he's like a really tall lanky bald man that should be wearing a purple striped suit and a top hat.

I don't know why it's around this time every year I start getting sick of my hair (rhyming not intentional but TOTALLY COOL). Maybe it's because my birthday be coming up and I need some kind of ~change~ but the main reason is that my current hair is a mix of a mullet/No Country for Old Men/Anna Wintour (not a good thing, srsly)/and like, that really ugly little boy in your preschool that was the biggest bully ever so you eventually hit him for stealing your crayon (or it might've been a block, you can't really remember) and you got in big ass trouble for basically just showing him wut's wut in the wut.
Anyway, last year I wanted to go Twiggy, which ended up not happening, something I now don't regret because she probably used lots of gel or spray or whatever those fancy things are and I refuse to do more to my hair in the morning other than brushing it. Now I'm looking at Edie Sedgwick, who was just awesome.You can't really see her hair in some of these but WHATEVS LET ME FANGIRL.
(This isn't her singing, but MAN wouldn't that be just another reason to love her.)
I also don't know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to be 60's ladies that were crack addicts, but whatevs, if I could I would totez be friends with Edie or Marianne Faithfull.
I guess my ideal hair would be a Grace Jones cut or Bob Dylan but genetics seem to think differently. OR THIS:Yes, this is ideal.
first two, nylon. 3, gnarjen. 4+5, weheartit. 6.