can't look you in the eye

Oh man, I haven't posted in a week! I haven't been quite sure how to follow up on the Sassy post - mainly because, well, a new one is possibly in the works! - so until I can address that more comfortably I bring you an epiphany I was very pleased to have while singing showtunes to Kristin over Skype (Dreamgirls and The Sound of Music, if you must know, and BEAUTIFULLY, may I add, contrary to what the person on the other end might tell you):

There was an obvious kinderwhore Courtney vibe from Proenza Schouler's Fall collection but it wasn't until I was looking at Marc Jacobs for the millionth time (and, can I say, it is inspiring and fresh and exciting every time) (Ugh, I hate when you love something so much your stomach hurts! Unless it's the incessant amounts of Fruit Roll Ups. Or awful singing!) (Run-on sentences, ugh) (TOO MANY PARENTHESIS)


It was not until I came across this look again that I realized how similar it was to prom queen Courtney's dress in the Miss World video. And the Proenza dress is similar to kinderwhore Courtney's dress in the Miss World video. So I decided to post it. Because I haven't posted in a while. And I was excited about these references.

To conclude, I need more sugar.