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When in New York a few days ago I met up with my favorite people Elizabeth and Laia. We were going to go to the Tim Burton exhibit but a bunch of assholes got there first so we went to Miu Miu instead. So TAKE THAT, I guess.
Reunited and it feels so good! Especially when there's a be-daisied dress behind you!
OK, the most important things of which to take note: Elizabeth's crazy secretary-in-a-Far-Side-comic Alexander Wang sunglasses and Miu Miu bag complete with shiny brooches..
And Laia's Radarte tee and Prada fairytale shoes which NOM NOM NOM NOM.IMG_3322
I wonder if Tommy Ton ever feels tempted to gnaw the shoe heel of his subjects when shooting them up close? Or is that kind of creepy? Really, you think so? Well what I meant by "gnaw" was actually..when I said "heel" I was really saying...yeah, no way to recover, I'm just creepy.
Which is okay! Because I bought this, and it is rather creepy, so creepy that I would in fact get in Lots Of Trouble if I wore it to school. No it's not a super short skirt, or a plane, or a bird, or a John Wesley print of a bird; it's:
Untitled 3
"packaging porn," in brandon's words-he is right.

Shit, I'm not even gonna try to be cool about this, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. Favorite Miu Miu collection, favorite print, so very important. I can't wait to wear it to job interviews and day care centers and other places where you're supposed to set a good example and leave a good impression! I feel a little silly for not noticing the logo when I bought it -- I like the idea of leaving some people wondering where the hell you get a collar with naked people on it, and the logo answers it and looks like it's there to kind of justify the weirdness, but WHATEVER I HAVE
Untitled 2
Soft tee, Miu Miu collar, Prada skirt, American Apparel tights, Comme des Garcons shoes. Supposed to let you know I was sent Soft tee + AA tights for the blog because of FTC regulations, yada yada yada.

Colors, prints, etc.When I wear these tights to school everyone thinks I drew math and punctuation symbols on myself. I pinned the skirt so it draped and got a little off-kilter. Lastly, it is really nice to feel sweet spring greens between your red leather printed toes.IMG_3507