A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2010

People with ideas, get to work! Talenthouse has invited epic veiled blogger and ZOO editor Diane Pernet and myself to take part in judging the A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2010 competition. Interpret the idea of "fashion film" however you want -- but most importantly, send us your submission!
(Sidenote, wouldn't it be AMAZING if the size difference between the two of us was for real and we were like this little judging duo and I carried her on my shoulder or something?)

Submit your videos here and make them about whatever you want, as long as it's in keeping with the theme of fashion, style, and beauty. On August 12th we will announce the winner, so you have 67 days (get to work.) The details and criteria and rules are here. I think that the Internet should be used more as a source of finding new talent, especially in fashion, which has been very behind, so I'm incredibly excited for this. But before I go into an entire thesis on that, you should make and send in your fashion film, and stop reading this, sooo go away and get to work!


=0 said...

I love the sidenote! I think stuff like that all the time!

Shelley Noble said...

Such a lovely photo of you, Tavi. You're blooming lovely and blooming lovely.

Diane said...

Good luck with this project :)

Unknown said...

So I'm guessing you, as a judge, can't submit a film? Because you should definitely consider submitting your GaGa vid. All you'd have to do is set aside some spare time, ask Ga to clear her schedule, source all of the outfits you created, oh yeah and invite Beyonce. But seeing as you're a judge... maybe it's not entirely plausible.

xx Cristina

Melissa said...

Hey Rook, I'm considering entering. Keep an eye out for my video and your welcomed to read my blog- a lame but plump poetry collection. Enjoy.

thwany said...

hope you get some good submissions

Rheanne said...

great idea might give it a try :)


^^ hopfully follow :)


Rheanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fourth Daughter said...

Great idea and such an opportunity for all the talented people out there (I am not one of them)... but can you do something about the internet speed in Australia within 67 days so that I will actually be able to watch the films without waiting half an hour for every 5 seconds of footage to load? You can? Thanks!!
By the way I know this is old but if you haven't seen it check it out.. I found it through http://www.nicolejarecz.com/
Such beautiful photos, and you should like the hair!
I actually meant to post this earlier today and then I got distracted by your post about Terry Richardson and forgot...

inkarlcerating said...

what a lovely collaboration


One of my friends was working for Le Pernet at LFW, so we followed her everywhere (secretly) like a mini fashpack entourage. I think she's absolutely brilliant. Good luck to everyone who enters.

minkandbird said...

That would be amazing if you could carry her around on your shoulder.
Kind of like the BFG.

Love x

ASVOF said...

Loved your comment and looking forward to the entries. xDiane

Tabea said...

Oh, it's a great idea!

Angeles Almuna said...

WOW! Love the photo.
Great idea....I'm going to think very deeply about the best fashion film ...mmmmmm.........will see!
Kisses Lady Tavi


Orphin Lasz said...

That sounds amazing!
I will definetely give it a try and do my best! ; n ;
Even though the chances of actually winning this contest are pretty much null...! hahaha

~ Orphin's Domains ~

kristy said...

ooooh!!! this is awesome and perfect timing. i am writing an article about the whole fashion film phenomenon for a brand new magazine in milan and this will be an excellent thing to mention!!! this is soooo exciting!

Vogue Gone Rogue

Hal E. Liebling said...

Good luck with this Tavi, sounds incredible!


Colourgirl said...

It's very good! =)


Alyssa said...

What a great opportunity... Will definitely be on the lookout for new talent!! If you're thinking about this, also think about checking out Glamour magazine's style Glambassadors!! They're looking for new ones now....



sabrina said...

oh yeaaaaaah good project!!!

check friend blog please,you will love it:



fashionfamous said...

Yesterday was my birthday...

♥♥Besitos monosos fashionistas♥♥

Miss Molly said...

hey Tavi.. great project but is it only open to the US? i'm from SA xoxo

Saperli De La Popette said...

good idea!!!!

If clothes, art, and warm fuzzy things tickle your fancy check this blog...


vintage birdy ♥ said...

good luck with this! ♥ :D

June said...

really sounds amazing.



WendyB said...

If you carried Diane on your shoulder, would you give her a cracker once in a while, like a parrot?

theflowerchild said...

oh yes, i saw that!
i am most likly entering...even though im no a filmmaker.

is it possible for two people to work on it?
because me and my friend totally want to do a partner ship. we are bother 13 :) well no shes actually 14.


Unknown said...

When it says "A release for the music and the talent" does that mean we need a release from everyone in the video and from the music artists?

Mitchie said...

I would make a video, but Im not talented. so.....no

Laura Valle McAlli said...

:0 wooww

walrus said...

love the picture ur like...normak and stuff ;>


Elana said...

how exciting!

Elana said...

how exciting!

Sue said...

she could be yr unequal conjoined fashion twin

M said...

would luv to kick my procrastinating habits to the curve and enter coz it could be so much fun

Unknown said...


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Unknown said...

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Carly Mearns said...

Tavi - Your beautiful!!

Roxanne said...

Tavi, and other followers, I am doing a research paper on blogging as a medium of advertisement for fashion, will blogging take over from print media and how fast is it happening? Do you have any views or opinions?


lovintrash said...


tough girl said...

Considering to enter.....but really not so good at film making...
btw,great photo!


Eriks said...

I saw that Miss Molly asked, who the creative invite is open to? So I wanted to let everyone know that it is open to anyone, wherever you may find yourself in the world.

Gustaf said...

Oh! Diane :-D

Anonymous said...


I saw someone looking at your page in studio one day ~in the UK~ and from that moment, I knew I wasn't the only secret biggest fan in the world. I like you because you're confident but u don't overdo it. Also, I like that you're from the OP. I swear, that place is full of treasures. You are 0 exception.


Birdie said...

I was hoping that you can post a DIY for a dress. I need to find one for my middle school graduation and really want to make my own.
I would be delighted if u would!!!!!

Chloe Brown said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds really exciting!

Polly x

Patricia said...

Great idea Tavi ! looking forward to seeing the videos



Grace Helmer said...

Hi Tavi, what kind of phone do you use? My housemate just had a dream that you had a blackberry and you gave her your pin but she had to promise not to bbm you when she was drunk. But I thought you were more likely to have an old nokia. Thank you, love Nicola xx

Grace Helmer said...

Sorry I did that from my housemates account, she's the one who had the dream but I wrote the comment, Nicola xx

Anonymous said...

Tavi - I do a fashion journalism course at London Central St Martins - you've probably heard of it! Alexander McQueen graduated from there!! You were a subject of one of our lectures! how awesome is that. you should be very proud of yourself... WELL DONE!! ps love your blog

Ann. said...

good luck with it :)
I have to say that you're so beautiful!

April said...

this is awesome - thanks for posting it :)

Sofia said...

Great job with the blog!


Lissa said...

completely unrelated to anything at all: read Rats Saw God (if you haven't already). it will change your life a little, and probably make you love dadaism a little more.

aw man. such a creepy note. love the blog! love your obsession with the 90s!

Unknown said...


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Pablo Picoso said...

Gucci, Prada,LV, CK, DK, Marc Jacobs.... blah blah blah... Marketing is a double edged sword that allows us all to know what the rich can afford, but cuts out the creative energies of the MANY designers that design for the Many fashionable people on a 'budget'. My label is JUNE. We sell next to Vince, Mike&Chris, Veda, Doma, Blur... Some of these companies are getting big enough to reach your ears and eyes, but most of us can't. I do feel as Tavi remarks that individualism is where it's at, but not only for the High Fashion set. We need a forum for design, not seen on a runway.

Unknown said...

Love it <3

hannah, heart city said...

this is exciting! i am going to try to make something to submit!! i have lots of free time to kill anywaysss...

Rule of Fashion said...

love you blog ^_^

checkout my shoppingblog

Valentine said...

that a good proposal, you are beautiful Tavi! I think I'm in love!
Your Valentine

NorwegianWood said...

In a strange twist of fate...someone just contacted me wanting to make a Norwegian Wood video...so I may be entering...who woulda guessed!?! Can't wait to see all the DIY videos, beyond prizes/etc that should be incredibly interesting for everyone!

chibi said...

oo arent you a busy bee lol
and your little comment underneath your merged photo... you're so weird love it LOL :D

SarahPeslar said...

Totally agreed about using the internet to find new fashion talents ;)


Anonymous said...

This is cool :)

zoomslow said...

The movement you need is on your shoulder? Macca wanted 2 get rid of this line, but John said, no, that's the best line in it, man!!

Lisa said...

hey tavi, i read all of you blogs and have been doing so for a long time now. You are really really great. Keep it up, my fashiony blog is wwww.inspire-respire-perspire-magic.blogspot.com, and my more life blog is www.living-my-own-life.piczo.com. I hope you can check them out if you have time and also I will be entering the contest i am getting my friends together and they are going to help me out....

XOP Lisa

Emma said...

Hello, my name is Emma, I am French, and I can say that I like your blog, a lot a lot dailleurs!:). I hope that you will answer me, Bye for now!:). XOXO Emma.

Emma said...

Hello, my name is Emma, I am French, and I can say that I like your blog, a lot a lot dailleurs!:). I hope that you will answer me, Bye for now!:). Emma.

Maria Matiopoulou said...

what a great idea !I ll let my friend know about it too*


Sootjeelina said...

Yeah you should grow veeerry big and then you can carry her on your shoulder.
Or actually make a paper-doll that you can name Harry or something and then he'll be your judge-buddy.. Just an idea.

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Deano SC said...

Awsome! : )

Anonymous said...

ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! at: http://fashionandpoise.blogspot.com/2010/05/giveaway.html

<3 claudia K

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had a couple questions. I was wondering if the music we added had to be music we made on our own or can we use pre-existing music? I know the winner gets their film screened as part of the next edition of ASVOFF opening in Paris, but would we be able to attend as part of the prize or will it just be shown without us in Paris?

Hayley said...

I love your blog! I just created my blog a few days ago and haven't commented until now but I must say I'm very impressed with your fashion insight and style! Beautiful blog! (the M&M wrapper dress is amazing!!)

Please check out my blog and give me some feedback! :)


Bailey Hospodor said...

You are gorgeous! Such an amazing talent at such a young age! I envy you:x


PlanetTogs.com said...

Ooooooh! Diane Pernet! Lucky girl to be in such great company! I see her at various fashion events around the world and everyone values her style input and overall wisdom. Have fun!

"Going beyond Paris, Milan, NY,..."

Leah said...

you look gorgeous in that picture on the right... hope that's what you were going for even though it probably wasn't... anyway, it never hurts to have someone say you're pretty!

The Mini Satorialist said...

I'm new to your blog and think its really cool. But I don't know much about you. Do you have a sight that I could go to to find more info about you???
Thanks Heaps!!!

The Mini Satorialist

onionchan said...

I might try this..im such an amature though haha


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