take a walk on the punky funky nerdy wild side

I.AM.SO.EXCITED.FOR.THIS.MOVIE.This was my tiny tribute, worn yesterday. Mainly greens, browns, and yellows, and then textures and shapes that remind me of friendly monsters.
I thrifted these shoes a couple weeks ago and they're nice and furry and will be a part of my David Bowie outfit once I acquire enough shiny for such a project.I stayed home sick today but my cold is finally beat which is great news because the Weardrobe conference is this weekend and I'M KIND OF REALLY PUMPED. And nervous, excited, etc. Basically the awesome folks over there have organized this nuts weekend full of shopping and being touristy and eating and it'll be like Weardrobe Camp, aka awesome. I have a feeling we'll all be really close by the end of it and then it'll all be over and stupid. Seriously though, check out this list of lovely ladies! Ok, now memorize it. You know why? Because we will be terrorizing New York and you will have to be able to identify us. Heh heh heh heh heh.Ooooooh prettyyyyyyyyy.
I am looking for my can of coins from when I was in elementary school and decided I would save up all of my allowance until I'm an adult and then I would be a millionaire by the time I was grown up. Obviously, a fail. I need to find it now though because I am DYING to get tons of September issues and our Borders here hasn't gotten a new Vogue UK since April. And something tells me New York will have good shopping, I think?

AHHHAHAHAH I LOVE YOU. Once Sophie and I babysat a kid named Max who had a room his mom had painted like the woods in the book, it was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen.