i won't grow up

Rachel Antonoff can do the "cute" thing like no other, and her Spring 2011 collection was inspired by Peter Pan, specifically the notion of not growing up. It was perfect slumber party dreamvibes and made me really just want to crawl into one of the forts and fall asleep reading a Babysitters Club book while wearing a bow-printed jumper.

This model had the best job.

The shoes were SO good! Variations of penny loafers and saddle shoes for when I take over student council and try to make Penny Loafer and Saddle Shoe Day some kind of school holiday. Everything would look so pretty and we wouldn't have to do gym.

Crazy good Meghan Farrell jewelry!

And see, I feel like all of these clothes could easily be too cute, but the pastel thing knows when to shut off so that a dress like the one on the right above isn't too flouncy or Lolita-esque.

I stayed talking with Rachel about Hayley Mills and the political implications of Peter Pan until the slumber party had to come to an end. Is there anything more depressing than watching Wendy's house demolish in a few minutes' time? My dad and I headed out, and I bitterly noted about the place we stopped in for lunch that they were not offering s'mores.