"woohoo yeah go sports"-kristin prim's pajamas

So...how do I say this, really? BASICALLY I came home one day and there was a package with a card from the creative director of Prada, Fabio, saying that he and Mrs. Prada saw that I really liked (or was being really creepy/in love with) the Spring 2000 collection and liked my blog (THIS LIL OLD THING? Shucks) and WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? The lip print skirts from that collection? I mean..crazy. When did all this happen again? I am not going to get used to it.
t-shirt from Isabel. american apparel sheer button-down. repetto shoes, gift. rodarte for target tights, and due to FTC regulations I am supposed to let you know that I received compensation and pieces from the rodarte for target collection for my collaboration with target. prada lip skirt. wren black skirt underneath.

Despite my expression I was DYING inside, as I was the WHOLE DAY. I normally wouldn't wear such godly pieces of godliness to school amongst all those MERE MORTALS! With their AXE and their OLD SPICE! But alas, I am a mortal as well; one with greasy fingers and a runny nose, even. Still, I could not resist, and really wanted to break out the grey one this morning.
I don't think there was really any inspiration, I think I wanted to wear the skirt as a kind of babydoll dress and then add semi-gothteenager stuff, like the lace and the sheer button-down, to make it more creepy and less girly, more moody teenager, make it not look like something Charlotte would've worn on Sex and the City. The navy shoes just looked right. And I sort of like the idea of trying to cover a gray t-shirt with a nice button-down and fancy girly lips.
Also, I look like a penguin.

I enjoy how it looks like I'm taking off a wig. Speaking of this hair of mine, it's pretty much grey now! And it's lots of fun, because people can't figure out if I'm 80 or 13. Sometimes I don't know either, as most of the time I just like to bicker about the state of our world and wear hats, in various locations, including school, park benches, and my home.

Had to fasten the skirt to stay up using a baby pin. Putting a hole through the glorious fabric was painful but ended up not really affecting the skirt, THANKFULLY. And it sort of adds to the babydoll dress thing, in a weird way.
And a better picture of the print. Notice how the lips practically GLOW. Do your lips practically GLOW? And those pleeeeeaats. No.words.
The shoes are too big for me but I put them on for the picture. I do and don't want to grow. If I do, I'll fit more into these shoes and other clothes, but I'll also outgrow some of my current favorite pieces. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Um, not that I have a choice. But! Anyway:
I was also lucky enough to receive the skirt with red lips, which I plan to somehow incorporate into a creepy nurse/Richard Prince outfit.

Oh, life. Oh, people! You are very good to me, and I am lucky. One day I will be saying to my grandchildren, "You know, I once had a blog, which is like those hologram things you kids have now, but it was on a big cubic device. And some people kinda got a kick out of it, and I sometimes got things like skirts from Prada." And they'll be like "LOL OK TIME FOR BED, BUBBE."