and earthy, as does this coin purse our family friend gave me to which I added a tacky ribbon.