uh oh

Now on a Maurice Sendak kick. I always LOVED Really Rosie!!!!

Ugh, this my JAM you guys.
Dear Spike Jonze: Please remake Really Rosie. I know Karen O and you are super tight so she should be Rosie. I think all the characters should be played by adults, like in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Or if you do use kids, do not use certain channel 54 in the Chicago area people. Selena Gomez is already doing Ramona and that is more than enough of that. And Ruth Gordon will be Pierre's mom, even though she's sort of dead. Mariel Hemingway's daughter can be the brunette girl, because she's pretty and reminds me of Tracy in Manhattan. Charles Anastase and Nicholas Ghesquiere should do costumes, and Manolo Blahnik can make a bunch of special shoes for the movie like he did with Marie Antoinette, since they're obviously the same thing. Much love, the Supervisor* for your upcoming production of Really Rosie.

*I will sit around watching and eating donuts.