write a letter to eden, moonlight. please, please, please,

Hello wonderful people. Today I wanted to wear this totally bonkerz blue basket cage thing on my hip (I think because last night I read an article about Gareth Pugh right before going to sleep and wanted to be all structured and reusing and stuff) but comfort and practicality and....the will to live (it was that painful) had to play a part in getting dressed sometime. I made it through about, um, the walk to school and my locker before I called it quits.
I received this scarf from Suz & Rich from Weardrobe a few days ago and I really love it. It's the American Apparel circle scarf in grey, and it is so fun to drape. The material is really soft and warm, and since it's so huge on me I would really like to hang it from my ceiling like a hammock swing chair thing.
Though I only have it in my hands for a few more days (will be sending it back soon...sisterhood of the traveling weardrobe project we've got going on...I don't know much but the results should be epic...) I will be taking full advantage and try to wear it every way possible. Today it was a sash only I pulled down the shoulder part and tied the hip part.
I like funny faces.
The blue plaid Pamela Mann tights is another order from mytights.com (thank you, parental unit). Susie has them in yellow and I was lucky enough to receive a magenta pair, too. I guess I'll have to rethink the All-Plaid Schizophrenic outfit, eh? I could try wearing all 3 of my tights at once...maybe grow a few more legs, perhaps...
I probably wouldn't have initially paired the tights with the rest of this outfit had I known the blue basket would end up gone. Black tights would have been much better. My black tights and black cape and DRAPE DRAPE YOHJI YOHJI DRAPE LUMP EGKJ5TYOKNJG.
Ok, let's not go into another Balenciaga rant now...
The weird netting is something I found on my floor, which I'm pretty sure is that thing that goes under carpets but there was no carpet on top of it so I grabbed it and pinned it to my shirt happily. Ooh, Derelicte.(movie reference, guys)
Anywhozitswhatsitsshamalamadingdong, I'm figuring out a plan for the YSL shirts and will let you guys know when they're up for sale. This means none of you have to make them yourself (if you did, it would be stealing someone else's design anyway, and that's...not cool.)
Hope everyone had a happy Monday (oxymoron?)

old navy shirt. american apparel scarf. thrifted skirt and star pin. slow & steady wins the race shoes. pamela mann tights via mytights.com. idk netting.