speak for me, do you see the same signs?

Today's outfit was built around my milkmaid braids because it's the only way to wear my hair without looking stupid because I cut my bangs too short when I was really bored on Saturday. I'm surprised at how much fun I'm having with it though, it looks cool with bindis and with eye makeup like the dots I did today.

After that I was inspired by a bunch of scattered Japanese street style photos I have in my head, the sunny suburbia in Edward Scissorhands (photo 3) and this Jamie Nelson for Elle Mexico shot (photo 6), and dishevelment and stuffiness of the late 90s (pictured here: Margiela, Comme des Garcons) and especially the way Mark Borthwick captured it. The rest of the pictures here are scanned from his book, which is seriously really beautiful and one of the most special things I own. And throughout the whole thing are his writings which sound all stream of consciousness and are really inspiring.

And at school today I got Princess Leia, "someone who would own a farm called the Aw, Shucks! Cherry Farm", and this lovely drawing:

These Goody barrettes are maybe my favorite thing:

My friend grew out of these old Jil Sander shoes and I was happy to take them off her hands. They're the same color as crosswalk stripes so walking around is really a delight.
For you fashionistas who need to know where one finds such a fashionable fridge, it's from Sears about 15 fashion-filled years ago. And if you are wondering about the stylish magnets, you will be sorely and un-stylishly disappointed to learn that they are one-of-a-stylin'-kinds made by style-possessing elementary schoolers many years ago and are not for sale. Style. Fashion. Fashion. I'm tired.

Hand-me-down dark blue dress and light blue slip, Old Navy flowered tank top.

The shirt was sent to me for review by beso.com. I ordered it a size larger because Comme des Garcons smalls are usually too small on me but this one is too big so yo, Comme, work out your sizing nonsense.

Brand: Junya Watanabe
Pros: The flowers are somewhere between botanical illustration and cartoon daisy, allowing for more versatility. The holes make it more fun to style and it makes it different than something you could find in a thrift store. Asymmetry is also obviously awesome. And it's comfortable and I kept forgetting I was wearing something nice.
Cons: That green! Just gimme a couple pigments lighter! Right now it's wavering between light and dark, and it looks like the most basic kind of Crayola green, which is so boring that they give it to you with kids' menus at restaurants. And you could say that makes it more versatile, but not necessarily because basic green doesn't call for many other good colors. Plus I feel like gingham should be in pastels.

I'm writing all choppy because I'm reading Girl by Blake Nelson at the moment and it's hard to get out of a writing style when all you've been doing is reading it because you've been bored and your bangs could only take so much cutting.