laughing apparently means make croaky spongebob noise and grin in an unsettling manner

I was quite the happy camper when I received an awesome package from Yokoo the other day. It has ridiculously great stuff, including purple patterny granny dress and nightgown-y things and MORE plaid and tartan (yes, you heard me. I need to grow a million more bodies, then I can wear all of my plaid at once and also maybe Neutral Milk Hotel will write a song about me called Billion Headed Annoying Preteen Angsty Girl That Writes Dorky Blog And Is Slave To Rei. Hiiii Jeff Mangum.)Today I wore two of the things from the package along with my mom's old red skirt which is pretty much the softest thing evar. One is this epic ruffly blouse and the other is the cape that makes me feel like a Thanksgiving Witch when I wear it (whatever that's supposed to be). It's actually an apron but too long on me to be one. I'll have to grow a few more bodies and then I can wear all my capes at once and Neutral Milk can write another song. Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk.One kid at my school said I looked like Little Red Ridinghood. Um SURE if Lil Red changed her name to Little Navy With Red Leaves And Beige With A Hint Of Tan Flowers Riding Hood. This kid's knowledge of fairy tales (and the color spectrum) (and the difference between solids and patterns) (and the difference between things with hoods and things without hoods) is as pathetic as my facial expression on the picture below.This facial expression indicates that a chipmunk has gone missing and quite possibly might be in my mouth, and that I think I have telekinetic powers and that if enough childhood anger is focused this tree will unleash itself from its roots and carry me over to New York just in time for mid-February.
Fashion week is coming up, my friends... Adorable patterns, I c u thar.
Most of the people at school have stopped making fun of my outfits (with the exception of the Fairy Talely-Challenged child mentioned above) because they feel threatened. Not by me of course-my strength is about that of the hair on the chipmunk inside my mouth-but by the fact that carpet netting, coathangers, and combat boots could all easily injure someone if the wearer were to decide injury was necessary. Which it won't be, unless you give me 10 bucks and a free slice of pizza. Say cheese!I talk way too much. Thank you Yokoo!

blouse and cape, yokoo. mom's old skirt. h&m tights. slow & steady wins the race shoes.