it's 5! no, 6. 7 WHATEVER.

So guys?
I did it.
I robbed a bank.
I mean.
Got my hair cut.
Which hair did I get cut, you ask? Heh, punny.
Do you like my pesudo haiku?
I hope you do.
I do too.

Anyway! Edie didn't really work out, it's a little more Mia Farrow, I suppose? Herm. At first I regretted it but am really happy with it now. SUPERCUTS FTW. Seriously, $12 AND I got to read People. The smell of all the chemicals in there makes me numb of conscience so I actually ENJOYED reading up on Mel Gibson's divorce. I have never even heard of him, other than in Clueless. AND IT WAS STILL FUN.
Then spent the whole day taking pictures until it started raining and I read to my dog on top of the mantle. She was shivering the whole time but she would never run away from me because she thinks I look like chicken.
Ohohoh, I have no brain-washing chemicals to make you bid on this hat but I can help you consider it! This black vintage hat from the 30's-40's is up on eBay for CWAC. It is in seriously great condition, but you can find out more here and bid here (for the record, I will always have more pictures at the CWAC blog because it costs more to have them on eBay.)
If you're wondering what what sounds like "quack" is, click here!Soooo pretty. I almost don't want to sell this one but a hat in such good shape/older than that biblical dude kinda should hopefully raise a good amount for STAND.

Lastly, because it's late on a saturday night and I'm basically just talking out of my ass, I will provide you with my rewritten version "Buy You a Drank." I found out about this song just the other day though it is apparently quite old, but did not however approve of the lyrics.

Going to purchase you a beverage
Going to walk you to your front door and not be a creep
I have an alright income, but I'm not bragging
What are your thoughts on that, hmmm?
Find me in my yellow eco-friendly Smart Car