i don't really miss god, but i sure miss santa claus

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Viki said...

i love the firts picture!

Sonia said...

I love these pictures, and the glasses in the first one - amazing!

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Emilie ! said...

I love the wizard of oz so, so much!!!



Ellie said...

Edward Gorey! I think I would like to be in a book of his.

These photos are great. x

Rachel Ann said...

I love these pictures, especially the 2nd photo. also, I always get excited when somebody references Kansas with a wizard of oz quote or something cause then im like "yay people know we exist!" but then i get mad because that is all people think of when they see uss...

Anyways. just my two cents. Love the post




Great photos!


Anonymous said...

i love these pictures!
especially the one with the two girls sitting on the couch.


Kaysens nye kl├Žder said...

I really like the pink sofa, on the second picture! :)

sarah said...

i have always wanted to escape from school, so that edward gorey one equals heart.
(although being that it is edward gorey i have a feeling that she is escaping from something more terrible than standardized tests)

Ella said...

i absolutely love edward gorey. i remember my uncle got me an edward gorey book when i was in 1st grade, and for some esoteric reason it scared the 6 year old me.

Anonymous said...

I love theses! The first is my favorite!


Mercedes Morales said...

i LOVE the second pictures.
i LOVE the good little girl with "gothic" teen girl.
i LOVE this vintage style

*AS* said...

love the pics!!!!!!!!!


Lais B.X said...

Amazing pics;)

Illuminated Perfume said...

Your title to this post really drew me in...the related pics are so fun.

Izzen said...

Last picture is the best.


Erin said...

I love your blog, don't let anyone else make you think you don't deserve everything you've earned. Your followers understand the hard work and dedication you put into the fashion industry and appreciate it!! Keep blogging :)

Adorable post, great pictures, especially the second one!



MONi said...

Tavi I really like your blog! The glasses on the first pic are chic! Hope the cinema will give me one of them next time I'm goin'!

sortedrage said...

Cool fotos -and one of an old Norwegian stavechurch... :D
I like your blog very much - your fashion sense and your tales of being a young girl in this time...

crimson covered said...

What is up with the multiple concerning comments by Tavi-*******
A scary individual,

I hope your parents are aware of this.

A concerned Mom ;)

-Ria xo said...

'Tavi-titties.'- go away! For gods sake, stop getting jealous over the fact that Tavi has amazing style and a fantastic blog.
You are so low, sad, and pathetic. Leave her alone

Tavi- The 'Surrender Dorothy' image is epic ;) And there's great contrast between the characters in picture 2 (:

Colorezstyle said...

WOW, i loved your all posts. love your style is very eclectic. i believe that you is inspiration for many bloggers. add me on MSN: bruninhosilva96@hotmail.com #addmeplease.com (laughs) (:

Sarah said...

some people are so immature!

love the pictures,

derek said...

interesting pictures! (not a bad thing)
I really like the 3d glasses one, it's like he's trying to look for something and answer?

Paulina said...

I love the picture with the two girls on the couch.. SO CUTE!!


firefly said...

Those pictures are so interesting! I especially like the girl escaping from the school.


Anonymous said...

weird! i think i had a dream about a building that looks really similar to the grace miceli picture a couple of months ago. in my dream it was a bed and breakfast run by witches.

El'Aundra Dolce said...

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Anonymous said...

The second picture seems really interesting to me. I also love the last picture because I love Wizard of Oz!

Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

scribble said...

The photographer in me says the cutoff "$29.95 on sale at Shopko" picture completes the second image. There is a story on how Ms Angry Goth Girl ended up forced to sprawl out where she is sprawled

Audrey said...

That second picture with the little girl - looks exactly like my primary school uniform when I lived in Surrey! Memories.

Sophie said...

feathers are going down, in my dreams...

Suzanne said...

wauw really inspi-pictures! love it! xx

MartaPalczewska said...

I like second pic! ♥

http://waronclothes.blogspot.com/ new post! < 3

Leopard Girl said...

the first and second picture! very interesting!


Unknown said...


Ismay said...

that second picture is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

the second picture is great!
xoxo Goody

Moonlight said...

Love these pictures!
You always share the best stuff Tavi <3 Thanks a bunch


Zuzia said...

awesoe pics! especially the second one.


Anna said...

Cool pics!


Unknown said...

Probably my all-time favorite line from a Hole song (or any song).

Bailey Hospodor said...



cancercowboy said...

lol, you're on a posting frenzy? not that i'm complaining ^_^ you keep the quality grade high. nice pics. i just don't get the stave church with the moon phases...
and i hate to admit it, but it wasn't until this post that i realized that Edward has left your sidebar.
yeah, and sometimes i wish the world was a little less mundane

Sina said...

i love you´re blog...
and you subscribe everything so good...:)

Unknown said...

I miss Santa Claus too!

Anonymous said...

love love love

iPam said...


I really love your blog...

iPam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JIM Designs said...

Contest entry in your honor :) http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=21603716

little ghost said...

ahhh goreyyy!

david said...

ah edward gorey love his stuff so much, cool beans overall.

Dillypoo said...

Best post title EVER. Love it!

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Marina Moldovan said...

I am just wondering where's that church located.
Looks like one I know.

Marina Moldovan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura. said...

You've a great blog!
You're little movie (if I may call it like that) is awesome!


Unknown said...

Dude. Sometimes reading your blog is like a window back into my teenagerhood. The title quote has really brought it all rushing back

I think you're pretty neat.


Rafael Franco said...


The first pic is awesome, I love the blue glasses with little yellow stars, sounds like a 3D glasses, and I love it. I think it is a 3D glasses LOL I'm not shore.

kisses from Brazil.

see ya


Rafael Franco said...


The first pic is awesome, I love the blue glasses with little yellow stars, sounds like a 3D glasses, and I love it. I think it is a 3D glasses LOL I'm not shore.

kisses from Brazil.

see ya


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