For a while I've wanted to do a week of Greek Mythology dressing, like a different god/goddess each day (similar to the book-character-a-day I tried back in December). Since I am, as my mom puts it, a "stubborn little goat", I figured this time I would get sick of having outfits planned out because when I get dressed in the morning it really just depends on my mood or what I'm inspired by at the moment. I love me some D'Aulaires but knew I would quickly stray away from the idea of having to dress as a certain character every day if I tried it...would feel somewhat limiting, yeah?
Yesterday I did play dress up with the same idea though. I tried translating the gods' domains into outfits rather than their actual style since it seemed more fun and I don't exactly have a wide collection of togas. I did the easiest ones but maybe next time I'll try Cerberus!

Helios, the sunmom's robe. weardrobe tee. idk belt. vintage dress. american apparel tights.
Just thought about color with this one and picked out the few orange/yellow items I have to put together. The shirt is from the awesome team at Weardrobe and I really love it. I don't own too many printed tees but the color is so perfect! The sequin dress is vintage and in really good shape, I might put it up on eBay since it's too big for me. Oh, and I tried the ole tape-measure-as-belt trick, but tied in a random gold star I have in my room because it is a STAR. Duh.

Hephaestus, god of smiths and fire
childhood closet jacket and bracelet. vintage pants/shirt/homemade scarf, gift. target brooch.
Hephaestus has always been one of my favorite gods (ignore the fact that for the first few months in our Greek Myths school unit I pronounced his name "Hephatitus" by accident...) Since he's the god of shiny and whatnot, I just used the darker colored ~shiny~ clothes I have and this brooch that has fake jewels on it. The pants were a hand-me-down, they're leather and in fantastic shape. I was initially gonna put em on eBay since I thought they were too big to make work but maybe I'll keep them for myself..

Aphrodite, goddess of love
american apparel socks. vintage bolero and dress, gifts.
Pretty self explanatory, ja? Love love love, pink pink pink. Yeah. I maybe could've done the whole "love" think more girly and playfully like CDG, but it's more godly with the dress being long.

Artemis, goddess of hunting.vintage dresses. h&m stirrup tights. jeffrey campbell shoes via solestruck. idk belt. ten thousand villages brooch.
Though I'm not one for hunting myself, Artemis is awesome because she's totally butch and animals love her and stuff. Not like Snow White or anything, like LEGIT communication and vibes between her and her woodsy friends. She really loves nature, but none of this pretty flower crap, she likes the FORESTS man. She is cold and unforgiving, and could kick your ass with a bow and arrow.
Sidenote-the dress kind of reminds me of Michelle O.

Hermes, god of travelers, merchants, theives, and all others who lived by their wits
vintage /thrifted cape and star pin. celeste stein tights via mytights.
I LOVE Hermes because he is so awesomely evilly tricky. The skirt worn-as-cape has tiny diamonds on it, but I don't think you can see. One of the pins I put on is a blue star, the other has some text I don't understand on it and I won it at a fun fair. Okay, so maybe it was a consolation prize, but I DESERVED TO WIN, okay?