to those that ask: my titles are usually song titles or inside jokes or awful puns or answering questions like this

I wrote about Queen Michelle's Borders & Frontiers shirt before (have a few other blogger tees that have come out since to write about too) and mine came yesterday! The design is a picture of her uncle Billy and the word "TRUE," and you can read about it here because I would probably end up putting my foot in my mouth trying to say something intelligent about it and there's already lots of yummy chocolate taking up space in there. And a cavity.
This isn't what I wore it with to school because I was recently diagnosed with Never Wakes Up On Time Because I Go To Bed Too Late Due To Procrastination Disorder Hi Teachers That Recently Found Out About Blog Don't Worry I'm Typing Your Paper As I.. Type Syndrome. Today I was a good blogger and wore it with tights and Docs and a plaid shirt, and when I got home wore it with the military blazer everyone is also buzzing about. Yeah, FML. I'm losing inspiration.
Oho, I did wear this to the eyeglasses place though. I tried on pretty round ones that made me look like Harry Potter and sparkly ones that made me look like Dame Edna. I don't know what I want but the ones I have now are so very 3rd grade BOB CHEESE RANDOM MONKEYS (wink to person that knows what that means. In fact, lots of what I put on here are tiny winks to special people. So if you think I'm losing my mind when I say something completely irrelevant, I'm being an exclusive bully. But I'm losing my mind, too).
Speaking of Bob Dylan, GUESS WHO IS SEEING HIM JULY 1ST. Actually, no one was talking about him, so allow me to seem less obnoxious and make it relevant with these epic paper clothes at MoMu in Antwerp.AGH so pretty. Also like a portable writing pad. Cause, you know, you normally can't move writing pads. They're stationary like evil P.E. bikes.