"she's fainted! get the brandy!"

Ella and I spent all of Saturday night and Sunday morning watching movies and movies and movies. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS BUT I paid attention to the clothes more than anything else (besides how much Tippi Hedren seemed to simply ADORE driving in The Birds, and that in all of the movies we watched, whenever somebody would get injured or be pretty much on their deathbed, whoever tending to them would scream for brandy) but because I'm pretty sure most of the clothes in these movies have been covered in the blogosphere before, I am going to risk the Being Really Ridiculously Pretentious thing and look at the movies' aesthetic, not just clothes. (And why yes, yes I did just write a paragraph-long sentence that probably only made sense in my head.) I can assure you that this movie marathon of ours was one of two times I've been cultured this year, the other being when I went to a museum in the city! Otherwise I just sit in my room and look at issues of Lula while making whale noises of enthusiasm over how pretty the styling is and eat crackers.

Vertigo In a nutshell: James Stewart is stalking his friend's wife named Madeleine because his friend thinks she's going nuts because of her crazy great grandmother of which the wife knows nothing but still feels this weird internal connection with and it becomes a huge mess. The highlight is definitely when a nun comes out of nowhere and starts ringing a bell. Obviously the clothes are cool, but they're pretty much what you'd expect from a movie made in 1958. More inspiring I think is the setting and the eerie feel. Flowers and beautiful architecture everywhere and a DAME IN A CUTE DRESS (I sometimes like to talk like I'm in Guys and Dolls?) make for a pleasant idea, but throw in the vertigo and mental illness and murder and it's super creepy. As an outfit: cheery and floral with a few dark details like a black necklace. Maybe even a knife. Well no, not really. Yes really. *shifts eyes*

The Birds Another one where the clothes are pretty basic and simple but the feel is FREAAAKAYYY. Think of that bird print dress from McQueen AW09 and how it's super creepmaster. Yeah.
Also we could not stop cracking up at this part (one minute and twelve seconds to be precise:)

Are we crazy and terrible or is that really just hilarious? Oh man, almost as good as the Windows XP screensaver used all the time in Vertigo. Alfred Hitchcock come over here and give me a hug.

Marie Antoinette
With Marie Antoinette it's the clothes, setting, and aesthetic that would make for cool outfit inspiration. The hair, dresses, shoes CUSTOM MADE BY MANOLO BLAHNIK FOR THE MOVIE (goddamnit) and every other luxurious everything in every scene are incredibly detailed, very perfect and clean and pastel-y and very very amazing. Translated into my dream outfit: a shirt with some pattern that looks like fancy pastries, a couple curtains draped here and there, wallpaper print tights, a pretty lace fan, custom-made Blahniks (goddamnit, again,) and, since there is that FIERY SPIRIT of Marie Antoinette that means sneaking off to fancy balls (the scandal!) maybe something neon pink as opposed to pastel baby pink too (no Ramones tees or scuffed up Converse for this combination for me though, the irony with those mixed with tutus or tiaras isn't fun anymore/is Avril Lavigne.)
Man I would totally love to style a Marie Antoinette shoot with all the clothes from most of the AW09 shows.

ManhattanThe whole movie has a very autumn feel, even though I don't think it takes place in the fall. Maybe because Yokoo is a fall staple for me, and Yokoo reminds me so much of Woody Allen? Anyway, the whole movie is black and white, the humor is unforced and natural, and adding that to images like the one above pretty much makes for a very breeeeezy, Autumn-in-New York feel (I've never been to NY in the Fall, but shut up.) It's so...like...they're walking down the street in loose button down type things and ~cas(ual) and it's a little windy and awhiumugnonnggggggdufl. I am terrible at trying to put into words 98% of things. Decipher my whale noises?
I don't think anyone other than my soul get what I mean but basically the aesthetic of the movie (because I have no other word for overall feel and aesthetic makes me sound kewl nd smert) would translate into a cross between an Annie Hall-type outfit in its I-just-threw-this-on-ness, and a "Posh Sans Dosh" (fashion story from Love Issue 2) type outfit to cover the neoroticness and awkwardness of the character Isaac (the Love story was a little nervous-old-man-like with all of its tweed and such and I loved it.)

Evidently, I become more and more incoherent as time goes on, and should probably keep this next one short and simple: HEY BUD, LET'S PARTY!