fee fi fo fum

Insomnia has taken over quite a few of my most recent posts (don't worry, I eventually DID get some rest last night, and the Triscuit was thrown away) and it'll take over this one too. All I did last night (this morning?) other than write out a plot to stalk Nicholas Ghesquiere was watercolor. I'm not very good at it but I couldn't resist painting some lovely fashionz people.
(and sorry the photos are crap, I don't have a scanner).Belle, duh, with her batman glasses and hippy hair and smug smile because her birthday is coming up. LOLtastic.HI BEN. This is mostly for mine and Belle's amusement. I think I'll frame this for her as part of her birthday gift.I'm not really a YSL girl but I dig the space thang from Fall 2008.Because her scarves are so epic and her photos are delightfully quirky. The Pembroke and Minnie I have her sporting here are the colors of her walls. Not like I've memorized every item in her shop or anything....anyway, she just sent me a wonderful box of hand-me-downs which I'll post soon. Even if I had picked up the items on my own at the Salvation Army they still would have reminded me of something she would wear! Luckily Ihave come across Yokoo-esque items at the SA and will be sending them your way soon, you nutty knitter you.Karl, obvz.Elizabeth totally defying epicness and going next levz in her insane fluro bathing suit fabric dress. I think I may have owned a leotard with a similar pattern when I was in preschool and tried doing gymnastics. I lasted about 2 lessons before I decided constructing banjos out of baby shower stickers and music class drums was way more useful.Even though Laia has changed her profile picture many times since she had this one it is still the first one that comes to mind when I think Geometric Sleep (not like that's CREEPYZ or anything). I did it from memory then found the picture and post itself. I don't know WHERE she is (crazy shark chalk drawing?) but I LIKE IT.
Rei being passive agressive.

On an unrelated note, yesterday I was shoveling the driveway when a figure (couldn't tell whether it was a man or woman, they were so bundled up) came up with a snowblower and did the whole thing in two minutes without saying a word. I felt rather small and pathetic watching them with what felt like a useless shovel in hand, but as they walked away and I thanked them I heard no answer. Man, if this was Christmas Eve I could totally make up some shit about a guardian angel, right?

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P.S. I am beyond flattered that a few of you have commented/emailed about putting the YSL one on a t-shirt, but I will ask that no one uses any of these photos. I am considering putting it on t-shirts myself to sell, and if you know of a good website where I can do it or think you would buy one let me know.