Who am I missing? DJ Tanner to be added shortly.


Unknown said...

These are all great movies/shows...some of my favorites too. I have been meaning to watch Heathers, I haven't seen it yet but I've heard it's good. :)

Principessa Gabriella

Unknown said...

You are an inspiration Tavi!love always

Rachel said...

Fuck yes! I was just watching Freaks and Geeks yesterday!!! <3

N. said...

But what about Angela Chase?

Anonymous said...

Freaks and Geeks and Edward Scissorhands are my favourites here. So refreshing to see a young girl who has a good taste in... everything!

Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

Athena. said...

Oh, The Lisbons, always.

MartaPalczewska said...

You're always my inspiration! NEW POST! < 3


Love these shows and movies.

Anonymous said...

You are missing Angela Chase from my so-called life! (or Rayanne if you are so inclined)

Or Clarissa from Clarissa explains it all.

Golden Acapulco

FashionCommitted said...

love the changes to your blog!

Tavi said...

N + Lucinda -- Angela and Rayanne, duh! I was looking through a bunch of MSCL tumblrs but couldn't find a good one. I'll look when I have more energy.

I should also do Full House.

Anonymous said...

OMG Tavi, I was actually looking for a decent picture of Kimmy Gibler to write an entry on my blog of an incredibly unlikely style icon she is, in spite of being notorious mostly for her stinky feet

Rose said...

Yay! /you're all posty-mc-posterson this week. Happy times! ( Psssssh, what do you mean you have an actual life?)

Don't you love the colors in Enid's digs? such good design.

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

I love this post so much!

I know you already have a Molly Ringwald .... buuttttt

Andi from Pretty in Pink!

Gaby xoxoxo

Gazeperception said...

These pictures remind me how glad I am, that I ever had the chance to be a teenage girl.

Mário Araujo said...

hi, tavi, how u doing?

i still wnat to do a interview w u for a brazilian magazine, but i'm writing to show u a little something... a brazilian fashion soapopera has a character inspired on u:

hope u like.

xoxoxo, mário

Shawn said...

great inspirational movies!

Lee said...

Cher: Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?

My favourite Clueless quote. Clueless makes me yearn for the 90's.

The Virgin Suicides is one of my all time favourite movies, glad to see that in there.

This post just reeks of sheer awesome.

Love the blog.

sara. said...


Unknown said...

Great movies... My fav... Grease !
-diary of a fashion stylist-

Anonymous said...

aaa- Pretty in Pink - I love this movie (except, I've always hated Blaine...).

What strikes me is how all these rooms look pretty much the same in American movies - in 90% of cases there's a bed in the middle of the room, there are clothes everywhere and lots of posters and shit like this on the walls. I mean, why do they all look the same.

jess said...

this is such a great post!

Tavi said...

Misery-I'm not a Blaine fan either! But I think the fact that all these rooms have posters and clothes doesn't mean anything, because they're all different kinds.

Anonymous said...


My favorite quote from Clueless is "And may I remind you it does not say RSVP in the statue of liberty"

franki said...

Cool selection of pics, I especially LOVE the shot of Lindsey from Freaks and Geeks!

One thing though, that's Chrissie from Now and Then, not Sam. I'm a bit obsessed with that movie...

Lightning Heart said...

gah! i love it all!

c-wu said...

Also! The sancctuary violet and klaus build in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Maria said...

Tavi, I can't be sure what ties these movies together in your list, but I think 'Fucking Amal' (alternative translation: 'Show me love') might fit as well. It's not a comedy, though (not in the modern sense). But it might fit. Or it might not. You never know with lists. Anyway, I think you'd like that film.

Emma said...

Aw! This really makes me want to watch Edward Scissorhands and Ghost World!


-Ria xo said...

The Pink Ladies are epic :)
Rizzo is brilliant

Anonymous said...

If only I could sleepover at their houses! sigh! Edward Scissor is one of my favourite films! I love Mr Tim!

Richard Kilroy said...

Possibly Romy & Michelle?? It's all styled by Mona May, same person who was the stylist for Clueless.

KristiMcMurry said...

The first one I thought of was Clarissa...that show was my childhood.

TP said...

Funny it is all coming back, fashon, style.

Melissa said...

Oh my gaaaah now and then is the best movie ever!

reality bites said...

adventures in babysitting! the very first scene. it's also set in chicago.

missjulied said...


These photos give me fond memories of having my own room, before I got married.

Ross said...

I loved now and then so much when I was growing up "As a direct link to this conversation, Chrissy would spent the better part of her adult life obsessed with gardening" "...It's likke 'BOO'AHH' that's what sex is!"

Unknown said...

This is one of my favourite ever:

All the rest, you got already.

darcy dubose said...

Tavi, this is perfect.

gila said...

yai for daria!

Animeeyez said...


Steph D said...

This is awesome!!!

derek said...

these movies are all classics!!!! love it!!

Unknown said...

the song for the sanctuary: "IN MY ROOM" by Best Coast

Unknown said...

the song for the sanctuary: "IN MY ROOM" by Best Coast

whateveryouwantittosay said...

Love this!

Laura said...

I know that scene of Freaks and Geeks! It's where Lindsay is listening to American Beauty, right?

And Ghost World is one of my favorite movies

Also, good song choice Ellen.

Anonymous said...

is that clueless is spy. Love that film along with grease

Cláudia Piccoli said...

Love your blog, Tavi! And I also love "The Girl in Shocking Pink"!!


Pretty in Pink= the best style/furniture ever.

Unknown said...

Whoa... the girl on the Brazilian soap opera looks just like you, but she seemed a little... snarkier.

Unknown said...

Whoa... the girl on the Brazilian soap opera looks just like you, but she seemed a little... snarkier.

Metka: Matka said...

cool photos reminds of my room and the teenage years i loved watchin daria cartoon

Izzen said...

Big, big YES to all of the above.

east side bride said...


east side bride said...

(Ferris Bueller's big sis)

noodle said...

Some of my fave movies here i adore heathers i have done a heathers outfit inspired post on my blog!

Jaymie said...

Edward scissorhands one of my all time favourites!
winona and depp, perfection.

mili said...

omg best. post.ever! molly ringwald, :) daria, ferris bueller's day off... as well as DJ could you add candace from phineas and ferb? XD

Taylor said...

Doug's sister, Judy

Kel & Jaz said...

Great picks! My favorite is definitely Grease!


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

What a perfect post. It makes me want to run home to my bedroom.

Fourth Daughter said...

Ah, all those great films.. I think I need to watch 16 candles and Clueless for the zillionth time..
I can so empathise with Cher about being fussy when it comes to men:
"You know how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet!"

Anna said...

These are SO FANTASTIC. Next time, include a picture of Cher's closet complete with a Polaroid camera.

Leica said...

Veronica Mars (on her bed, with headphones)

nikol said...

This made me LOL. I love this post.

LincolnTaft said...

This post brought a smile to my face. It makes me miss my bedroom when I was a teen...

mippy said...

Have you seen Wish You Were Here? Not a teen bedroom to see, but an 80s movie set in the 50s with a cool, ass-kicking heroine.

Megan said...


emily! said...

Yes! Right after Cher when I fully grasped the theme of this post, I was worried there would be no Frenchy's room... LO AND BEHOLD you're here on this same wavelength.

tiff said...

So sad the girl who played Chrissy died a couple years ago. She was my favorite character in Now & Then.

jss said...

Bueller's sister became such a hottie when she got the nosejob.

Allie said...

This post makes me want to become a set designer. Thank you!

cancercowboy said...

oh yeah, transitions. difficult stuff. a wiser man (Google tells me it's been Anatole France) once wrote that all changes, even the ones we want to take place, have their melancholy, because we always leave behind a part of ourselves. its true.
haven't seen all of those, though the ones i remember make me feel nostalgic. have you watched the Breakfast Club? that's been one of my favorites.

Donna A. said...

You forgot one of the best teen female leeds ever, Dawn Wiener from Welcome to the Dollhouse.

Rebe said...

Melissa Joan Hart's room from Sabrina the teenage Witch and Clarissa Know's it all.

Purple Monkey Bandit said...

Clarissa's room was my childhood fantasy, in fact I think I stole many of her decorating styles.

And of course the one and only Punky Brewster!

Reed said...

i am OBSESSED with rooms and bric a brac and creative dens. my blog explores that. nice to know you do too.

maria...fashionista said...

i love all those shows, define myself

erin jane / atlantictreefox said...

while scrolling i was hoping to find jeanie's room!

Colleen said...

Amelie's room!

Alice Liddell Blog said...

Tavi this is awesome! Nice finishing touch with Enid, haha. I also would probably have included Claudia Kishi's room from the Babysitters Club... I was always jealous of that.
Like the new header too.

Mystery Bruises said...

i love this so much! so many memories!

B said...

Love it !

Sarah said...

Oh Enid Coleslaw... Ditto on the commenter who recommended Show Me Love as well - what a great film.

Unknown said...


JIM Designs said...

Lona from Pretty In Pink. Desperately Seeking Susan, Peter Pan and American Pie.

Unknown said...

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Muy Guapa said...

Amo até hoje a garota pink, rs. Quando eu tinha 15 anos sonhava com esses quarto para mim.

Diana Bornay said...

Congratulations for your blog Tevi:))!!
It´s so cool!!
I like a lot your post, nice pics!! i follow your blog and i like a lot!!
Kisses from Spain!!

Katie & Erica said...

Sarah Williams from Labyrinth! I always thought her style (especially her hair...) was simple, but fantastic!

Dominique Fisher said...

Nora Diniro from Pump Up the Volume.

Just Another Londoner said...


Unknown said...

I seriously watch these movies and shows especially Clueless over and over again just because the style of these girls are soooo damn amazing I love it!!!!

Unknown said...

This is what I grew up with in CHI TOWN. Beyond.

Elizabeth said...

NOW AND THEN?! I officially love you

Anonymous said...

I dunno whether it will fit but lisa from 'Girl interpted' good movie :) ever seen it?


OMG yes to Angela C. and DJ tanner. ;)

When I met Candace Cameron while working in Barneys she was the cutest thing. Super sweet and down to Earth + her hockey hubby and kids are sooo adorable as well.

I love Claire Danes 4everr!


ashley said...

great idea for a post. I think I've been each of these girls at some point in my life (although maybe not Rizzo). right now, I'm feeling Cher.

We are young! We run free! Stay up late! We don't sleep!

hannbokhi said...


PP said...

Stories of my Life. Cher in Clueless searching for her Alaia.

Enough said.
Thanks for the montage.

Blue Iris Rivera said...

:O edward scissorhands!
if only australian houses were set to have rooms such as those....i could fit my own vanity mirror in there :/

Blue Iris Rivera said...

:O edward scissorhands!
if only australian houses were set to have rooms such as those....i could fit my own vanity mirror in there :/

Shannon Morley Milliken said...

Buffy. Veronica Mars.

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couve-flor. said...

Vada Sultenfuss.

Gypsy said...

aaw i love all of these, especially andy walsh. she's one of my heroes.

mass-of-donuts said...


Vanessa said...

LOVE that episode of Freaks and Geeks. Won't let myself listen to American Beauty however because I insist that my first listening be exactly like Lady L's - on record.

Fantastic post!


miasloveaffair said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage said...

yes! so glad you included virgin suicides in this post! such a beautiful, underrated film.

Mathilda said...

Hey Tavi:

I´m really embarassed. This Brazilian soapopera they say is inspired by you is a total distortion.
Your parents should sue the network. It´s a very rich and tasteless one. The name of it is TV Globo and the soapopera is called Tititi. It´s a total lack of respect for you and those who share experiences here.
Sue them. They have lots of money and are responsible for the decay of Brazilian culture. That network was supported by Brazilian dictorship in the seventies. Don´t let them do this to your image. You have people here who really admire, understand and respect what you and other young people are doing. Globo doesn´t.

Much lovies!

saja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hailey said...

fucking LOVE THIS!
you're so awesome grrrl

Samantha said...

might be too much winona but I also think Dinky Bosetti's room in Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael and Andrea Marr in GIRL would fit really well in here

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