i don't live in a zoo, this is SUBURBIA. also no one smells like monkeys here they smell like soccer fields/perfume.

Today was my 13th birthday. I FEEL OLD, GUYZ. Even if I'm not. Not OLD, necessarily, just not wise, at least. I always had this idea that when I aged I'd be all ~philosophical~ like Morrie Schwartz and awesome like Anna Piaggi. I'm older but not wiser. Just like.. awkward. Omgwtf, is THIS is the awkward stage Ramona's mom said Beezus was going through when she asked? Hm. Well, thank you BEVERLY CLEARY for that lesson. This is what you look like when you turn 13!This is ShamWow.This is Bob Dylan.
This is what you spend an hour on buying at Jewel- figuring out the cake kind, frosting, how you will coordinate the colors of the icing with the colors of the frosting, AND how you will incorporate all that into the colors of the candles. And then your friend writes your name on it to show you how special you are, and to give Bob arms.
This is the face you will make in every photo for the next few years, because it is awkward, and because teenagers are awkward, and because you are ~CHANGING~
Well, this morning's mentality was.. actually, it was "Oy my back hurts, do I really have to get out of bed?" (12 going on 76, I'm tellin ya.) But it was ALSO that since it is a special day I get to wear clothes that should not be in school prescense due to holiness. Obesity and Speed shirt, Comme for H&M jacket, Rodarte tights, Yokoo scarf, and vintage Givenchy sunglasses. A gift to myself, I guess. Thank you self. You're welcome. OH I'M SORRY WAS THAT AWKWARD I DIDN'T REALIZE I'M A TEENAGER!!!!!1111!~!!1
pictures by sophie
This is how you pose when you're an awkward 13 year old.
Though the idea of being considered a teenager is scarier to me than this and this, I am quite ready to outgrow being 12. Now I can't be considered "cute" by anyone, just more annoying than ever! Muahaha! Let me provide you with angsty venting and complaints about homework, boys, and lunch food!
Speaking of boys, HI KEITH. More people at school are finding out about this here blog. Thank you for not throwing pennies at me/mocking my dorky fangirling, classmates. And Keith: Did you ever get that lollipop out of your hair?
The skirt is from a dress I thrifted the other day that should have enough fabric to make a pair of shorts and shirt along with this skirt. The fabric is SOOO Balenciaga-y, so when I say "shirt" I really mean pulling a Forever 21 and being cheap. This skirt still has lots of safety pins in it since I'm too lazy to actually sew on elastic, but it saves time! GOTTA say, kiiiinda glad I have such awful capacity that I'm alright making a bad ripoff AND being lazy about it. B jealz?Cut up a bag I bought from H&M last year to use the fabric. More origami head things await.
I hear "teenagers" need lots of "sleep." So I will crawl into bed and try to "sleep." And while I say this, I will make tiny "quotes" with my "hands," in a very careless "teenager-like" "manner."

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will say "awkward" and "teenager" less in the next post.
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obesity and speed shirt. comme des garcons x h&m jacket. diy headband and skirt. rodarte tights, gift. slow & steady wins the race shoes. yokoo scarf. vintage givenchy glasses, gift.