"'buy you a drink?' is this what people listen to?" "that song is pretty old actually." "oh god, then how old does that make me?"

Being a teenager is full of random realizations and epiphanies! You become naturally smarter! Like, today I realized the dude that sits next to me in social studies looks like David Bowie, and that the only time I like pictures of flowers is if they're dead.Like I said in my last post, we teenagers need lots of sleep, so today I got a FULL 15 minutes in during gym! You might ask how this is possible, and guilt fills me in admitting that my day is not in fact as interesting as it sounds. I'm not in dodgeball or exercise or anything and did not randomly drop to the floor, I'm in yoga. But I love yoga, so this is okay. You see, I was very strategic in picking my gym units for the last trimester: Walk-Fit, where you walk laps, and seriously get detentions for running; Yoga, where entire periods are devoted to relaxation/sleeping; and Orienteering, where you go to the park and look at a map and scratch your head in confusion.tavi tee, available in sidebar. thrifted skirt, shoes, cardigan. chris & jaime rope necklace cut off of dress. drugstore tights.
On to even more LIFE-ALTERING AND GROUNDBREAKINGLY INSANE NEWS, I dressed like easter egg throw up today. The skirt is this slip I got yesterday at Salvation Army while the lady working there threatened to beat my dad with her cane because she thought he was a random man that came in to follow me around.Obvz won't wear it as a slip, might just use the fabric or wear it in more acidic ways like today. Was gonna put it on eBay because it is in mostly great shape but there are tiny stains and rips that make it wearable but not quite sellable.
Speaking of eBay, every CWAC item that could've been sold so far has. This means we've raised $134.97 so far!! Lots of new items should go up this weekend and I'll be sure to update when there's something new. I really can't tell you guys how thankful I am for the bidding and donations and support. You are amazing beyond belief.
If you missed the first post on CWAC, get filled in here.Lately I have been living in this tiny bizarre bubble of strange things and oddities and I quite like it.