[insert something stupid conor said today here]

Today felt like spring and I LOVE it. What I wore, I basically just tried building the outfit around this printed H&M dress from Kirsty Lee. The outfit kind of reminds me of Blues Clues. When I was little I never understood why Magenta was the boy but that is what happens when you grow up amongst the narrow minds of SUBURBIA.I never did like that strange "Steve" guy though. I remember all the rumors that he quit the show to join a rock band and got tons of piercings, which I actually believed at the time. NOT COOL, STEVE. Why anyone would trade in a hanging out with a bunch of cartoon dogs that can't talk and the voices of little children screaming the answers to their overly obvious questions and a handy dandy notebook in for making music and having adoring fans is BEYOND ME.
And as I sit here typing about this Steve I see a commercial for the next ANTM season. I say we start a petition for Steve to try out. He could learn a lot from good ole TB. Oh Steeeeeve...

thrifted belt and skirt. gifted shirt and socks. american apparel circle scarf. childhood closet hoodie. slow & steady wins the race shoes.