April 29, 2009


When Laura and Kate of Rodarte mentioned a birthday gift in an email I didn't know what to expect. They're awesome crazy.I mean GEEZ, the Star Wars stickers and Quentin Blake card and pink ribbon would've been enough!
Best birthday present ever. EVER. It's all downhill from here. It really is.
It's super super delicate.. I think I can only wear it if I go to FW. Or meet Rei.
Oh, there she is.
Seriously though, can I completely lose it now?!?!
These pictures do it NO justice. None. I tried doing detail shots but then remembered they have an epic website with better pictures taken with a 543295834 pixel camera. So go chk it like the people in the Check Into Banking commercial (anyone? bueller?) while I try to remember what I did ever that made me deserve this. Checking...yeah, I AM UNWORTHY.
OH man. I don't even KNOW, GUYZ. This is too crazy! But the perfect thing to come home to after a schooly day at school. More than perfect. Sweet jesus.
What a crazy day.. I love it. The spine in back, the colors, all the textures... I can't even talk about it. Agh!
Time to TRY to sleep.

mom's top. rodarte cardigan (i like the way that sounds). drugstore tights. skirt from jen. i heart norwegian wood skirt. vintage boots from rumi. necklace cut off from chris & jaime dress.

April 28, 2009

to those that ask: my titles are usually song titles or inside jokes or awful puns or answering questions like this

I wrote about Queen Michelle's Borders & Frontiers shirt before (have a few other blogger tees that have come out since to write about too) and mine came yesterday! The design is a picture of her uncle Billy and the word "TRUE," and you can read about it here because I would probably end up putting my foot in my mouth trying to say something intelligent about it and there's already lots of yummy chocolate taking up space in there. And a cavity.
This isn't what I wore it with to school because I was recently diagnosed with Never Wakes Up On Time Because I Go To Bed Too Late Due To Procrastination Disorder Hi Teachers That Recently Found Out About Blog Don't Worry I'm Typing Your Paper As I.. Type Syndrome. Today I was a good blogger and wore it with tights and Docs and a plaid shirt, and when I got home wore it with the military blazer everyone is also buzzing about. Yeah, FML. I'm losing inspiration.
Oho, I did wear this to the eyeglasses place though. I tried on pretty round ones that made me look like Harry Potter and sparkly ones that made me look like Dame Edna. I don't know what I want but the ones I have now are so very 3rd grade BOB CHEESE RANDOM MONKEYS (wink to person that knows what that means. In fact, lots of what I put on here are tiny winks to special people. So if you think I'm losing my mind when I say something completely irrelevant, I'm being an exclusive bully. But I'm losing my mind, too).
Speaking of Bob Dylan, GUESS WHO IS SEEING HIM JULY 1ST. Actually, no one was talking about him, so allow me to seem less obnoxious and make it relevant with these epic paper clothes at MoMu in Antwerp.AGH so pretty. Also like a portable writing pad. Cause, you know, you normally can't move writing pads. They're stationary like evil P.E. bikes.

April 27, 2009

see, this is why people like you don't see movies about schizophrenic homeless people playing cello. go see monsters vs. aliens with KEITH.

Posts have really slowed down lately because of my Bowel Movement. No, I'm not constipated! You silly goose. That's what I call my Bat Mitzvah, because they share the same initials, and because I need to maintain a little bit of my youth before I am Accepted As A Woman Into The Jewish Community.
Aaaaaanyway, these are only some of the awesome things to be going up this week on Clothing With a Cause. Keep checking because it'll all be up soon!Michael Kors turtleneck top (in such good shape)
Epic vintage dress, idieidieidie. The color is SO perfect, I couldn't get a good picture because light is bipolar but these do it no justice. I wore it here but it's too big for me, icryicryicry.
Brand new Samantha Pleet crop top bustier thing. Super rad and such nice fabric.
The perfect little black dress OH BUT WAIT-there are a bunch of adorable bows on the back. I loathe whoever gets this one.

April 25, 2009

it's 5! no, 6. 7 WHATEVER.

So um....you guys?
I did it.
I robbed a bank.
I mean.
Got my hair cut.
Which hair did I get cut, you ask? Heh, punny.
Do you like my pesudo haiku?
I hope you do.
I do too.

Anyway! Edie didn't really work out, it's a little more Mia Farrow, I suppose? Herm. At first I regretted it but am really happy with it now. SUPERCUTS FTW. Seriously, $12 AND I got to read People. The smell of all the chemicals in there makes me numb of conscience so I actually ENJOYED reading up on Mel Gibson's divorce. I have never even heard of him, other than in Clueless. AND IT WAS STILL FUN.
Then spent the whole day taking pictures until it started raining and I read to my dog on top of the mantle. She was shivering the whole time but she would never run away from me because she thinks I look like chicken.
Ohohoh, I have no brain-washing chemicals to make you bid on this hat but I can help you consider it! This black vintage hat from the 30's-40's is up on eBay for CWAC. It is in seriously great condition, but you can find out more here and bid here (for the record, I will always have more pictures at the CWAC blog because it costs more to have them on eBay.)
If you're wondering what what sounds like "quack" is, click here!Soooo pretty. I almost don't want to sell this one but a hat in such good shape/older than that biblical dude kinda should hopefully raise a good amount for STAND.

Lastly, because it's late on a saturday night and I'm basically just talking out of my ass, I will provide you with my rewritten version "Buy You a Drank." I found out about this song just the other day though it is apparently quite old, but did not however approve of the lyrics.

Going to purchase you a beverage
Going to walk you to your front door and not be a creep
I have an alright income, but I'm not bragging
What are your thoughts on that, hmmm?
Find me in my yellow eco-friendly Smart Car

April 23, 2009

"'buy you a drink?' is this what people listen to?" "that song is pretty old actually." "oh god, then how old does that make me?"

Being a teenager is full of random realizations and epiphanies! You become naturally smarter! Like, today I realized the dude that sits next to me in social studies looks like David Bowie, and that the only time I like pictures of flowers is if they're dead.Like I said in my last post, we teenagers need lots of sleep, so today I got a FULL 15 minutes in during gym! You might ask how this is possible, and guilt fills me in admitting that my day is not in fact as interesting as it sounds. I'm not in dodgeball or exercise or anything and did not randomly drop to the floor, I'm in yoga. But I love yoga, so this is okay. You see, I was very strategic in picking my gym units for the last trimester: Walk-Fit, where you walk laps, and seriously get detentions for running; Yoga, where entire periods are devoted to relaxation/sleeping; and Orienteering, where you go to the park and look at a map and scratch your head in confusion.tavi tee, available in sidebar. thrifted skirt, shoes, cardigan. chris & jaime rope necklace cut off of dress. drugstore tights.
On to even more LIFE-ALTERING AND GROUNDBREAKINGLY INSANE NEWS, I dressed like easter egg throw up today. The skirt is this slip I got yesterday at Salvation Army while the lady working there threatened to beat my dad with her cane because she thought he was a random man that came in to follow me around.Obvz won't wear it as a slip, might just use the fabric or wear it in more acidic ways like today. Was gonna put it on eBay because it is in mostly great shape but there are tiny stains and rips that make it wearable but not quite sellable.
Speaking of eBay, every CWAC item that could've been sold so far has. This means we've raised $134.97 so far!! Lots of new items should go up this weekend and I'll be sure to update when there's something new. I really can't tell you guys how thankful I am for the bidding and donations and support. You are amazing beyond belief.
If you missed the first post on CWAC, get filled in here.Lately I have been living in this tiny bizarre bubble of strange things and oddities and I quite like it.

April 21, 2009

i don't live in a zoo, this is SUBURBIA. also no one smells like monkeys here they smell like soccer fields/perfume.

Today was my 13th birthday. I FEEL OLD, GUYZ. Even if I'm not. Not OLD, necessarily, just not wise, at least. I always had this idea that when I aged I'd be all ~philosophical~ like Morrie Schwartz and awesome like Anna Piaggi. I'm older but not wiser. Just like.. awkward. Omgwtf, is THIS is the awkward stage Ramona's mom said Beezus was going through when she asked? Hm. Well, thank you BEVERLY CLEARY for that lesson. This is what you look like when you turn 13!This is ShamWow.This is Bob Dylan.
This is what you spend an hour on buying at Jewel- figuring out the cake kind, frosting, how you will coordinate the colors of the icing with the colors of the frosting, AND how you will incorporate all that into the colors of the candles. And then your friend writes your name on it to show you how special you are, and to give Bob arms.
This is the face you will make in every photo for the next few years, because it is awkward, and because teenagers are awkward, and because you are ~CHANGING~
Well, this morning's mentality was.. actually, it was "Oy my back hurts, do I really have to get out of bed?" (12 going on 76, I'm tellin ya.) But it was ALSO that since it is a special day I get to wear clothes that should not be in school prescense due to holiness. Obesity and Speed shirt, Comme for H&M jacket, Rodarte tights, Yokoo scarf, and vintage Givenchy sunglasses. A gift to myself, I guess. Thank you self. You're welcome. OH I'M SORRY WAS THAT AWKWARD I DIDN'T REALIZE I'M A TEENAGER!!!!!1111!~!!1
pictures by sophie
This is how you pose when you're an awkward 13 year old.
Though the idea of being considered a teenager is scarier to me than this and this, I am quite ready to outgrow being 12. Now I can't be considered "cute" by anyone, just more annoying than ever! Muahaha! Let me provide you with angsty venting and complaints about homework, boys, and lunch food!
Speaking of boys, HI KEITH. More people at school are finding out about this here blog. Thank you for not throwing pennies at me/mocking my dorky fangirling, classmates. And Keith: Did you ever get that lollipop out of your hair?
The skirt is from a dress I thrifted the other day that should have enough fabric to make a pair of shorts and shirt along with this skirt. The fabric is SOOO Balenciaga-y, so when I say "shirt" I really mean pulling a Forever 21 and being cheap. This skirt still has lots of safety pins in it since I'm too lazy to actually sew on elastic, but it saves time! GOTTA say, kiiiinda glad I have such awful capacity that I'm alright making a bad ripoff AND being lazy about it. B jealz?Cut up a bag I bought from H&M last year to use the fabric. More origami head things await.
I hear "teenagers" need lots of "sleep." So I will crawl into bed and try to "sleep." And while I say this, I will make tiny "quotes" with my "hands," in a very careless "teenager-like" "manner."

" "
will say "awkward" and "teenager" less in the next post.
" " " " " "gedarjye38743thgsejkg

obesity and speed shirt. comme des garcons x h&m jacket. diy headband and skirt. rodarte tights, gift. slow & steady wins the race shoes. yokoo scarf. vintage givenchy glasses, gift.

April 16, 2009

he's like a really tall lanky bald man that should be wearing a purple striped suit and a top hat.

I don't know why it's around this time every year I start getting sick of my hair (rhyming not intentional but TOTALLY COOL). Maybe it's because my birthday be coming up and I need some kind of ~change~ but the main reason is that my current hair is a mix of a mullet/No Country for Old Men/Anna Wintour (not a good thing, srsly)/and like, that really ugly little boy in your preschool that was the biggest bully ever so you eventually hit him for stealing your crayon (or it might've been a block, you can't really remember) and you got in big ass trouble for basically just showing him wut's wut in the wut.
Anyway, last year I wanted to go Twiggy, which ended up not happening, something I now don't regret because she probably used lots of gel or spray or whatever those fancy things are and I refuse to do more to my hair in the morning other than brushing it. Now I'm looking at Edie Sedgwick, who was just awesome.You can't really see her hair in some of these but WHATEVS LET ME FANGIRL.
(This isn't her singing, but MAN wouldn't that be just another reason to love her.)
I also don't know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to be 60's ladies that were crack addicts, but whatevs, if I could I would totez be friends with Edie or Marianne Faithfull.
I guess my ideal hair would be a Grace Jones cut or Bob Dylan but genetics seem to think differently. OR THIS:Yes, this is ideal.
first two, nylon. 3, gnarjen. 4+5, weheartit. 6.

April 15, 2009

pants that smell like crackers (sophie)

So. Peepz always be talking about "thoughtful" or "intellectual" design. Putting a message or concept behind an outfit or collection, etc. Martin Margiela and Rei are probably my favorite designers for this. Rei is great at bringing out emotions like sadness or loneliness that are so much different than the emotions or features some other designers try to highlight, such as happiness or a glamorous disposition. Neither are bad, and I think it's great if someone can design a dress that makes a woman feel confident, but I have much more admiration for people like Rei that can focus on the more scary emotions that are harder to think about and harder to express through clothing (and I don't mean obvious ideas like making a shirt out of bullets to show how ~ANGRY~ you are or writing "ALL ALONE" on a t shirt, I mean the overall feeling and emotions a collection can not only express, but bring out in you as well). Margiela is great at making a point about something. I can't relocate the link I once had bookmarked with more details about this, but he did a collection in the 90's that just blew up Barbie clothes but kept the proportions. You can imagine what this looks like.
BUT, I'm going off on a tangent. My point is, thoughtful design is the kind I most want to emulate (though I don't see a problem with designs based off the look of something: balance of colors, shape, etc. That's most of what goes into styling an outfit, no?) I find that it is much easier to put a concept behind an outfit when you're designing rather than styling, because, well, in design you can create whatever you want and in styling you work with what you have. So, this morning I tried the whole ~CONCEPT~ thing, though I'm not sure how clearly it came across..whatevs, it's a start I suppose? This is not to claim that I am some kind of //deeply//thoughtful// and //intellectual//person//omg read my poem I wrote//it's about rain drops and//crying blood//brb gonna go read some//really big books///about philosophy/// whatsoever, more an experiment to see what my tiny thoughts are maybe capable of producing.
Anyway, yesterday a very awesome person named Annie dropped off this very awesome pullover. It has lots of very awesome little mirrors and I was making very funny faces in it all day!
The idea is suburbia- the area around me every day, so it wasn't very hard to pick up on qualities of it. The tulle I pinned to random places on the sweater is supposed to make the mirrors look jaded. You can't get an accurate reflection looking into them. Since black leather is considered sort of "rebellious," the skirt represents the sort of rule-breaker we all are on some level..but since we are in suburbia, we're rather caged in, hence the cage skirt.
This probably makes way more sense in my head/felt much less pretentious before I started writing this post, but it's an idea I'd like to build off of more. A possible photo shoot to do this summer, perhaps? Blah. We'll see.

And while I have your attention-don't forget to check CWAC!

April 14, 2009

WOW, I am so amazed at the amount of support Clothing With a Cause has already received since my Sunday night post! Thank you guys so much, I can't say how happy I am to see everyone spreading the word and offering to help. If you'd like to donate (which would be really amazing, like, beyond belief) you can email me- tavitoons@yahoo.com. I'll do the work and put them up and you can just clean out your closet!
Two new items up since Sunday, two of my favorites. A 1980's Charlee Allison dress and incredibly epic brown 30's-40's hat. I have too many good things to say about both so just check out more pictures and details here. Remember, all profits go to STAND. If you haven't checked in recently and are wondering what I'm talking about, go here.Bid here, wonderful human beings and incredibly exceptional individuals and beautiful humanitarians!
Though I'm sure loving Andy Warhol is some type of ism you could find on Hipster Hunter, I would be lying through my teeth if I said he isn't one of my favorite artists. Granted, I don't know much about art, but if I like the overall feeling or emotion or mindset a piece of art puts me in I'll save it to my desktop. I'm not even going to try throwing around a bunch of long adjectives and explaining WHY I like the 25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy series but if I could try to incorporate the general aesthetic of it into an outfit I definitely would.
I couldn't locate all of them online but these are inspiring on their own. Enlarge and look at the details!
And if they can't inspire an outfit, they can inspire a song! (even if it is just kinda nonsense)
Thanks again dudez.