warren beatty

Guess who is going to be all fancy n stuff and talk at L2's Generation Y conference this Friday? Me, that's who! And I'm going to be talking about the Unpredictability of Gen Y, and just to be unpredictable and Gen Y-ish, I'm not going to tell you any more than that! Other than that I have considered the outcomes of arranging some kind of musical number that would force the audience to participate, but quickly put that idea away and decided to save my voice for failed attempts at the same thing in the cafeteria, from which I have learned that these kinds of things only happen in movies like The Breakfast Club and Empire Records. Not a fan of teen unity, us kids! Except for when we're fictional characters!

And since I can't think of an image to accompany post, I'll just post a scene from Empire Records of my favorite character, Eddie. The only one I could find was in French, though, so I'll pretend that I did this on purpose, like how lots of fashion blogs and Tumblrs are obsessed with posting videos in French or stills from French cinema. But mine is better because he has great eyebrows and special brownies, so take that, Godard fans!

Back to the Generation Next talk: details are here. Wish me luck!